New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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SCHEDULE 5 – Environmental heritage

(Clause 5.10)

Part 1 - Heritage items

Suburb Item Address Property Description Significance Item no
Bangalow "All Souls" Church of England Manse Ashton Street Lots 5 and 6, Section 13, DP 4974 Local I001
Bangalow Bangalow swimming pool and park (including weirs and concrete banks retaining the natural water-course) Ashton and Deacon Streets Lots 1-12, Section 12, DP 4974 Local I002
Bangalow House 10 Ballina Road Lot 1, DP 974496 Local I003
Bangalow Kings Monument Byron Street Road reserve near intersection with Lismore Road Local I004
Bangalow "All Souls" Church of England (including interior fittings brick fence and cast iron gates) Byron Street (on corner of Ashton Street) Lots 1-4, DP 124381 Local I005
Bangalow Bangalow Hotel 1 Byron Street Lot 1, DP 105901 Local I006
Bangalow Shops 9-13 Byron Street Lot 1, DP 311059; Lot 1, DP 964623 Local I007
Bangalow Bangalow bakery building (including curved glass and black tiled shopfront) 12 Byron Street Lot D, DP 966650 Local I008
Bangalow Shops 15-17 Byron Street Lot 1, DP 981918 Local I009
Bangalow Former Bank 16 Byron Street SP 60067 Local I010
Bangalow Former Bank 18-20 Byron Street Lot 4, Section 5, DP 4358; Lot A, DP 930211 Local I011
Bangalow Shops 19A Byron Street Lot 8, DP 929015 Local I012
Bangalow Shops 23-29 Byron Street SP 72220 Local I013
Bangalow Bangalow post office (including clock, crest and memorial tablet) 30 Byron Street Lot 7, Section 5, DP 4358; Lot 1, DP 930216 Local I014
Bangalow "The Strand" Shops 31-37 Byron Street Lots C and D, DP 23455; Lot 1, DP 1092239 Local I015
Bangalow "Bangalow House" (including pressed metal ceilings) 32-34 Byron Street Lot 1, DP 1062312 Local I016
Bangalow Shops 36-38 Byron Street Lot 10, Section 5 DP 4358 Local I017
Bangalow Bangalow Public School 45-71 Byron Street Lot 1, DP 782555 Local I018
Bangalow "Grey's House" (including fence and garden) 68 Byron Street Lots 12-14, Section 6, DP 4358 Local I019
Bangalow Presbyterian Church 73 Byron Street Lot 19, DP 629994 Local I020
Bangalow Bangalow Police Station, former courthouse and residence 93 Byron Street Lot 2, DP 808373 Local I021
Bangalow "Riverview" house 99 Byron Street Lots 9 and 10, Section 3, DP 4358 Local I022
Bangalow "Hartford House" 14 Charlotte Street Lot 1, DP 1090008 Local I023
Bangalow Presbyterian Manse 2 George Street Lot 18, DP 629994 Local I024
Bangalow Bangalow cemetery (including lych gate and monuments) Granuaille Crescent and Pacific Highway Lot 7, DP 739871; Lot 1, DP 932719; Lot 1, DP 350164; Lot 2, DP 929377; Lot 7002, DP 1026919; Lot 7023, DP 1113423; Lot 7405, DP 1180630 Local I025
Bangalow House (including fence) 3 Granuaille Crescent Lot 348, DP 755695 Local I026
Bangalow "Campbell's House" formerly "Byron Lodge" 14-16 Granuaille Road Lot 6, DP 566909 Local I027
Bangalow "Avalon" house 39 Granuaille Road Lot 200, DP 849228 Local I028
Bangalow "Prentice" house 42 Granuaille Road Lot 1, DP 926598 Local I029
Bangalow Brick house 55 Granuaille Road Lot 1, DP 1166459 Local I030
Bangalow George Reading building Lismore Road (on Corner of Robinson Street) Lot 17, DP 1227099 Local I031
Bangalow Catholic Church "St Kevin's" and Catholic Hall 1 Lismore Road Lot 2, DP 122668; Lot 1, DP 929753; Lot 1, DP 926452 Local I032
Bangalow "Blanch's House" 27 Lismore Road Lot 1, DP 727917 Local I033
Bangalow "Clover Hill" house 10 Marblewood Place Lot 281, DP 837699 Local I034
Bangalow "Jelbon Leigh" house (including interior finishes) Pacific Highway Lot 1, DP 1077265 Local I035
Bangalow "Neptune" house (including random rubble fence) Pacific Highway Part of Lot 102, DP 846899 Local I036
Bangalow Railway Station and platform Station Street Railway land Local I037
Bangalow Showground (including show ring and shade trees) Station Street Lot 1, DP 359227; Lot 1, DP 366810 Local I038
Bangalow "A&I Hall" 3 Station Street Lot 2, DP 366810 Local I039
Bangalow Masonic Hall 16 Station Street Lots 6 and 7, Section 8, DP 4596 Local I040
Bangalow Uniting Church 17 Station Street Lot 20, DP 828062 Local I041
Billinudgel House 1 Brunswick Street Lot 1, DP 540815 Local I042
Billinudgel Catholic Church The Tunnel Road Lot 3, DP 952096 Local I043
Billinudgel Railway Tunnel 3 The Tunnel Road Railway corridor near intersection with The Tunnel Road Local I044
Billinudgel Hotel 1 Wilfred Street Lot 1, DP 330033 Local I045
Billinudgel General store and Post Office 2 Wilfred Street Lot B, DP 970472 Local I046
Broken Head St Oswald Church 521 Broken Head Road Lot 287, DP 755695 Local I049
Broken Head Broken Head Hall 536 Broken Head Road Lot 222, DP 755695 Local I050
Brunswick Heads House 5 Booyun Street Lot 8, Section 7, DP 758171 Local I047
Brunswick Heads House 9 Booyun Street Lot 6, Section 7, DP 758171 Local I048
Brunswick Heads "Broadview" flats 12 Fawcett Street SP 84622 Local I051
Brunswick Heads House 19 Fawcett Street Lot 1, DP 931884 Local I052
Brunswick Heads Brunswick Heads Public School Fingal Street Lot 399, DP 724683 Local I053
Brunswick Heads St Thomas Anglican Church 21 Fingal Street Lot 3, DP 4694 Local I054
Brunswick Heads Memorial Public Hall 24 Fingal Street Lot 10, Section 7, DP 758171 Local I055
Brunswick Heads Footbridge From The Terrace to South Beach Lane Over Simpson's Creek Local I056
Brunswick Heads Hotel Brunswick 2- 4 Mullumbimbi Street Lot 3, Section 5, DP 758171; Lot 2, DP 328459; Lots 1 and 2, DP 779883 Local I057
Brunswick Heads House 7 Mullumbimbi Street Lot 1, DP 9369 Local I058
Brunswick Heads Commercial 24 Mullumbimbi Street Lot 1, DP 301444 Local I059
Brunswick Heads "Barnes" house 40 Mullumbimbi Street Lot 1, DP 331137 Local I060
Brunswick Heads "Our Lady of Lourdes" Catholic Church 50A Mullumbimbi Street Lots 1 and 2, DP 945986 Local I061
Byron Bay Jasmine House 4 Browning Street Lot A, DP 403383 Local I063
Byron Bay Former railway water tower Butler Street In road reserve adjacent to railway line Local I064
Byron Bay Cottage 60 Butler Street Lot 10, DP 1027557 Local I065
Byron Bay House including brick pier fence mouldings 62 Butler Street Lot 11, Section 34 DP 758207 Local I066
Byron Bay Byron Bay Cemetery Cemetery Road Lots 374-378, DP 728177 Local I067
Byron Bay Arcadia Guesthouse (including ornate pressed metal ceilings and leadlight windows) 48 Cowper Street Lot 2, DP 551681 Local I068
Byron Bay Terrace houses 27-31 Fletcher Street Lot 1, Section 26, DP 758207 Local I069
Byron Bay Semi-detached cottages 33-35 Fletcher Street SP 20654 Local I070
Byron Bay Art Gallery 39 Fletcher Street Lot B, DP 302467 Local I071
Byron Bay Byron Bay Visitors Centre Jonson Street Lot 1, DP 827049 Local I072
Byron Bay Commercial facade 17-31 Jonson Street Lot 1, DP 171102; Lot 1 DP 713659; Lots 4 and 5, DP 11407 Local I073
Byron Bay Great Northern hotel (including decorative tiling) 35-43 Jonson Street Lot 2, DP 597016 Local I074
Byron Bay Post Office (former) 59-67 Jonson Street Lot 1, DP 736784 Local I075
Byron Bay Byron Bay Community Centre 69 Jonson Street Lot 1, DP 524709 Local I076
Byron Bay Cottage 86 Jonson Street Lot 1, DP 1001454 Local I077
Byron Bay Byron Bay Railway Station and yard group 86 Jonson Street Lot 1, DP 1001454 and adjoining railway land State I078
Byron Bay Former Norco Butter Factory 132-144 Jonson Street Lot 1, DP 804082; SP 83280; Lot 6, DP 258071 Local I079
Byron Bay Byron Bay Primary School Kingsley Street Lots 1 and 2, Section 43, DP 758207; Lot 1, DP 805037 Local I080
Byron Bay St Paul's Anglican Church (including former church, now hall) 14 Kingsley Lot 7, DP 1187184 Local I081
Byron Bay "Palm Court House" 52-54 Kingsley Street Lot A, DP 338529 Local I082
Byron Bay House 58 Kingsley Street Lot 1, DP105579 Local I083
Byron Bay Commercial (including shops, bar and restaurant) 5A Lawson Street Lot 2, DP 830504 Local I084
Byron Bay Main Beach Backpackers (all of the building located on the corner of Lawson and Fletcher Streets, which includes the 1929 section of the former Byron Council Chambers building) 19-23 Lawson Street Part of Lot 1, DP 876261 Local I085
Byron Bay Cape Byron Lightstation (including the three cottages and moveable items) Lighthouse Road Lots 1-3, DP 847753 State I086
Byron Bay Group of houses (known as Norco's Managers' Houses) 79, 81, 83 and 85 Massinger Street Lot 1, DP 625184; Lots 2-5, DP 6441 Local I088
Byron Bay Timber cottage 5 Middleton Lane Lot B, DP 377425 Local I089
Byron Bay Water tank with painted mural Paterson Street Lot 172, DP 755695 and part road reserve Local I090
Byron Bay Police Station and Courthouse (including Norfolk pines) Corner Shirley and Butler Streets Lot 387, DP 728536 Local I091
Clunes Clunes Cemetery Eureka Road Lots 139 and 140, DP 728507 Local I092
Coopers Shoot "Hazeldene" house (Armstrongs) 355 Coopers Shoot Road Lot 9, DP 614484 Local I093
Coorabell Avondale Farm Coorabell Road Lots 1 and 2 DP 242256; Lot 6 DP 249731 Local I094
Eureka Pioneer Monument (including three monuments, memorial tablet, and fencing from shipwrecked Wollongbar) Eureka Road In eastern side of road reserve adjacent to Lot 2, DP 602058 Local I095
Eureka "Becluna" (including interior finishes and pressed metal ceilings) Eureka Road (access off Becluna Lane) Lot 1, DP 925310 Local I096
Eureka Eureka Uniting Church (including stained glass windows) Corner Eureka and Springvale Roads Lot 1, DP 924528 Local I097
Eureka "Zalmonah House" (including interior finishes) 229 Eureka Road Lot 1, DP 1173905 Local I098
Eureka "The Cedars" (including stables and mature hoop pines) 406 Eureka Road Lot 32, DP 707706 Local I099
Eureka Eureka Public School (including trees and rainforest) 438 Eureka Road Lot 292, DP 755697 Local I100
Eureka Eureka Public Hall 500 Eureka Road Lot 1, DP 942029 Local I101
Eureka "Allansby" (including interior finishes) 103 Federal Drive Lot 4, DP 246970 Local I102
Eureka "Flowerdale" (including original interior fittings) 16 Springvale Road Lot 1, DP 124432 Local I103
Eureka Gretel Farm 134 Springvale Road Lot 8, DP 825255 Local I104
Eureka St Aidan's Church (including original interior fittings and glass, and memorial trees and gates) Whian Road (near intersection with Eureka Road and Federal Drive) Lot 1, DP 920128 Local I105
Eureka Old Rectory 2 Whian Road Lot 1, DP 932072 Local I106
Ewingsdale Higgins House (including detached kitchen wing and mature Moreton Bay Fig trees) Ewingsdale Road Part of Lot 101, DP 1140936 Local I107
Ewingsdale Tyagarah Meat Pool (including fittings) Kennedy's Lane (corner of Pacific Highway) Part of Lots 2-4, DP 1013646 Local I108
Ewingsdale Bernard McGettigan House 166 McGettigans Lane Lot 4, DP 1088268 Local I109
Ewingsdale "Weetalabah" Johnston House Pacific Highway Lot 11, DP 858256 Local I110
Ewingsdale Flick farm and sugar mill site-- "Carabene" 73 Quarry Lane Part of Lot 8, DP 7189 Local I111
Ewingsdale St Columbus Church group (including church, hall and former school site and trees) William Flick Lane (Old Pacific Highway) Lot 1, DP 124387; Lot 1, DP 134548; Lot 377, DP 47409 Local I112
Federal School of Arts Federal Drive Lot 1, DP 122284 Local I113
Federal Holy Trinity Anglican Church Federal Drive (corner Roses Road) Lot 1, DP 966172 Local I114
Hayters Hill Eli Hayter House 253 Bangalow Road Part of Lot 1, DP 932996 Local I115
McLeods Shoot McLeods Shoot Lookout Corner of Coolamon Scenic Drive and Pacific Highway In road reserve Local I116
Mullumbimby Stationmasters Cottage (including Mango trees) Argyle Street (at Railway Crossing) Part of Lot 2, DP 1121508 Local I118
Mullumbimby House 11 Argyle Street Lots 11 and 12, Section 1, DP 4721 Local I119
Mullumbimby "Summerset" 12 Azalea Street Lot 2, DP 209440 Local I120
Mullumbimby Heritage Park Brunswick Terrace and Gordon Street Lot 1, DP 47449 Local I121
Mullumbimby Commercial buildings Burringbar Street Part of Lot 2, DP 592980 Local I122
Mullumbimby Simpson's Building (including original shopfront tiles and pressed metal ceilings) Burringbar Street Part of Lot 5, Section 7, DP 758725 Local I123
Mullumbimby "Mallams" Art Deco facade 32-34 Burringbar Street Lot 1, DP 19395 Local I124
Mullumbimby Commercial Hotel 46-50 Burringbar Street Lot 11, DP 1185626 Local I125
Mullumbimby Former Westpac Bank 51-53 Burringbar Street Lots 40 and 41, Section 4, DP 2772 Local I126
Mullumbimby Commercial building 55 Burringbar Street Lot 39, Section 4 DP 2772 Local I127
Mullumbimby National Bank building (including bank fittings) 68-70 Burringbar Street Lots 24 and 25, DP 1131780 Local I128
Mullumbimby Mullumbimby Cemetery Coolamon Avenue, Poplar and Eugenia Streets Lots 184-186, DP 728513 Local I129
Mullumbimby Catholic Convent, presbytery and bell tower Coolamon Scenic Drive Lots 59-61, DP 755687; Lot 4, DP 606423 Local I130
Mullumbimby House Coolamon Scenic Drive Lot 23, DP 1089627 Local I131
Mullumbimby House 2-4 Dalley Street Lot 1, DP 817318 Local I132
Mullumbimby House 28 Dalley Street Lot 1, DP 122662 Local I133
Mullumbimby Civic Centre (includes group of 8 buildings, waterfall feature and park setting with mature trees) 55 Dalley Street Lot 8, Section 8, DP 758725 Local I134
Mullumbimby Civic Memorial Hall 55 Dalley Street Lot 10, Section 8, DP 758725 Local I135
Mullumbimby Fire Station 57 Dalley Street Lot 388, DP 728164 Local I136
Mullumbimby Courthouse and Lockup 59-61 Dalley Street Lots 386 and 387, DP 728164 Local I137
Mullumbimby Commercial Building 98 Dalley Street Lot 1, DP 368079 Local I138
Mullumbimby Offices (including intact brick masonry building behind facade) 108 Dalley Street Lot 1, DP 927977 Local I139
Mullumbimby "Cedar House" 140 Dalley Street Lot 4, Section 12, DP 758725 Local I140
Mullumbimby House 5 Fern Street Lot 1, DP 384372 Local I141
Mullumbimby House 6 Jubilee Avenue Lot 3, Section 15, DP 758725 Local I142
Mullumbimby "Inverary" 130 Main Arm Road Lot 1, DP 216754 Local I143
Mullumbimby Ross Industrial Complex (including three main factory buildings and original fittings) 26 Mill Street Lot 3, DP 540706 Local I145
Mullumbimby Federation Bridge Murwillumbah Road Local I146
Mullumbimby "Magnolia" House 2 Murwillumbah Road Lot 293, DP 755687; Lot 1, DP 123836 Local I147
Mullumbimby Brunswick Valley Historical Society Museum Corner Myokum and Stuart Streets Lot 389, DP 728162 Local I148
Mullumbimby The Yellow Church 9 Myokum Street Lot 2, DP 858380 Local I149
Mullumbimby Railway Station Prince Street (near intersection with New City Road) Lot 3, DP 810421 Local I150
Mullumbimby House 37 Prince Street Lot 4, Section 1, DP 4721 Local I151
Mullumbimby Public lavatory (including timber shingled roof) 57 Station Street (near boundary with McGougan's Lane) Lots 6 and 7, Section 3, DP 2772 Local I152
Mullumbimby House 87 Station Street Lots 16 and 17, Section 4, DP 2772 Local I153
Mullumbimby House (including stables at rear) 93 Station Street Lots 21-23, Section 4, DP 2772 Local I154
Mullumbimby House 1 Stuart Street Lots 18-20, DP 5046 Local I155
Mullumbimby House 21 Stuart Street Lots 3 and 4, DP 5046 Local I156
Mullumbimby "Botany" house 31 Stuart Street Lot 1, DP 122660 Local I157
Mullumbimby Church of England (including former church now office) 38-42 Stuart Street Lots 69-72, Section 3, DP 2772 Local I158
Mullumbimby Rectory Church of England 38-42 Stuart Street Lots 73-75, Section 3, DP 2772 Local I159
Mullumbimby House 2 Tincogan Street Lots 2 and 3, DP 303076 Local I160
Mullumbimby House 18 Tincogan Street Lot A, DP 350883 Local I161
Mullumbimby House 4 Tyagarah Street Lot 11, DP 518613 Local I162
Mullumbimby Railway Tunnel 1 Vallances Road Railway corridor near intersection with Vallances Road Local I163
Myocum Plane crash site 385 Myocum Road (Barlow Property) Part of Lot 1, DP 1138652 Local I164
Myocum Walker family farm 939 Myocum Road Lot 1, DP 1073755 Local I165
Myocum Tulloch House 1149 Myocum Road Lot 1, DP 123280 Local I166
Myocum W A Flick House 185 Tyagarah Road Lot 27, DP 607289 Local I167
Ocean Shores Wharf remains (including foundations, iron base of piers and part deck) Banana Lane, Brunswick River Part of Lot 1, DP 1052705; Part of Brunswick River Local I168
Ocean Shores Ballast Brunswick Heads Nature Reserve Near intersection of Brunswick River and Marshall's Creek Local I169
Ocean Shores Railway Tunnel 2 Coolamon Scenic Drive Railway corridor near intersection with Coolamon Scenic Drive Local I170
Ocean Shores Road cuttings (remnants of original road) East of Pacific Highway Brunswick Heads Nature Reserve Local I171
Ocean Shores Shield tree Orana Road Lot 2, DP 859951 Local I172
Ocean Shores Tree with surveyor's blaze 47 Rajah Road Lot 1150, DP 809112 Local I174
Suffolk Park Suffolk Park Land Alcorn Street Lot 1, DP 42470; Lot 100, DP 1023737 Local I175
Talofa "Byron Bay House" (formerly "Ingleside") 549 Bangalow Road Lot 1, DP 359816 Local I177
Talofa Buckley's "Glenbrook" House 816 Bangalow Road Lot 4, DP 259624 Local I178
The Pocket House "Mumbla" The Pocket Road Lot 3, DP 586187 Local I179
The Pocket House "Coral Grove" (including original internal fittings) 390 The Pocket Road Lot 2, DP 596723 Local I180
The Pocket Farmhouse (including original kitchen wing) 814 The Pocket Road Lot 1, DP 553033 Local I181
Tyagarah Cornwell House 17 Fox's Lane Lot 50, DP 881232 Local I182
Wilsons Creek Power station Wilsons Creek Road Lot 11, DP 1107625 Local I185
Wilsons Creek Wilsons Creek Hall 724 Wilsons Creek Road Part of Lot 32, DP 1106761 Local I186
Yelgun Railway underbridge Yelgun Road Within railway corridor near the intersection with Yelgun Road Local I187

Part 2 - Heritage conservation areas

Suburb Name of Area Identification of area Significance
Bangalow Bangalow Conservation Area Shown edged heavy red, hatched and marked C001 Local
Byron Bay Burns Street Conservation Area Shown edged heavy red, hatched and marked C002 Local
Byron Bay Kingsley Street Conservation Area Shown edged heavy red, hatched and marked C003 Local
Byron Bay Railway precinct, Byron Bay Conservation Area Shown edged heavy red, hatched and marked C004 Local
Byron Bay Shirley Street Conservation Area Shown edged heavy red, hatched and marked C005 Local
Eureka Eureka Village Landscape Conservation Area Shown edged heavy red, hatched and marked C006 Local
Mullumbimby Mullumbimby Conservation Area Shown edged heavy red, hatched and marked C007 Local

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