New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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- As at 11 October 2021 
- Act gss of 1931 


           Long Title

   1.      Name of Act
   2.      Interpretation
   3.      Members to be corporate body
   4.      Vesting of property on which present Synagogue is erected
   5.      Vesting of other property
   6.      Power to purchase mortgage [#38]c
   6A.     Application of rule relating to perpetuities
   7.      Purchaser not concerned to enquire as to necessity or propriety of sale or mortgage
   8.      Receipts
   9.      General powers of body corporate
   10.     Objects of the body corporate
   11.     Power to create or join federation or union of Jewish Congregations
   12.     Constitution of Board of Management
   13.     General meetings
   14.     Appointment of Board of Management
   15.     Vacancies on Board of Management
   16.     Power to charge seat rents
   17.     Certificate to be evidence
   18.     Register of Members
   19.     Provisions for calling and holding meetings to pass special resolutions
   20.     Provisions for convening meetings
   21.     Existing rules
   22.     Power to make rules
   23.     How rules may be proved
   24.     Irregularity informality or illegality of election or appointment of member or officer not to render the same illegal or invalid
   25.     Contracts how made
   26.     Seal
   27.     Repeal

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