New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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ROAD RULES 2014 - REG 264

Wearing of seatbelts by drivers

264 Wearing of seatbelts by drivers

(1) The driver of a motor vehicle that is moving, or is stationary but not parked, must comply with this rule if the driver's seating position is fitted with an approved seatbelt.
Maximum penalty: 20 penalty units.
Note :
"Driver" is defined in rule 16, and
"motor vehicle" and
"park" are defined in the Dictionary.
(2) The driver must wear the seatbelt properly adjusted and fastened unless the driver is:
(a) reversing the vehicle, or
(b) exempt from wearing a seatbelt under rule 267.
Note : Rule 267 provides exemptions from wearing seatbelts.
(2-1) This rule does not apply to the driver of a motor vehicle (other than a motor bike) who is the holder of a learner licence or a provisional P1 or P2 licence.
Note 1 :
"Approved seatbelt" ,
"motor bike" ,
"motor vehicle" ,
"provisional P1 licence" and
"provisional P2 licence" are defined in the Dictionary, and
"learner licence" is defined in the Act.
Note 2 : Rule 267-1 provides for the use of seatbelts and other restraints by drivers of motor vehicles (other than motor bikes) who are holders of learner licences or provisional P1 or P2 licences and their passengers.
Note 3 : This subrule is an additional NSW subrule. There is no corresponding subrule in rule 264 of the Australian Road Rules .

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