Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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   1.1.    Citation  
   1.2.    Commencement  
   2.1.    Interpretation  
   3.1.    Classification of goods and services  
   3.2.    Period in which action for infringement may be brought  
   4.1.    Applications-approved form  
   4.2.    Applications-requirements for filing  
   4.3.    Representation of trade marks  
   4.4.    Specification of goods and/or services  
   4.5.    Period for claiming priority for an application  
   4.6.    How to claim priority  
   4.7.    Publication of particulars of application  
   4.8.    Examination of application-report to applicant  
   4.9.    Examination-applicant's response to report  
   4.10.   Examination-further report to applicant  
   4.11.   Examination-additional requirements  
   4.12.   Periods after which applications lapse  
   4.13.   Deferment of acceptance  
   4.14.   Period for which acceptance is deferred  
   4.15.   Trade marks containing etc. certain signs  
   4.16.   Divisional applications relating to part of trade mark-period for application  
   4.17.   Divisional applications relating to excluded goods and/or services-prescribed periods  
   4.18.   Request for expedited examination of application  
   4.19.   Expedited examinations  
   5.1.    Time for filing notice of opposition  
   5.2.    Extension of time for filing-grounds  
   5.3.    Extension of time for filing-applications  
   5.4.    Extension of time for filing-grant of extension  
   5.5.    Copy of earlier application to be available to opponent  
   5.6.    Opposition proceedings  
   5.7.    Evidence in support  
   5.8.    Notice that opponent will not rely on evidence in support  
   5.9.    Evidence in answer  
   5.10.   Period for service of a copy of the evidence in answer  
   5.11.   Notice that applicants will not rely on evidence in answer  
   5.12.   Evidence in reply to evidence in answer  
   5.13.   Notice that opponents will not rely on evidence in reply to evidence in answer  
   5.14.   Hearing of opposition  
   5.15.   Extension of period to serve evidence and service of further evidence  
   5.16.   Conduct of opposition proceedings generally  
   5.17.   Registrar to give notice of dismissal of proceedings  
   6.1.    Amendment of applications by Registrar  
   6.2.    Request to amend before publication of details  
   6.3.    Filing of declarations  
   6.4.    Notification of amendments  
   7.1.    Period in which a trade mark can be registered  
   7.2.    Particulars to be entered in the Register  
   7.3.    Period for request for renewal  
   7.4.    Notice of renewal due-when and how given  
   7.5.    Notice of renewal  
   8.1.    Notice of cancellation  
   8.2.    Amendment or cancellation-matters for the court  
   9.1.    Applications for removal etc.  
   9.2.    Notification of applications  
   9.3.    Notice of opposition to removal  
   9.4.    Opposition proceedings before the Registrar  
   10.1.   Applications for assignment etc. to be recorded or entered  
   10.2.   Recording of assignment etc.-trade marks not registered  
   10.3.   Particulars of recorded assignment or transmission to be published  
   10.4.   Recording of assignment etc. of registered trade marks  
   10.5.   Notice to persons recorded as claiming right or interest in trade marks  
   11.1.   Amendment of particulars-claimed interests or rights  
   11.2.   Amendment of name, address and address for service-claims not in the Register  
   11.3.   Cancellation of particulars-claimed interests or rights  
   13.1.   Notice of objection to importation-accompanying documents  
   13.2.   Notice of objection to importation-authorised users  
   13.3.   Period for compliance with Comptroller's request for information etc.  
   13.4.   Modification of the Act in its application to Norfolk Island  
   13.5.   Modification of the Act in its application to Christmas Island  
   13.6.   Modification of the Act in its application to Cocos (Keeling) Islands  
   16.1.   Copy of rules to be filed  
   16.2.   Documents sent to Commission with applications for registration  
   16.3.   Initial assessment of applications by Commission  
   16.4.   Holding of conferences  
   16.5.   Consideration of applications  
   16.6.   Criteria for Commission consideration of rules  
   16.7.    Matters to be included in advertisement of adverse decision  
   16.8.   Applications to vary rules  
   16.9.    Consideration of applications to vary rules  
   16.10.   Matters to be included in notices of variation  
   16.11.  Assignment of registered certification trade marks  
   17.1.   Evidence in support of applications  
   19.1.   Trade Marks Office and sub-offices-business hours  
   19.2.   Delegates of the Registrar  
   21.1.   Compliance with instructions on approved forms  
   21.2.   Filing of documents-requirements as to form  
   21.3.   Filing of documents-common requirements  
   21.4.   Filing of documents-treatment of non-complying documents  
   21.5.   Filing of documents-date of receipt to be marked  
   21.6.   Declarations  
   21.7.   Declarations-additional material  
   21.8.   Notification of service  
   21.9.   Notice of withdrawal of applications etc.  
   21.10.  Withdrawal of application etc.-Registrar's notice to applicants  
   21.11.  Change of address for service-notice to interested persons  
   21.12.  Applications for costs  
   21.13.  Determination of costs  
   21.14.  Conduct of proceedings generally  
   21.15.  Hearings by Registrar  
   21.16.  Registrar not required to hold hearings  
   21.17.  Evidence in proceedings  
   21.18.  Documents not in English  
   21.19.  Registrar may use information available  
   21.20.  Statements of reasons for decision  
   21.21.  What fees are payable  
   21.22.  How fees are to be paid  
   21.23.  Notice of non-payment of fee  
   21.24.  Refunds etc. of fees  
   21.25.  Extension of time-application  
   21.26.  Extension of time-notice of opposition  
   21.27.  Extension of time-opposition proceedings  
   21.28.  Extension of time-prescribed acts and documents  
   21.29.  Convention countries  
   21.30.  Rights of patent attorneys  
   21.31.  Incapacity of certain persons  
   21.32.  Destruction of documents  
   21.33.  Directions not otherwise prescribed  
   21.34.  Requirements cannot be complied with for reasonable cause  
   22.1.   Application of the Act  
   22.2.   Fees payable in relation to certain matters  
   22.3.   Certain delegations continue  
   22.4.   Certain deferments continue  
   22.5.   Certain extensions of time continue  
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