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Fees for attending coronial inquiry (Act s 67)
For the purposes of subsection 67 (2) of the Act and subject to subregulation (2), if a staff member attends a coronial inquiry, the State or Territory concerned is liable to pay to the Commonwealth a fee equal to the sum of:

the staff member's salary for the period of his or her attendance at, and any necessary travel to and from, the inquiry; and

any reasonable costs incurred by the staff member and payable by the Commonwealth for transport between the staff member's usual place of residence and the place where he or she attends the inquiry; and

if the staff member is required to be absent overnight from his or her usual place of residence — any reasonable costs incurred by the staff member and payable by the Commonwealth for meals and accommodation; and


the Commonwealth incurs any legal expenses in relation to the attendance, including for the provision of legal representation at the inquiry; and

(ii) the Executive Director is satisfied that it is appropriate to seek reimbursement for those expenses from the State or Territory concerned;

the amount of those expenses.

(2) The maximum fee payable to the Commonwealth under paragraph (1) (a) in respect of a staff member's salary is:

$1 000 for each full day of attendance; or

$133.33 for each hour, or part of an hour, of attendance on each day on which the person is not required to attend for the full day, up to a maximum of $1 000.

A fee under subregulation (1) must be paid within 30 days after the day of the inquiry.

1. Notified in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette on 26 June 2003.

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