New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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Lease to continue in force until issue decided

133G Lease to continue in force until issue decided

(1) Except as otherwise provided by this section or by an order of the court, a lease that would otherwise expire during any of the following periods is continued in force by this subsection until the end of the period concerned--
(a) a period of 14 days referred to in paragraph (a) of the definition of
"prescribed notice" in section 133E(3),
(b) a period of one month referred to in section 133E(4)(a),
(c) the period commencing with the commencement of proceedings referred to in section 133E(4)(b) and ending at the time when--
(i) those proceedings are disposed of in the manner referred to in that paragraph, or
(ii) effect is given to orders made by the court in granting relief referred to in that paragraph, in so far as such orders affect the lessor or relate to an assurance by the lessee.
(2) Paragraph (c) of subsection (1)--
(a) does not apply to or in respect of a lease that, but for that paragraph, would continue in force for a period longer than the period for which it is, by the operation of that paragraph, continued in force, and
(b) does not, where a lessee fails to comply with terms imposed upon the lessee pursuant to paragraph (a) of subsection (4) of section 133F, operate to continue the lease in force beyond the time of that failure by the lessee.
(3) Where, under subsection (1), a lease continues in force after the day on which, but for that subsection, it would expire--
(a) the lease so continues in force subject to the provisions, stipulations, covenants, conditions and agreements in the lease (other than those relating to the term and the option contained in the lease) but without prejudice to any rights or remedies of the lessor or lessee in relation to the lease, and
(b) the lessee, if the lease is of land under the provisions of the Real Property Act 1900 and the lessee is in possession of the demised premises, has the protection of paragraph (d) of section 42 of that Act as if the lease were a tenancy referred to in that paragraph.
(4) Subject to subsection (5), where, pursuant to an option contained in a lease continued in force under subsection (1), the lease is renewed or a new lease is granted, the period during which the lease was so continued in force shall be deemed to be part of the term for which the lease was renewed or the new lease granted, and any lease granted pursuant to an exercise of the option shall be expressed to have commenced when the lease containing the option would, but for subsection (1), have expired.
(5) Subsection (4) does not apply to or in respect of a lease that stipulates for the commencement of any lease granted pursuant to an exercise of the option contained therein on a day that is later than the day on which the lease so granted would, but for this subsection, commence under subsection (4).

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