New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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Government advertising campaigns

4 Government advertising campaigns

(1) In this Act,
"Government advertising campaign" means the dissemination to members of the public of information about a government program, policy or initiative, or about any public health or safety or other matter, that:
(a) is funded by or on behalf of a Government agency, and
(b) is disseminated under a commercial advertising distribution agreement by means of radio, television, the Internet, newspapers, billboards, cinemas or other media.
(2) The following are not Government advertising campaigns:
(a) the publication of a report that is required to be published by or under an Act,
(b) advertising for the purposes of a person or body (other than a political organisation) that is not a Government agency or other public authority and that is wholly or partly sponsored by a Government agency.
(3) In this Act, a reference to a
"Government advertising campaign of a Government agency" is a reference to a campaign funded by money paid by or on behalf of the agency.
(4) For the purposes of this Act, a Government advertising campaign commences when information is first disseminated for the purposes of the campaign.
(5) The regulations may exempt a Government advertising campaign, or a class of Government advertising campaigns, from this Act or the regulations or a provision of this Act or the regulations. An exemption may be unconditional or subject to conditions.

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