New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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SCHEDULE 16 – Matters to be included in emergency plan for major hazard facility

(Clause 557)

1 Site and hazard detail

1.1 The location of the facility, including its street address and the nearest intersection (if any).
Note : Sufficient detail must be provided to enable a person not familiar with the site to find it.
1.2 A map--
(a) showing the site of the major hazard facility, and
(b) showing land use and occupancy in the surrounding area, and any other closely located major hazard facilities and hazardous chemical storage sites, and
(c) identifying all potentially hazardous inventories in the area that are known to the operator and the location of all staging points for emergency service organisations.
1.3 An inventory of all hazardous chemicals present or likely to be present at the facility, and their location.
1.4 A brief description of the nature of the facility and its operation.
1.5 The maximum number of persons, including workers, likely to be present at the facility on a normal working day.
1.6 The emergency planning assumptions, including emergency measures planned for identified incidents and likely areas affected.
1.7 The protective resources available to control an incident.
1.8 The emergency response procedures.
1.9 The infrastructure (on-site and off-site) likely to be affected by a major incident.

2 Command structure and site personnel

2.1 The command philosophy and structure to be activated in an emergency, so that it is clear what actions will be taken, who will take these actions and how, when and where they will be taken.
2.2 Details of the person who can clarify the content of the emergency plan if necessary.
2.3 The contact details of, and the means of contacting, the persons at the facility responsible for liaising with emergency service organisations.
2.4 A list of 24 hour emergency contacts.
2.5 Arrangements for assisting emergency service organisations and nearby facilities with control actions taken in the surrounding area.

3 Notifications

3.1 In the event of the occurrence of a major incident or an event that could reasonably be expected to lead to a major incident, procedures for notifying the emergency service organisations with which the emergency plan was prepared under clause 557.
3.2 After a major incident has occurred, procedures for providing the local community and the local authority for the local authority area in which the facility and the surrounding area are located with information about the major incident under clause 573.
3.3 On-site and off-site warning systems.
3.4 Contact details for emergency service organisations and other support services that can assist in providing resources and implementing evacuation plans in the event of a major incident.
3.5 On-site communication systems.

4 Resources and equipment

4.1 On-site emergency resources, including emergency equipment, personnel, gas detectors, wind velocity detectors, sand, lime, neutralising agents, absorbents, spill bins and decontamination equipment.
4.2 Off-site emergency resources, including arrangements for obtaining additional external resources (specific to the likely major incidents) to assist the control of major incidents and major incident hazards.

5 Procedures

5.1 Procedures for the safe evacuation of, and accounting for, all people on site.
5.2 Procedures and control points for utilities, including gas, water and electricity.
5.3 Procedures for the control of any incident involving Schedule 15 chemicals.
5.4 Procedures for decontamination following an incident involving Schedule 15 chemicals.

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