New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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SCHEDULE 5 – Environmental heritage

(Clause 5.10)

Part 1 - Heritage items

Suburb Item name Address Property description Significance Item no
Booral 2 adjoined dwellings Corner of Booral Road and The Bucketts Way Lot 82, DP 853953 Local I67
Booral Booral Wharf Karuah River (head of navigation) approximately 3km south of Booral--unnamed road off Lowes Lane Lot 46, DP 95406 Local I4
Booral Gundayne House group, including residence, outhouse and schoolhouse 9 Lowes Lane Lot 1, DP 632812 State I3
Booral The Gables 25 Lowes Lane Lot 151, DP 716349 Local I6
Booral Booral House 160 Lowes Lane Lot 1, DP 745831 Local I2
Booral 3 concrete bridges The Bucketts Way (first bridge south of Booral; second bridge between Lowes and Mulberry Lanes; third bridge across Karuah River) Road reserve; first bridge--adjacent to Lot 1, DP 47370; second bridge--Lot 1, DP 47370; third bridge--off part of Lot 205, DP 95038 Local I65
Booral St Barnabas' Church and Cemetery The Bucketts Way Lot 61, DP 1128606 Local I5
Booral Booral Soldiers Memorial Hall 2296 The Bucketts Way Lot 1, DP 1058302 Local I68
Booral Booral Public School--classroom, former residence and bricked capped well 2300 The Bucketts Way Lot 1, DP 797564 Local I66
Booral Alderley House 2653 The Bucketts Way Lot 100, DP 839447 Local I1
Bulahdelah Former courthouse (museum) 2-4 Ann Street Lot 204, DP 753154 Local I9
Bulahdelah Catholic Church and School Group--presbytery, St Brigid's Church and St Joseph's Convent 26 Bulahdelah Way Lots 1 and 2, DP 1231651 Local I70
Bulahdelah Former Alum Mine (also known as Bulahdelah Mountain) including Aboriginal scatter site, 2 scarred trees, former Alum Mountain House site, Alum Mountain Park, Twin Dams, incline tramway, mullock heap, boiler wall, clay brick crucible and former home site of Rachel Henning (remaining persimmon trees) Meade Street, eastern side of Pacific Highway (Bulahdelah Mountain Park) Lot SF 00296; Part of Bulahdelah State Forest off Scott Street Local I10
Bulahdelah War Memorial Meade Street--median strip between Bulahdelah and Crawford Streets Road reserve Local I69
Bulahdelah Tramline Trestle Bridge Horses Creek, Wang Wauk State Forest (between Upper Myall and Wootton) Local I8
Bulahdelah General Cemetery Corner of Markwell and Red Gum Roads and Mahogany Street Lot 7015, DP 1002815; Lot 7005, DP 1055396 Local I7
Bungwahl Old Bungwahl Cemetery The Lakes Way Crown land in Lot 7306, DP 1136540 Local I11
Bungwahl Bungwahl Cemetery 2214-2216 The Lakes Way Lots 1 and 2, DP 506289 Local I73
Bungwahl Bungwahl Community Hall, Roll of Honour and Community Memorials 2473 The Lakes Way Lot 1, DP 950982 Local I74
Bungwahl St James Anglican Church 2523 The Lakes Way Lot 1, DP 724147 Local I72
Bungwahl Bungwahl Public School--administration building and classroom 56 Seal Rocks Road Lot 479, DP 821624; Lot 1, DP 1048738 Local I71
Carrington Former soldiers barracks cottage 21 Church Street Lot 521, DP 540736 Local I14
Carrington Former St Andrew's Church 25 Church Street Lot 1, Section K, DP 998506 Local I13
Carrington Carrington Boat Harbour and Lime Kiln Off Pier Street (Cock Renoyo Point) Lot 46, DP 719492 Local I15
Carrington Carrington Cemetery Tahlee Road Crown land in Lot 206, DP 1055554 Local I12
Carrington Tahlee House Estate group, including main building, reception and ballroom wing, boat harbour, grounds, gardens and Nissen Huts Tahlee Road Lot 342, DP 740621 State I16
Carrington Corduroy section of Australian Agricultural Company Tahlee Road to Karuah Road (Karuah Nature Reserve) Edge of Lot 1, DP 814128 to Yalimbah Creek Local I17
Coolongolook Worth Family Graves (previously Morris Property Graves) 49 Curreeki Creek Road Southern portion of Lot 11, DP 883955 Local I18
Darawank Former Darawank Public School 31 Manns Road (south western boundary) Lot 121, DP 753207 Local I19
Failford The Old Brock House 33 Bullocky Way Lot B, DP 415592 Local I20
Failford Failford House 291 Failford Road Lot 12, DP 747289 Local I21
Forster Angel Close Cemetery Angel Close Reserve No 19324; Lot 110, DP 753168 Local I77
Forster Breakwater Cape Hawke Harbour Adjacent to Lot 7088, DP 1066047 and Lot 44, DP 753168 Local I82
Forster Pilot Hill John Holland Park Part of Reserve No 79681; Lot 440, DP 40071 Local I78
Forster Little Street Waterfront--including wharf, waterside vegetation, the "Little Street Baths" and concrete block from former Albert von Ehlefeldt's shop and bakery Little Street foreshore Lot 7099, DP 1051650; Lot 7102, DP 1051700; Lot 382, DP 753168; Lot 7103, DP 1100390; Lot 7149, DP 1107429 Local I75
Forster War Memorial Little Street--Belton Park waterfront Lot 7378, DP 1157446 Local I76
Forster Former ferry wharf site Off Forster side of Memorial Drive Part of Lot 7098, DP 1051656 Local I79
Forster Forster Ocean Baths North Street Reserve No 66029; Lot 7086, DP 1055392 Local I80
Forster General Cemetery Corner of St Albans Place and Strand Street Lot 7123, DP 1056466; Lot 7079, DP 1075117; Lot 7115, DP 1056467 Local I22
Forster/Tuncurry Forster-Tuncurry Bridge Head Street/Manning Street Road reserve Local I81
Hawks Nest Former ferry approach site--foreshore reserve north of Singing Bridge Foreshore reserve--Myall River Adjacent to Lot 1002, DP 1187432 Local I83
Monkerai Monkerai Bridge over Karuah River Monkerai Road Road reserve; off northern part of Lot 1, DP 798203 State I84
Monkerai Monkerai Hall Moores Road Lot 1, DP 910544 Local I23
Nabiac Willow Point Cemetery Access via Carefree Road Lot 1, DP 668409; Lot 1, DP 650654; Lot 1, DP 668410; Lot 1, DP 1054152; Lot 7318, DP 1137167; Lot 1, DP 668443 Local I92
Nabiac Nabiac Public School--administration building and classroom 17 Clarkson Street Lot 17, DP 753195 Local I87
Nabiac Former St Paul's Rectory 21 Clarkson Street Lots 11 and 12, DP 5687 Local I88
Nabiac St Paul's Anglican Church 38 Clarkson Street Lot 3, Section 3, DP 758747 Local I89
Nabiac War Memorial 70A Clarkson Street Memorial Reserve No 90741; Lot 6, Section 1, DP 758747 Local I85
Nabiac Shop and dwelling 77 Clarkson Street Lot 50, DP 601632 Local I28
Nabiac Timber mill and Bullocky Wharf site Nabiac Street--Bullocky Wharf Recreation Reserve Lot 7011, DP 1028701 Local I86
Nabiac Showground Nabiac Street and Showground Lane Lot 4, DP 1031013 Local I27
Nabiac Former Hancock's Store 7 Nabiac Street Lot 1, DP 948711 Local I24
Nabiac Former ES & A Bank and dwelling 19 Nabiac Street Lot 12, DP 384311 Local I26
Nabiac Nabiac Neighbourhood Centre (formerly Nabiac Hospital) 37 Nabiac Street Lots 2 and 3, DP 7007 Local I25
Nabiac Nabiac Uniting Church 44 Nabiac Street Lot 1, DP 618787 Local I91
Nabiac Dwelling 9 Showground Lane Lot 1, DP 936568 Local I90
Neranie Head Neranie Head Cemetery Myall Lakes National Park (off Seal Rocks Road) Lot 692, DP 521209 Local I29
Nerong Old Mill Well site Whimbrel Drive and Nerong Inlet foreshore Lot 181, DP 753190 and adjacent foreshore Local I93
Seal Rocks Lighthouse ancillary items Sugarloaf Point (Myall Lakes National Park, off Kinka Road) Lot 3, DP 847752 Local I32
Seal Rocks Two lightkeeper's residences Sugarloaf Point (Myall Lakes National Park, off Kinka Road) Lot 2, DP 847752 Local I31
Seal Rocks Sugarloaf Lighthouse Sugarloaf Point (Myall Lakes National Park, off Kinka Road) Lot 1, DP 847752 Local I30
Smiths Lake Anti-landing Pyramids Wamwarra Bay (opposite 2291 The Lakes Way, Tarbuck Bay) Lot 7044, DP 1059824 Local I94
Stroud A.A. Co. Cottage 1 Berkeley Street Lot 16, DP 705627 Local I33
Stroud A.A. Co. Cottage 3 Berkeley Street Lot 15, DP 705627 Local I34
Stroud A.A. Co. Cottage 5 Berkeley Street Lot 1, DP 194077 Local I35
Stroud A.A. Co. Cottage 7 Berkeley Street Lot 1, DP 745192 Local I36
Stroud School of Arts 8 Berkeley Street Lot 4, DP 1098616 Local I53
Stroud A.A. Co. Cottage 9 Berkeley Street Lot 1, DP 782050 Local I37
Stroud Thornleigh--2-storey dwelling 13 Berkeley Street Lot 1, DP 800052 Local I50
Stroud Dwelling 39 Berkeley Street Lot 3, DP 1088361 Local I96
Stroud Dwelling 46 Berkeley Street Lot 1, DP 1095460 Local I97
Stroud Dwelling 51 Berkeley Street Lot 3, Section N, DP 95902 Local I98
Stroud Dwelling 6 Bridge Street Lot 20, DP 1016958 Local I51
Stroud Silo Hill--underground grain silos and cannons Broadway Street Lots 8-11, Section 4, DP 95878 Local I38
Stroud St Columbanus Catholic Church Corner of Broadway and Mallon Streets Lot 1, DP 803474 Local I49
Stroud Dwelling 27 Cowper Street Lot 130, DP 544206 Local I99
Stroud Stroud Showground 36 Cowper Street Lot 1, DP 719494 Local I100
Stroud Stroud House 42 Cowper Street Lot 75, DP 1063954 State I52
Stroud Former Bank of NSW (ANZ) 44 Cowper Street Lot 1, DP 150877 Local I39
Stroud Central Hotel 52 Cowper Street Lot 1, DP 1106136 Local I54
Stroud Post office 59 Cowper Street Lot 1, DP 753193 Local I42
Stroud Uniting Church 62 Cowper Street Lot 1, DP 770116 Local I40
Stroud Former courthouse 67 Cowper Street Lot 613, DP 709600 Local I43
Stroud Baptist Church 70 Cowper Street Lot 3, DP 1137882; Lot 11, DP 1137838 Local I41
Stroud Bowen Chambers (former Council Chambers) 73 Cowper Street Lot 1, DP 718388 Local I44
Stroud St John the Evangelist Anglican Church Group (including Quambi House) 83-87 Cowper Street Lots 6 and 7, DP 1134158; Lots 91 and 92, DP 584892 State I45
Stroud Primary school and residence 15-21 Erin Street Lot 1, DP 137185; Lots 2 and 3, DP 794878 Local I48
Stroud St James Presbyterian Church 25 Erin Street Lot 4, Section 1, DP 95874 Local I47
Stroud War Memorial Memorial Avenue (near Gloucester Street) Road reserve Local I95
Stroud Road Washpool Karuah River (north of Washpool Bridge) East of Lot 177, DP 95648 Local I56
Stroud Road Railway bridge North Coast Railway Line over Karuah River Railway reserve Local I101
Stroud Road Stroud Road Community Hall 8 The Bucketts Way Lot 1, DP 1032311 Local I103
Stroud Road Uniting Church 15 The Bucketts Way Lots 1 and 2, DP 770309 Local I55
Stroud Road Former brick kiln site 520 The Bucketts Way Lot 1, DP 996294 Local I104
Stroud Road Stroud Road Public School--classroom and weather shed 733 The Bucketts Way Lot 1, DP 794883 Local I102
Tea Gardens Slipway Anzac Park (eastern end of foreshore reserve on Marine Drive) Part of Lot 45, DP 151242 Local I107
Tea Gardens War Memorial Anzac Park--eastern end of foreshore reserve on Marine Drive Part of Lot 45, DP 151242 Local I108
Tea Gardens 2 Norfolk Island Pines Road frontage to 45 Marine Drive Road reserve Local I106
Tea Gardens Courthouse and police residence 51-53 Marine Drive Lot 1, DP 780806 Local I58
Tea Gardens Large Fig tree Road frontage to 57 Marine Drive Road reserve Local I105
Tea Gardens Universal Store 91-95 Marine Drive Lot 1, DP 1021873 Local I57
Tea Gardens Dwelling and former St Andrew's Anglican Church 181 Myall Street Lot 10, DP 996102 Local I109
Tea Gardens General Cemetery Yalinbah Street Lots 7003 and 7004, DP 1054204; Lot 7005, DP 1054218 Local I59
Tea Gardens Site of original Durness homestead, including Canary Island Palms and gardens surrounding second Durness homestead Viney Creek Road Lot 2, DP 1154170 Local I60
Tea Gardens Memorial Park--including entry gates 9 Witt Street Lot 1, DP 719495 Local I110
Telegherry Dwelling 501 The Bucketts Way Lot 1, DP 797984 Local I111
Tiona The Green Cathedral--including adjacent wharf remains 4451 The Lakes Way Lot 7127, DP 1074971 Local I112
Tuncurry Former Tuncurry Public School--museum 3 Capel Street Lot 5, DP 1213611 (Reserve No 91224) Local I119
Tuncurry Memorial Park and former ferry crossing site Coral Avenue--former ferry crossing site located south of bridge on Tuncurry side Part of Reserve No 88846; Lot 232, DP 753207 Local I117
Tuncurry John Wright Park Manning Street Lots 7030 and 7031, DP 1116836; Lot 7044, DP 1116839; Lot 267, DP 753207; Lots 7027 and 7028, DP 1000967; Lot 7029, DP 1116845; Lots A and B, DP 376137 Local I113
Tuncurry Slipway--John Wright Park Manning Street--part of John Wright Park and Tuncurry foreshore Lot 3, Section 8, DP 759005 Local I114
Tuncurry Tokelau 2 Manning Street SP 67172 Local I61
Tuncurry Reorganised Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 4 Manning Street Lot 11, DP 1036872 Local I62
Tuncurry 2 Norfolk Island Pines Road frontage near 18-22 Manning Street Road reserve; near SP 19711 and SP 69922 Local I116
Tuncurry Rotunda--including barbecue area Point Road Part of Reserve No 88846; Lot 7309, DP 1130452 Local I118
Tuncurry Tuncurry House 143 South Street Lot 2, DP 619110 Local I63
Tuncurry 6 Canary Island Date Palms Taree Street--road frontage near Tokelau Road reserve Local I115
Weismantels Former Weismantels' Inn 1716 The Bucketts Way Lot 4, DP 803291 Local I64

Part 2 - Heritage conservation areas

Description Identification on Heritage Map Significance
Bulahdelah Conservation Area Shown edged red with red hatching and labelled "C1" Local
Bulahdelah Mountain Conservation Area Shown edged red with red hatching and labelled "C2" Local
Carrington Conservation Area Shown edged red with red hatching and labelled "C3" Local
Nabiac Conservation Area Shown edged red with red hatching and labelled "C4" Local
Stroud Conservation Area Shown edged red with red hatching and labelled "C5" Local
Tea Gardens Conservation Area Shown edged red with red hatching and labelled "C6" Local
Tuncurry Conservation Area Shown edged red with red hatching and labelled "C7" Local

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