New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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- As at 27 May 2024 
- Act 40 of 1900 


           Long Title


   1.      Name of Act
   2.      (Repealed)
   3.      Application of certain provisions of Act
           3A, 3B. (Repealed)
   4.      Definitions
   4A.     Recklessness
   4B.     Dishonesty
   4C.     Mental health impairment
           5, 6. (Repealed)
   7.      "Possession" when criminal
   8.      "Public place" etc
           9, 10. (Repealed)


   10A.    Application and effect of Part
   10B.    Interpretation
   10C.    Extension of offences if there is a geographical nexus
   10D.    Provisions relating to double criminality
   10E.    Procedural and other provisions
   10F.    Special provisions with respect to geographical jurisdiction


   11.     Provisions of 36 Geo III, c 7, and 57 Geo III, c 6, repealed except as to offences against the person of the Sovereign
   12.     Compassing etc deposition of the Sovereign--overawing Parliament etc
           13-15. (Repealed)
   16.     Nothing herein to affect 25 Ed III, c 2
   16A.    (Repealed)


           Division 1 - Homicide

   17.     (Repealed)
   17A.    Date of death
   18.     Murder and manslaughter defined
   19.     (Repealed)
   19A.    Punishment for murder
   19B.    Mandatory life sentences for murder of police officers
   20.     Child murder--when child deemed born alive
   21.     Child murder by mother--verdict of contributing to death etc
   22.     Trial for child murder--verdict of concealment of birth
   22A.    Infanticide
   23.     Trial for murder--partial defence of extreme provocation
   23A.    Substantial impairment because of mental health impairment or cognitive impairment
   24.     Manslaughter--punishment
   25.     (Repealed)
   25A.    Assault causing death
   25B.    Assault causing death when intoxicated--mandatory minimum sentence
   25C.    Supply of drugs causing death

           Division 2 - Conspiracy to murder

   26.     Conspiring to commit murder

           Division 3 - Attempts to murder

   27.     Acts done to the person with intent to murder
   28.     Acts done to property with intent to murder
   29.     Certain other attempts to murder
   30.     Attempts to murder by other means

           Division 4 - Documents containing threats

   31.     Documents containing threats

           Division 5 - Suicide

   31A.    Suicide and attempt to commit suicide
   31B.    Survivor of suicide pact
   31C.    Aiding etc suicide

           Division 6 - Acts causing danger to life or bodily harm

   32.     Impeding endeavours to escape shipwreck
           32A-32C. (Repealed)
   33.     Wounding or grievous bodily harm with intent
   33A.    Discharging firearm etc with intent
   33B.    Use or possession of weapon to resist arrest etc
   34.     (Repealed)
   35.     Reckless grievous bodily harm or wounding
   35A.    Causing dog to inflict grievous bodily harm or actual bodily harm
   36.     (Repealed)
   37.     Choking, suffocation and strangulation
   38.     Using intoxicating substance to commit an indictable offence
   38A.    Spiking drink or food
   39.     Using poison etc to endanger life or inflict grievous bodily harm
   40.     (Repealed)
   41.     Using poison etc to injure or to cause distress or pain
   41A.    Poisoning etc of water supply
   41B.    Unauthorised administration of prescribed substance
   41C.    Inducing another person to request or access voluntary assisted dying
   41D.    Inducing self-administration of prescribed substance
   41E.    Advertising Schedule 4 or 8 poison as voluntary assisted dying substance
   42.     Injuries to child at time of birth
   43.     Abandoning or exposing a child under 7 years
   43A.    Failure of persons with parental responsibility to care for child
   43B.    Failure to reduce or remove risk of child becoming victim of child abuse
   44.     Failure of persons to provide necessities of life
   45.     Prohibition of female genital mutilation
   45A.    Removing person from State for female genital mutilation
   46.     Causing bodily injury by gunpowder etc
   47.     Using etc explosive substance or corrosive fluid etc
   48.     Causing explosives to be placed in or near building, conveyance or public place
   49.     Setting trap etc
   49A.    Throwing rocks and other objects at vehicles and vessels
           50, 51. (Repealed)
   51A.    Predatory driving
   51B.    Police pursuits
   52.     (Repealed)
   52A.    Dangerous driving: substantive matters
   52AA.   Dangerous driving: procedural matters
   52AB.   Offence of failing to stop and assist after vehicle impact causing death or grievous bodily harm
   52B.    Dangerous navigation: substantive matters
   52BA.   Dangerous navigation: procedural matters
   53.     Injuries by furious driving etc
   54.     Causing grievous bodily harm
   54A.    Offence of causing loss of a foetus
   54B.    Offence of causing loss of a foetus (death of pregnant woman)
   54I.    Coercive Control Implementation and Evaluation Taskforce

           Division 7 - Possessing or making explosive etc with intent to injure the person

   55.     Possessing or making explosives or other things with intent to injure

           Division 8 - Assaults

   56.     Obstructing member of the clergy in discharge of his or her duties
   57.     Assault on persons preserving wreck
   58.     Assault with intent to commit a serious indictable offence
   59.     Assault occasioning actual bodily harm
   59A.    Assault during public disorder

           Division 8A - Assaults etc against law enforcement officers and frontline emergency and health workers

   60AA.   Definitions
   60.     Assault and other actions against police officers
   60A.    Assault and other actions against law enforcement officers (other than police officers)
   60AB.   Assault against persons aiding law enforcement officers
   60AC.   Hindering and obstruction of persons aiding law enforcement officers
   60AD.   Assault and other action against frontline emergency workers
   60AE.   Assault and other action against frontline health workers
   60B.    Actions against third parties connected with law enforcement officers
   60C.    Obtaining of personal information about law enforcement officers

           Division 8B - Assaults etc at schools

   60D.    Definitions
   60E.    Assaults etc at schools

           Division 8C - Assaults etc against retail workers

   60F.    Definitions
   60G.    Assault and other action against retail workers

           Division 9 - Common assaults

   61.     Common assault prosecuted by indictment

           Division 9A - Defence of lawful correction

   61AA.   Defence of lawful correction

           Division 10 - Sexual offences against adults and children

              Subdivision 1 - Interpretation

           61A-61G. (Repealed)
   61H.    Definitions
   61HA.   Meaning of "sexual intercourse"
   61HB.   Meaning of "sexual touching"
   61HC.   Meaning of "sexual act"
   61HD.   Meaning of "cognitive impairment"
   61HE.   (Repealed)

              Subdivision 1A - Consent and knowledge of consent

   61HF.   Objective
   61HG.   Application of Subdivision
   61HH.   Definitions
   61HI.   Consent generally
   61HJ.   Circumstances in which there is no consent
   61HK.   Knowledge about consent

              Subdivision 2 - Sexual assault and assault with intent to have sexual intercourse

   61I.    Sexual assault
   61J.    Aggravated sexual assault
   61JA.   Aggravated sexual assault in company
   61K.    Assault with intent to have sexual intercourse
   61KA.   Accused person married to complainant
   61KB.   Circumstances of certain sexual offences to be considered in passing sentence

              Subdivision 3 - Sexual touching

   61KC.   Sexual touching
   61KD.   Aggravated sexual touching

              Subdivision 4 - Sexual act

   61KE.   Sexual act
   61KF.   Aggravated sexual act
           61L-61P. (Repealed)
   61Q.    (Renumbered)
   61R.    (Repealed)
   61S.    (Renumbered)
           61T, 61U. (Renumbered)
   62.     (Repealed)
   63.     (Renumbered)
   64.     (Renumbered)
           65-66. (Repealed)

              Subdivision 5 - Children--sexual assault

   66A.    Sexual intercourse--child under 10
   66B.    Attempting, or assaulting with intent, to have sexual intercourse with child under 10
   66C.    Sexual intercourse--child between 10 and 16
   66D.    Assault with intent to have sexual intercourse--child between 10 and 16

              Subdivision 6 - Children--sexual touching

   66DA.   Sexual touching--child under 10
   66DB.   Sexual touching--child between 10 and 16

              Subdivision 7 - Children--sexual act

   66DC.   Sexual act--child under 10
   66DD.   Sexual act--child between 10 and 16
   66DE.   Aggravated sexual act--child between 10 and 16
   66DF.   Sexual act for production of child abuse material--child under 16
   66E.    (Repealed)

              Subdivision 8 - Children--persistent sexual abuse

   66EA.   Persistent sexual abuse of a child

              Subdivision 9 - Children--procurement and grooming

   66EB.   Procuring or grooming child under 16 for unlawful sexual activity
   66EC.   Grooming a person for unlawful sexual activity with a child under the person's authority

              Subdivision 10 - Sexual offences--cognitive impairment

   66F.    Sexual offences--cognitive impairment
           67, 68. (Repealed)
   69.     (Renumbered)
   70.     (Renumbered)
           71-72A. (Repealed)

              Subdivision 11 - Sexual offences--young person under special care

   72B.    Definitions
   73.     Sexual intercourse--young person between 16 and 18 under special care
   73A.    Sexual touching--young person between 16 and 18 under special care
           74-76A. (Repealed)
   77.     (Renumbered)
           77A, 78. (Repealed)

              Subdivision 12 - Incest

   78A.    Incest
   78B.    Incest attempts
   78C.    Defences
   78D.    (Repealed)
   78E.    (Renumbered)
   78F.    Sanction of Attorney-General
           78G-78S. (Repealed)
   78T.    (Renumbered)

              Subdivision 13 - Bestiality

   79.     Bestiality
   80.     Attempt to commit bestiality

              Subdivision 14 - Sexual assault by forced self-manipulation

   80A.    Sexual assault by forced self-manipulation

              Subdivision 15 - Miscellaneous

   80AA.   Referral to child protection agency
   80AB.   Alternative verdicts
   80AC.   Accused persons who are minors
   80AD.   Common law offences of rape and attempted rape abolished
   80AE.   Consent no defence in certain cases
   80AF.   Uncertainty about time when sexual offence against child occurred
   80AG.   Defence of similar age

           Division 10A - Sexual servitude

   80B.    Meaning of "sexual servitude"
   80C.    Meaning of "circumstances of aggravation"
   80D.    Causing sexual servitude
   80E.    Conduct of business involving sexual servitude
   80F.    Alternative verdicts

           Division 10B - Incitement to commit sexual offence

   80G.    Incitement to commit sexual offence
           81-81B. (Repealed)

           Division 11 - Misconduct with regard to corpses

   81C.    Misconduct with regard to corpses

           Division 12 - Termination of pregnancies by unqualified persons

   82.     Termination of pregnancy performed by unqualified person
           83, 84. (Repealed)

           Division 13 - Concealing birth of a child

   85.     Concealment of birth

           Division 13A - (Renumbered)

           Division 14 - Kidnapping

   86.     Kidnapping
   87.     Child abduction
           88-91. (Repealed)

           Division 14A - Procuring for prostitution

   91A.    Procuring etc
   91B.    Procuring person by drugs etc

           Division 15 - Child prostitution

   91C.    Definitions
   91D.    Promoting or engaging in acts of child prostitution
   91E.    Obtaining benefit from child prostitution
   91F.    Premises not to be used for child prostitution

           Division 15A - Child abuse material

   91FA.   Definitions
   91FB.   Child abuse material--meaning
   91G.    Children not to be used for production of child abuse material
   91H.    Production, dissemination or possession of child abuse material
   91HAA.  Administering a digital platform used to deal with child abuse material
   91HAB.  Encouraging use of a digital platform to deal with child abuse material
   91HAC.  Providing information about avoiding detection
   91HA.   Defences
   91HB.   Exception

           Division 15B - Voyeurism and related offences

   91I.    Definitions
   91J.    Voyeurism
   91K.    Filming a person engaged in private act
   91L.    Filming a person's private parts
   91M.    Installing device to facilitate observation or filming

           Division 15C - Recording and distributing intimate images

   91N.    Definitions
   91O.    Meaning of consent in intimate image offences
   91P.    Record intimate image without consent
   91Q.    Distribute intimate image without consent
   91R.    Threaten to record or distribute intimate image
   91S.    Court may order rectification
   91T.    Exceptions

           Division 16 - Bigamy

   92.     Bigamy
   93.     Participator in bigamy

           Division 17 - Slavery and slavery-like offences

   93AA.   Definitions
   93AB.   Slavery, servitude and child forced labour
   93AC.   Child forced marriage


           Division 1 - Riot and affray

   93A.    Definition
   93B.    Riot
   93C.    Affray
   93D.    Mental element under sections 93B and 93C
   93E.    (Repealed)

           Division 2 - Explosives and firearms offences

   93F.    Interpretation
   93FA.   Possession, supply or making of explosives
   93FB.   Possession of dangerous articles other than firearms
   93G.    Causing danger with firearm or spear gun
   93GA.   Firing at dwelling-houses or buildings
   93H.    Trespassing with or dangerous use of firearm or spear gun
   93I.    Possession of unregistered firearm in public place

           Division 2A - Knives in public places and schools

   93IA.   Definitions
   93IB.   Custody of knives in public places or schools
   93IC.   Using or carrying knives in public places or schools

           Division 3 - Contamination of goods

   93J.    Definitions of "contaminate" and "goods"
   93K.    Contaminating goods with intent to cause public alarm or economic loss
   93L.    Threatening to contaminate goods with intent to cause public alarm or economic loss
   93M.    Making false statements concerning contamination of goods with intent to cause public alarm or economic loss
   93N.    Aggravated circumstances--unwarranted demand
   93O.    Aggravated circumstances--death or grievous bodily harm
   93P.    Special provisions relating to geographical application of this Division

           Division 4 - Bomb and other hoaxes

   93Q.    Conveying false information that a person or property is in danger
   93R.    Leaving or sending an article with intent to cause alarm

           Division 5 - Criminal groups

   93S.    Definitions
   93T.    Participation in criminal groups
   93TA.   Receiving material benefit derived from criminal activities of criminal groups
   93U.    Alternative verdicts

           Division 6 - Unlawful gambling

   93V.    Offence of conducting unlawful gambling operation

           Division 7 - Consorting

   93W.    Definitions
   93X.    Consorting
   93Y.    Defence

           Division 8 - Public threats or incitement of violence on grounds of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex or HIV/AIDS status

   93Z.    Offence of publicly threatening or inciting violence on grounds of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex or HIV/AIDS status

           Division 9 - Display of Nazi symbols

   93ZA.   Offence of displaying Nazi symbols


           Division 1 - General

   94AA.   Property previously stolen

           Division 2 - Robbery

   94.     Robbery or stealing from the person
   95.     Same in circumstances of aggravation
   96.     Same (robbery) with wounding
   97.     Robbery etc or stopping a mail, being armed or in company
   98.     Robbery with arms etc and wounding

           Division 3 - Demanding property with intent to steal

   99.     Demanding property with intent to steal
           100-105. (Repealed)

           Division 4 - Sacrilege and housebreaking

   105A.   Definitions
           106-108. (Repealed)
   109.    Breaking out of dwelling-house after committing, or entering with intent to commit, indictable offence
   110.    Breaking, entering and assaulting with intent to murder etc
   111.    Entering dwelling-house
   112.    Breaking etc into any house etc and committing serious indictable offence
   113.    Breaking etc into any house etc with intent to commit serious indictable offence
   114.    Being armed with intent to commit indictable offence
   115.    Being convicted offender armed with intent to commit indictable offence
   115A.   Alternative verdicts

           Division 5 - Larceny

   116.    All larcenies to be of same nature
   117.    Punishment for larceny
   118.    Intent to return property no defence
   119.    Verdict where several takings proved
   120.    Trial for larceny--verdict of embezzlement etc
   121.    Verdict of "larceny or receiving"
   122.    Verdict where persons indicted for joint larceny or receiving
   123.    Verdict of minor indictable offence
   124.    Fraudulent appropriation
   125.    Larceny by bailee
   126.    Stealing cattle or killing with intent to steal
   127.    Stealing or killing cattle--uncertainty as to sex or age not to entitle to acquittal
   128.    Trial for stealing cattle--verdict of stealing skins
   129.    Trial for killing cattle--verdict of stealing
   130.    Trial for stealing cattle--verdict of misdemeanour
   131.    Unlawfully using etc another person's cattle
   132.    Stealing dogs
   133.    Taking money to restore dogs
   134.    Stealing, destroying etc valuable security
   135.    Stealing, destroying etc wills or codicils
   136.    Proviso to sections 134 and 135
   137.    Civil remedies not affected by conviction
   138.    Stealing, destroying etc records etc of any court or public office
   139.    Stealing etc metal, glass, wood etc fixed to house or land
   140.    Stealing etc trees etc in pleasure-grounds etc
           141-147. (Repealed)
   148.    Stealing property in a dwelling-house
   149.    The same with menaces
   150.    Stealing goods in process of manufacture
   151.    Selling etc materials to be manufactured
   152.    Stealing from ship in port or on wharfs etc
   153.    Stealing from ship in distress or wrecked
   154.    Tenants etc stealing articles let to hire
   154A.   Taking a conveyance without consent of owner
   154AA.  (Repealed)
   154B.   Stealing aircraft and unlawfully taking or exercising control of aircraft
   154C.   Taking motor vehicle or vessel with assault or with occupant on board
   154D.   Stealing firearms

           Division 5A - Offences relating to theft of motor vehicles, vessels and trailers

   154E.   Definitions
   154F.   Stealing motor vehicle, vessel or trailer
   154G.   Facilitating organised car, boat or trailer rebirthing activities
   154H.   Making, using and interfering with unique identifiers
   154I.   Possession of motor vehicle, vessel or trailer where unique identifier has been interfered with
   154J.   Possession of identification plate not attached to motor vehicle or trailer

           Division 5B - Performance crime offences

   154K.   Performance crime offences
   154L.   Review of division

           Division 6 - Embezzlement or larceny

   155.    Definition of clerk or servant
   156.    Larceny by clerks or servants
   157.    Embezzlement by clerks or servants
   158.    (Repealed)
   159.    Larceny by persons in Public Service
   160.    Embezzlement etc by persons in the Public Service
   161.    Proof of general deficiency in accounts
   162.    Larceny etc by joint owners
   163.    Trial for embezzlement--verdict of larceny
           164-186. (Repealed)

           Division 16 - Receivers

   187.    Term "stealing" in sections 188 and 189
   188.    Receiving stolen property where stealing a serious indictable offence
   189.    Receiving etc where principal guilty of minor indictable offence
   189A.   Receiving etc goods stolen out of New South Wales
   189B.   Prosecution under section 188 or 189 where property stolen in course of transmission
   190.    Receiving etc cattle unlawfully killed, or carcass etc
   191.    Uncertainty as to sex or age not to entitle to acquittal
   192.    Receiving material or tools intrusted for manufacture
   192A.   Verdict where several persons are indicted for jointly receiving


           Division 1 - Preliminary

   192B.   Deception
   192C.   Obtaining property belonging to another
   192D.   Obtaining financial advantage or causing financial disadvantage

           Division 2 - Fraud and related offences

   192E.   Fraud
   192F.   Intention to defraud by destroying or concealing accounting records
   192G.   Intention to defraud by false or misleading statement
   192H.   Intention to deceive members or creditors by false or misleading statement of officer of organisation


   192I.   Definitions
   192J.   Dealing with identification information
   192K.   Possession of identification information
   192L.   Possession of equipment etc to make identification documents or things
   192M.   Miscellaneous provisions
   193.    (Renumbered)


   192N.   Definitions
   192O.   Meaning of "dedicated encrypted criminal communication device"
   192P.   Possession of dedicated encrypted criminal communication devices for certain purposes
   192Q.   Proof of particular offence not required
   192R.   Review of Part


   193A.   Definitions
   193B.   Money laundering--proceeds of crime
   193BA.  Money laundering--proceeds of general crime
   193C.   Dealing with property suspected of being proceeds of crime
   193CA.  Reasonable grounds to suspect property is proceeds of crime
   193CB.  Controlled operations and proceeds of crime or general crime
   193D.   Dealing with property that subsequently becomes an instrument of crime
   193E.   Alternative verdicts
   193F.   Proof of other offences not required
   193FA.  Combining several contraventions in a single charge
   193G.   Transitional provision


           Division 1 - Preliminary

   193H.   Corrupting betting outcome of event
   193I.   Betting
   193J.   Events and event contingencies
   193K.   Obtaining financial advantage or causing financial disadvantage
   193L.   Proof of intention to obtain financial advantage or cause financial disadvantage
   193M.   Encourage

           Division 2 - Offences

   193N.   Engage in conduct that corrupts betting outcome of event
   193O.   Facilitate conduct that corrupts betting outcome of event
   193P.   Concealing conduct or agreement about conduct that corrupts betting outcome of event
   193Q.   Use of corrupt conduct information or inside information for betting purposes


           Division 1 - Interpretation

   194.    Interpretation

           Division 2 - Crimes against property generally

   195.    Destroying or damaging property
   196.    Destroying or damaging property with intent to injure a person
   197.    Dishonestly destroying or damaging property
   198.    Destroying or damaging property with intention of endangering life
   199.    Threatening to destroy or damage property
   200.    Possession etc of explosive or other article with intent to destroy or damage property

           Division 3 - Crimes relating to particular kinds of property

   201.    Interfering with a mine
   202.    Causing damage etc to sea, river, canal and other works
   203.    (Repealed)

           Division 4 - Sabotage

   203A.   Definitions
   203B.   Sabotage
   203C.   Threaten sabotage

           Division 5 - Bushfires

   203D.   Definitions
   203E.   Offence


           Division 1 - Offences relating to aircraft, vessels etc

   204.    Destruction of, or damage to, an aircraft or vessel with intent or reckless indifference
   205.    Prejudicing the safe operation of an aircraft or vessel
   206.    Assault etc on member of crew of aircraft or vessel
   207.    Placing etc dangerous articles on board an aircraft or vessel
   208.    Threatening to destroy etc an aircraft, vessel or vehicle
   209.    False information as to plan etc to prejudice the safety of an aircraft or vessel or persons on board an aircraft or vessel
   210.    Destroying, damaging etc an aid to navigation

           Division 2 - Offences relating to railways etc

   211.    Criminal acts relating to railways
   212.    Endangering passengers etc on railway
   213.    Obstructing a railway
   214.    Obstructing a railway--verdict of misdemeanour


   214A.   Damage or disruption to major facility
   214B.   Review of Part
           215-249. (Repealed)


   249A.   Definitions
   249B.   Corrupt commissions or rewards
   249C.   Misleading documents or statements used or made by agents
   249D.   Corrupt inducements for advice
   249E.   Corrupt benefits for trustees and others
   249F.   Aiding, abetting etc
   249G.   Repayment of value of gift etc
   249H.   Disqualification for office
   249I.   Dismissal of trivial case
   249J.   Custom not a defence


   249K.   Blackmail offence
   249L.   Unwarranted demands--meaning
   249M.   Menaces--meaning
   249N.   Obtaining gain or causing loss--meaning
   249O.   Public duty--meaning


           Division 1 - Preliminary

   250.    False document--meaning
   251.    Inducing acceptance of false document
   252.    Interpretative provisions relating to obtaining property, financial advantage and financial disadvantage

           Division 2 - Forgery

   253.    Forgery--making false document

           Division 3 - Offences related to forgery

   254.    Using false document
   255.    Possession of false document
   256.    Making or possession of equipment etc for making false documents
           257-307. (Repealed)


   307A.   False or misleading applications
   307B.   False or misleading information
   307C.   False or misleading documents


   308.    General definitions
   308A.   Meaning of access to data, modification of data and impairment of electronic communication
   308B.   Meaning of unauthorised access, modification or impairment
   308C.   Unauthorised access, modification or impairment with intent to commit serious indictable offence
   308D.   Unauthorised modification of data with intent to cause impairment
   308E.   Unauthorised impairment of electronic communication
   308F.   Possession of data with intent to commit serious computer offence
   308G.   Producing, supplying or obtaining data with intent to commit serious computer offence
   308H.   Unauthorised access to or modification of restricted data held in computer (summary offence)
   308I.   Unauthorised impairment of data held in computer disk, credit card or other device (summary offence)
           309, 310. (Repealed)


   310A.   Definitions
   310B.   Rescuing inmate from lawful custody
   310C.   Aiding escape
   310D.   Escaping
   310E.   Tunnels to facilitate escape
   310F.   Permitting escape
   310G.   Harbouring escapee
   310H.   Application of Part


   310I.   Definitions
   310J.   Membership of terrorist organisation
   310K.   Multiplicity of offences


           Division 1 - Definitions

   311.    Definitions
   312.    Meaning of "pervert the course of justice"
   313.    Knowledge about type of offence is unnecessary

           Division 2 - Interference with the administration of justice

   314.    False accusations etc
   315.    Hindering investigation etc
   315A.   Threatening or intimidating victims or witnesses
   316.    Concealing serious indictable offence
   316A.   Concealing child abuse offence
   317.    Tampering etc with evidence
   318.    Making or using false official instrument to pervert the course of justice
   319.    General offence of perverting the course of justice

           Division 3 - Interference with judicial officers, witnesses, jurors etc

   320.    Extended meaning of "giving evidence"
   321.    Corruption of witnesses and jurors
   322.    Threats or intimidation--judges and other persons connected with judicial proceedings
   323.    Influencing witnesses and jurors
   324.    Increased penalty if serious indictable offence involved
   325.    Preventing, obstructing or dissuading witness or juror from attending etc
   326.    Reprisals--judges and other persons connected with judicial proceedings

           Division 4 - Perjury, false statements etc

   327.    Offence of perjury
   328.    Perjury with intent to procure conviction or acquittal
   329.    Conviction for false swearing on indictment for perjury
   330.    False statement on oath not amounting to perjury
   331.    Contradictory statements on oath
   332.    Certain technical defects provided for
   333.    Subornation of perjury
   334.    General provisions applicable to perjury and false statement offences
   335.    False statements in evidence on commission
   336.    False entry on public register
   337.    False instruments issued by public officers
   338.    Restrictions on prosecutions for perjury
   339.    Application of Division to perjury under other Acts

           Division 5 - Miscellaneous

   340.    Extent of abolition of offences
   341.    Certain common law offences abolished
   342.    Certain conspiracy offences not affected
   343.    Certain common law offences not abolished
   343A.   Saving of other punishments

   PART 8 - (Repealed)


   344A.   Attempts


   345.    Principals in the second degree--how tried and punished
   346.    Accessories before the fact--how tried and punished
   347.    Accessories after the fact--how tried and punished
   347A.   Wife may be accessory after fact to husband's felony
   348.    Punishment of accessories after the fact to certain treason-related offences
   349.    Punishment of accessories after the fact to murder etc
   350.    Punishment of accessories after the fact to other serious indictable offences
   351.    Trial and punishment of abettors of minor indictable offences
   351A.   Recruiting persons to engage in criminal activity
   351B.   Aiders and abettors punishable as principals

   PART 10 - (Repealed)
   PARTS 10A, 10B - (Repealed)


           Division 1 - (Repealed)

           Division 2 - Lawful authority or excuse

   417.    Proof of lawful authority or excuse
   417A.   Proof of exceptions

           Division 3 - Self-defence

   418.    Self-defence--when available
   419.    Self-defence--onus of proof
   420.    Self-defence--not available if death inflicted to protect property or trespass to property
   421.    Self-defence--excessive force that inflicts death
   422.    Self-defence--response to lawful conduct
   423.    Offences to which Division applies
           424-428. (Repealed)


   428A.   Definitions
   428B.   Offences of specific intent to which Part applies
   428C.   Intoxication in relation to offences of specific intent
   428D.   Intoxication in relation to other offences
   428E.   Intoxication in relation to murder, manslaughter and assault causing death
   428F.   Intoxication in relation to the reasonable person test
   428G.   Intoxication and the actus reus of an offence
   428H.   Abolition of common law relating to self-induced intoxication
   428I.   Application of Part
           428J-428YB. (Repealed)

   PART 11B - (Repealed)


           429, 430. (Repealed)
   431.    Convicted persons not to be liable to death penalty
   431A.   Life sentences
           431B-447B. (Repealed)
           PARTS 13, 13A - (Repealed)


   475A.   Offences punishable summarily
   475B.   Election for summary trial

   PART 14 - (Repealed)


           Division 1 - Larceny and similar summary offences

   501.    (Renumbered)
   502.    Possession of skin etc of stolen cattle
   503.    Stealing dogs
   504.    Possessing stolen dog or skin
   505.    Stealing animals etc ordinarily kept in confinement
   506.    Stealing animals etc ordinarily kept in confinement--second offence
   507.    Possession of stolen animals etc
   508.    Possession of stolen animals etc--second offence
   509.    Restoration of such stolen animals etc
   510.    Setting engine for deer etc
   511.    (Repealed)
   512.    Taking fish in waters on private property
   513.    Stealing shrubs etc
   514.    (Repealed)
   515.    Stealing etc live or dead fence etc
   516.    (Repealed)
   517.    Unlawful possession of trees, fences etc
   518.    Stealing dead wood
   519.    (Repealed)
   520.    Stealing plants etc in gardens
   521.    Stealing plants etc not growing in gardens
   521A.   Stealing of rock, stone etc
   522.    Possession of shipwrecked goods
   523.    Offering shipwrecked goods for sale
   524.    Seizure of such goods
   525.    Stealing or damaging books and other things in public library and other places
   526.    Term "Public Library"
           526A-527B. (Repealed)
   527C.   Persons unlawfully in possession of property
   528.    (Repealed)

           Division 2 - Other offences

   529.    Criminal defamation
   530.    Serious animal cruelty
   531.    Killing or seriously injuring animals used for law enforcement
           532-545AB. (Repealed)
   545B.   Intimidation or annoyance by violence or otherwise
   545C.   Knowingly joining or continuing in etc an unlawful assembly
   545D.   (Repealed)
   545E.   (Renumbered)
   546.    Abetting or procuring
   546A.   (Repealed)
   546B.   Convicted persons found with intent to commit offence
   546C.   (Repealed)
   546D.   Impersonation of police officers
           547-547A. (Repealed)
   547B.   Public mischief
   547C.   Peeping or prying
   547D.   Person apprehended carrying razor etc
   547E.   Bestiality or animal crush material

           Division 3 - General

           548-555. (Repealed)
   556.    Summary conviction a bar to further proceedings
           PARTS 15, 15A - (Repealed)
           563-573. (Repealed)
   574.    Prosecutions for blasphemy
   574A.   (Repealed)
   574B.   Prevention of suicide
           575-578. (Repealed)
   578A.   Prohibition of publication identifying victims of certain sexual offences
   578B.   (Repealed)
   578C.   Publishing indecent articles
   578D.   (Repealed)
   578E.   Offences relating to advertising or displaying products associated with sexual behaviour
   579.    Evidence of proceedings dealt with by way of recognizance after 15 years
   580.    Certain charges not to be brought at common law
   580A.   Abolition of offence of being a common nightwalker
   580B.   Abolition of offences of eavesdropping and being a common scold
   580C.   Abolition of common law offences relating to brothels
   580D.   Abolition of rule that husband and wife cannot be guilty of conspiracy
   580E.   Abolition of distinction between felony and misdemeanour
   580F.   Abolition of penal servitude
   580G.   Abolition of imprisonment with light or hard labour
   580H.   Abolition of common law offences and rules
   581.    Savings and transitional provisions
   582.    Regulations
   583.    Review of certain provisions relating to consent
   584.    Review of Part 3A, Division 9
           Schedule 1 (Repealed)
           SCHEDULE 1A
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3
           FOURTH-NINTH SCHEDULES - (Repealed)
           SCHEDULE 10
           SCHEDULE 11

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