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ROADS ACT 1993 - SECT 144B

Roads authority not to obstruct light rail system

144B Roads authority not to obstruct light rail system

(1) A roads authority, in the exercise of any of its functions under this Act, must not, without the prior consent of the Secretary--
(a) carry out, or authorise the carrying out, of any work, or
(b) grant any consent or authorisation or issue any direction, or
(c) take any other action (including disposing of or granting any interest in land),
that prevents or otherwise obstructs the passage of light rail vehicles along the route of a light rail system declared under the Transport Administration Act 1988 or the carrying out or use of any work approved under section 144C.
(2) The Secretary must, before granting a consent under this section consult with--
(b) the operator of the light rail system, if the Secretary is not the operator of the system.
(3) A consent by the Secretary--
(a) may be granted on the Secretary's own initiative or on the application of any person, and
(b) may be granted generally or for a particular case, and
(c) may be granted for specific matters or classes of matters, and
(d) may be granted on such conditions as the Secretary thinks fit.
(4) Nothing in this section prevents the temporary closure of any road or road related area within the meaning of section 4 (1) of the Road Transport Act 2013 (other than a road or road related area that is the subject of a declaration made under section 18 (1) (b) of that Act relating to all of the provisions of that Act) or the taking of other action that is authorised by section 186 of the Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Act 2002 .

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