Northern Territory Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Repeal  
   3A.     Objects  
   4.      Definitions  
   4A.     Limitation to application of Act  
   5.      Delegation by Minister  


   6.      Racing Commission  
   7.      Composition of Commission  
   8.      Certain persons not qualified for appointment  
   9.      Duties of Chairperson  
   10.     Tenure of office  
   11.     Resignation of members  
   12.     Dismissal of members  
   13.     Leave of absence  
   14.     Meetings  
   15.     Protection of members, &c.  
   16.     Deputies of members  
   16A.    Disclosure of interest  
   16B.    Delegation  


   17.     Functions of Commission  
   18.     Powers of Commission  
   19.     Control by Minister  
   20.     Inspection of certain premises  
   22.     Appointment of betting inspectors  


           Division 1--General application

   23.     Application of Rules of Racing, &c.  
   24.     Licences and permits  
   25.     Criminal history checks  
   26.     Costs of investigation of application  
   28.     Reports and books of account  
   31.     Approval of days for race meetings  
   32.     Days for meetings etc.  
   33.     Time of commencement of meetings  
   34.     Postponement, &c., of meeting  
   35.     Betting may continue at postponed, &c., meeting  
   36.     Trials  
   37.     Licence for racing venue  

           Division 2--Dissolution of registered clubs

   38.     Dissolution of registered club  
   39.     Recovery by control body  
   40.     Notification to Commission  
   41.     Control body may appoint administrator  

           Division 3--Horse-racing

   42.     Principal clubs  
   43.     Functions of principal clubs  
   44.     Powers of principal club  
   45.     Delegation by principal club  
   46.     Registration of race clubs  
   47.     Review by principal clubs  
   48.     Duties of race clubs  
   48A.    Agreements with licensees under Totalisator Licensing and Regulation Act 2000  

           Division 4--Trotting clubs

   49.     Definition  
   50.     Control of trotting  
   51.     Functions of Commission in relation to trotting  
   52.     Powers of Commission in relation to trotting  
   53.     Registration of trotting clubs  
   54.     Charges payable to Commission  
   55.     Duties of trotting club  

           Division 5--Greyhound clubs

   56.     Functions, &c. of Commission in relation to greyhound-racing  
   57.     Power of Commission in relation to greyhound-racing  
   58.     Registration of greyhound clubs  
   59.     Charges payable to Commission  
   60.     Duties of greyhound clubs  
   65.     Unlawful racing  
   66.     Occupier permitting unlawful racing  
   67.     Advertising, &c., unlawful racing  
   68.     Presence at unlawful racing  
   69.     Removal of persons  


           Division 1--Preliminary matters

   69A.    Interpretation  

           Division 2--Approval to use NT sports information

   69B.    Application for approval to use NT sports information  
   69C.    Approval to use NT sports information  
   69D.    Variation of conditions  
   69E.    Cancellation of approval  
   69F.    Use of NT sports information with no approval or contravening condition of approval  

           Division 3--Review

   69G.    Internally reviewable decisions  
   69H.    Application for internal review  
   69J.    Effect of application on internally reviewable decision  
   69K.    Chief Executive Officer to consider application  
   69L.    Conducting and determining review  
   69M.    Decision notice  
   69N.    Review by Tribunal  


           Division 1--General

   70.     Licensing of bookmakers, &c.  
   71.     Person to whom licences or permits under this Part may not be granted  
   72.     Security may be required  
   73.     Supply and control of betting tickets  
   73A.    Commission to determine purchase price  
   74.     Bookmakers to issue betting tickets  
   75.     Supply and control of betting sheets  
   76.     Bookmakers to account for records  
   77.     Bookmakers to record all bets on approved betting sheets  
   78.     Supervision of bookmakers  
   79.     Offences by bookmakers  
   80.     Suspension or cancellation of licence or permit  
   81.     Licensed or registered bookmakers not to do certain things  
   82.     Special betting permitted  
   83.     Commission may make rules  
   85.     Legal proceedings in respect of bets  
   87.     Liability of bookmakers' employees  
   88A.    Licence and permit not transferable  

           Division 2--Sports bookmakers

   89.     Applications for licences  
   89A.    Licensing under this Part of person holding licence under Totalisator Licensing and Regulation Act 2000  
   90.     Commission may grant licence  
   91.     Renewal of licences  
   92.     Variation etc. of licences  
   93.     Special permit  
   96.     Power to exclude or remove persons from licensed premises  
   97.     Approval of sports bookmaker's agent  

           Division 3--Registered bookmakers

   100.    Control by control bodies and clubs over registered bookmakers  
   102.    Registered bookmakers  
   102B.   Renewal of licences  

           Division 4--Key employees

   103.    Licensing of key employees  
   104.    Remote clerks  
   105.    Suspension of licence  

           Division 5--Bookmaker tax

   106.    Bookmaker's liability to pay tax  
   107.    Bookmaker's obligation to lodge returns  
   108.    Procedure for payments and returns  
   109.    Suspension of licence or permit  


           Division 1--Definitions

   109A.   Definitions  

           Division 2--Betting exchange licences

   109B.   Application for betting exchange licence  
   109C.   Commission may grant betting exchange licence  
   109D.   Persons to whom betting exchange licence must not be granted  
   109E.   Licensed premises and conditions  
   109F.   Endorsements  
   109G.   Renewal of betting exchange licence  
   109H.   Variation of betting exchange licence or conditions  

           Division 3--Employees and betting exchange agent

   109J.   Key positions and key employee licence  
   109K.   Offences in relation to employees  
   109L.   Person may act for betting exchange operator  
   109M.   Liability of betting exchange operator for employees and betting exchange agent  

           Division 4--Matters relating to operating a betting exchange

   109N.   Operator of betting exchange must be licensed  
   109P.   Security must be given to Commission  
   109Q.   Issue of betting receipt  
   109R.   Audit log of bets  
   109S.   Betting exchange operator to account for records  
   109T.   Supervision of betting exchange operators  
   109U.   Prohibited conduct  
   109V.   Discipline of betting exchange operator and cancellation of licence  
   109W.   Business arrangements to be approved by Commission  
   109X.   Commission may make rules  
   109Y.   Legal proceedings in respect of bets  

           Division 5--Betting exchange tax

   109Z.   Liability to pay tax  
   109ZA.  Lodgement of returns  
   109ZB.  Procedure for payments and returns  
   109ZC.  Suspension of licence  


   110.    Applications for licences  
   111.    Totalizator licences  
   112.    Conditions of use of totalizators  
   113.    Remote control of totalizator  
   114.    Application of revenue from totalizators  
   115.    Recovery of dividends  
   116.    Dividends Adjustment Fund  
   117.    Returns of moneys received through totalizators  
   119.    Commission may assume control of totalizator  
   119AA.  Licence not transferable  


   119A.   Right to appeal to Local Court  
   119B.   Stay of operation of decisions  
   119C.   Powers of Local Court on appeal  


   120.    Totalizator inspectors  


   124.    Unlawful use of totalizator  
   132.    Betting with person under 18 years prohibited  
   133.    Money stolen, &c., paid in bets recoverable  
   134.    False pretences  
   135.    Betting contracts  
   136.    Powers of betting inspectors  
   137.    Special powers relating to searches, &c.  
   138.    Not necessary to prove that person found betting for money, &c.  
   139.    Effect of discovery of instruments of betting  
   140.    Evidence that place used for unlawful betting  
   141.    Act not to extend to stakes payable to winner of lawful game or race  


   142.    Offences by clubs, &c.  
   143.    Evidence as to offences  
   144.    Reasonable suspicion sufficient  
   145.    Forfeiture  
   145A.   Regulatory offences  


           Division 1--Preliminary

   145B.   Definitions  
   145C.   Appeal procedures under rules to no longer apply  

           Division 2--Commencement of appeals

   145D.   Commencement of appeals  

           Division 3--Appeals to appeal committee

   145E.   Procedure on appeal to appeal committee  

           Division 4--Racing Appeals Tribunal

   145F.   Racing Appeals Tribunal  
   145G.   Chairman and Deputy Chairman  
   145H.   Delegation by Chairman  
   145J.   Panel  
   145K.   Term of appointment  
   145M.   Resignation of office  
   145N.   Secretary of Tribunal  
   145P.   Protection of Chairman and members  

           Division 5--Appeals to Tribunal

   145Q.   Procedure on commencement of appeal  
   145R.   Appointment of members  
   145S.   Hearing of appeals  
   145T.   Expedited hearing  
   145U.   Appeal not to be withdrawn  
   145W.   Stay of proceedings  
   145Y.   Appearance before Tribunal  
   145Z.   Evidence  
   145ZA.  Power to call witnesses  
   145ZB.  Legal representation  
   145ZC.  Default of appearance by appellant  
   145ZD.  Costs  
   145ZE.  Powers of Tribunal  
   145ZF.  Determination to be final  
   145ZG.  Notification of determination  


   146.    Hindering inspectors  
   146A.   Misleading information in application, return etc.  
   146B.   Orders forbidding impoverished persons to bet  
   147.    Time for commencing proceedings  
   148.    Regulations  
   148A.    Codes of practices  


   149.    Definitions  
   150.    Racing and Gaming Commission  
   151.    Licences  
   152.    Days for racing  
   153.    Registered clubs  
   154.    Inspectors  
   155.    Fund  
   156.    Savings of regulations, &c.  


           Division 1--Racing and Betting Amendment Act 2009

   157.    Definition  
   158.    Application  
   159.    Transitional provision – bookmaker tax  
   160.    Transitional provision – turnover tax  

           Division 2--Licensing (Director-General) Act 2014

   161.    Definitions  
   162.    Application under section 89A – not yet considered  
   163.    Application under section 89A – under active consideration  
   164.    Active consideration  
   165.    Continuation of ongoing documents and things  

           Division 3--Racing and Betting Legislation Amendment Act 2016

   166.    Definition  
   167.    Principal clubs  
   168.    No offence if agreement in place  

           Division 4--Transitional matters for Licensing (Director-General) Repeal Act 2020

   169.    Definitions  
   170.    Applications to be decided by Director  
   171.    Continuation of instruments, appointments, documents etc.  

           Division 5--Transitional matters for Financial Integrity and Revenue Legislation Amendment Act 2021

   172.    Transitional matters for Financial Integrity and Revenue Legislation Amendment Act 2021  

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