Northern Territory Consolidated Acts

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Evidence that place used for unlawful betting


        (a)     a member of the Police Force is wilfully prevented from or is obstructed or delayed in entering a place on or in which he has reasonable grounds for suspecting unlawful betting is, has been or is about to be carried on or any part of that place;

        (b)     an external or internal door of, or means of access to, such place is found to be fitted or provided with a bolt, bar, chain or means or contrivance for the purpose of preventing, delaying or obstructing the entry into the place or a part of the place, of a member of the Police Force or for giving an alarm in case of that entry; or

        (c)     such a place is found fitted or provided with a means or contrivance for concealing, removing or destroying an instrument of betting,

it shall be prima facie evidence that the place is used for unlawful betting, and that the persons found therein were betting unlawfully.

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