New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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ROAD RULES 2014 - REG 309

Exemption for drivers of trams etc

309 Exemption for drivers of trams etc

(1) The following provisions do not apply to the driver of a tram, the driver of a tram recovery vehicle engaged in accessing or recovering a disabled tram, or the driver of a public bus travelling along tram tracks:
• Part 4 (Making turns), Division 1 (Left turns at intersections)
• rule 88 (Left turn signs)
• rule 89 (Right turn signs)
• rule 90 (No turns signs)
• rule 91 (No left turn and no right turn signs)
• rule 92 (Traffic lane arrows)
• rule 99 (Keep left and keep right signs)
• rule 100 (No entry signs)
• Part 9 (Roundabouts)
• Part 11 (Keeping left, overtaking and other driving rules), Divisions 2 (Keeping to the left), 3 (Overtaking), and 7 (Passing trams and safety zones)
• Part 12 (Restrictions on stopping and parking).
Note :
"Public bus" ,
"tram" ,
"tram recovery vehicle" and
"travelling along tram tracks" are defined in the Dictionary.
(1-1) Without limiting subrule (1), any provision of these Rules with which a driver of a tram could not reasonably comply (having regard to the fixed tram tracks on which a tram travels, the route taken by those tracks and other exigencies of that method of travel) is taken not to apply to the driver.
Note : This subrule is an additional NSW subrule. There is no corresponding subrule in rule 309 of the Australian Road Rules .

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