Commonwealth Numbered Regulations - Explanatory Statements

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Statutory Rules 1992 No. 10

Issued by the Authority of the Minister for Industrial Relations

Maternity Leave (Commonwealth Employees) Act 1973

Maternity Leave (Commonwealth Employees) Regulations (Amendment)

Section 15 of the Maternity Leave (Commonwealth Employees) Act 1973 (the Act) provides that the Governor-General may make regulations for the purposes of the Act.

Subsection 3(1) of the Act defines "prescribed authority". Under section 5 of the Act employees of a prescribed authority may be brought by regulation within the maternity leave arrangements provided under the Act.

Subregulation 4(a) of the Maternity Leave (Commonwealth Employees) Regulations (the Regulations) provides that for the purposes of paragraph (a) of the definition of "prescribed authority", an authority that is specified in column 2 of Schedule 1 in an item in that Schedule is a body corporate.

It was necessary to amend the Regulations as a consequence of the enactment of the Fisheries Administration Act 1991 (the Fisheries Act). Under the Fisheries Act, the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (the Authority) has been established as a body corporate (section 10), with effect from 3 February 1992. The Authority has been prescribed by regulation as an authority to which the Act applies.

Schedule 1 of the Regulations has been amended to include a reference to the Authority.

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