New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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Appointment of landlord's agents

206 Appointment of landlord's agents

(1) The Secretary may, by written notice given to a landlord--
(a) direct the landlord to appoint, at the landlord's expense, a landlord's agent to manage a tenancy under a residential tenancy agreement between the landlord and a specified person, and
(b) direct that the landlord's affairs in relation to the tenancy be conducted through the agent.
(2) A notice may specify the period within which an appointment is to be made, the minimum period for which the appointment is to be made and persons who must not be appointed by the landlord.
(3) A landlord's agent who is appointed by a landlord who has been given a direction must give written notice to the Secretary--
(a) of the appointment, and
(b) if the person ceases to be the landlord's agent.
(4) The Secretary must not give a direction under this section unless the Secretary is satisfied that the landlord has engaged in persistent or serious breaches of this Act, the regulations or residential tenancy agreements (whether or not in relation to the residential premises affected by the direction).
(5) The Secretary must not give a direction under this section if the landlord has appointed a landlord's agent.
(6) The Secretary may, by further written notice given to the landlord, revoke or vary a direction given under this section.
(7) A landlord must not, without reasonable excuse, fail to comply with a direction under this section.
: Maximum penalty--20 penalty units.

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