Commonwealth Numbered Regulations - Explanatory Statements

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Statutory Rules 1991 No. 10

Australian National Maritime Museum Act 1990

Australian National Maritime Museum Regulations

The Australian National Maritime Museum Act 1990 (the Act) established the Australian National Maritime Museum as a statutory authority on 20 December 1990. Regulations have been made under the Act to assist the operations of the Museum.

Subsection 54(1) of the Act provides that the Governor-General may make regulations for the purposes of the Act.

Section 53 of the Act provides that the regulations may make provision for, and in relation to, the sale, supply, disposal, possession or control of liquor on museum premises.

The Regulations which have been made under the Act give effect to arrangements governing security, control of access to Museum premises, commercial exploitation of material in the Museum's collection and the sale and supply of liquor.

Regulation 1 provides for the citation of the Regulations.

Regulation 2 defines terms used in the Regulations.

Regulation 3 provides that the Director of the Museum may appoint security officers and issue identity cards to such. officers.

Regulation 4 confers powers upon security officers, under particular circumstances, to apprehend and remove a person from, or direct a person to leave, Museum premises or to deliver a person to the New South Wales or Australian Federal Police.

Regulation 5 sets out certain offences in relation to the conduct of a person on Museum premises, including interfering with or damaging museum material, refusing to obey a security officer's lawful direction, failing to obey a notice displayed in Museum premises, bringing animals (other than a guide dog), food and drink onto Museum premises and fishing from museum premises. A penalty of $500 is prescribed. Certain offences do not apply if the Director, or a person authorised by the Director, consents to the act.

Regulation 6 provides that the Director may display on Museum premises a notice prohibiting or restricting the possession or use of any camera or associated equipment in a place specified in the notice.

Regulation 7 allows the Museum to regulate motor vehicle and water craft access to Museum premises.

Regulations 8 to 14 set out conditions for the sale and supply of liquor in Museum premises. Liquor may only be sold or supplied on Museum premises in accordance with a written authority of the Director.

Regulation 15 provides the Museum with the power to regulate the commercial exploitation of Museum material.

Regulation 16 provides that the Director may delegate any of his or her powers under the Regulations to the Deputy Director or the Assistant Directors of the Museum.

Authorised by the minister for the Arts, Tourism and Territories

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