New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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Inspection of records

26I Inspection of records

(1) This section applies to any book, document, or other record containing any entry relating to a bet made with, or a bet back made by, a bookmaker.
(2) A bookmaker and an employee or agent of a bookmaker who has custody or control of a book, document or record to which this section applies must permit an inspector to inspect and take copies of any such book, document, or record either on a racecourse or elsewhere.
(3) Any police officer and any inspector--
(a) may, either on a racecourse or elsewhere, demand the production of any book, document, or record that the police officer or the inspector has reasonable grounds for believing is being, or has been, used for the purpose of making entries concerning bets, and
(b) may, if any breach of this Part or the regulations relating to this Part appears to have been committed, retain possession of the book, document, or record.
(4) Any inspector may at any reasonable time enter any racecourse or premises approved under section 16A for the purpose of exercising the functions conferred on the inspector by this section.
(5) A person must not--
(a) wilfully delay or obstruct any police officer or any inspector in the exercise of any function conferred on the police officer or inspector under this section, or
(b) fail to produce any book, document, or record when requested to do so under this section.
: Maximum penalty--100 penalty units.
(6) A function conferred on an inspector may not be exercised unless the inspector proposing to exercise the power is in possession of and, if required to do so by the occupier of the premises, produces--
(a) in the case of an inspector authorised by the Minister--the identification issued to the inspector under section 33M, or
(b) in the case of an inspector authorised by a racing controlling body--an identification card issued by the racing controlling body.
(7) In this section--

"inspector" means--
(a) an inspector appointed under section 33M, or
(b) a person authorised by a racing controlling body to exercise the functions of an inspector under this section, but only in relation to the exercise of those functions with respect to bookmakers authorised by the relevant racing controlling body to carry on bookmaking.

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