Northern Territory Consolidated Acts

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Powers of Commission in relation to trotting

    (1)     Subject to this Act, the Commission has power to do all things that are necessary or convenient to be done for or in connection with or incidental to the performance of its functions and the exercise of its powers in relation to trotting.

    (2)     Without limiting the generality of subsection (1), where it assumes control of trotting, the Commission may:

        (a)     make, amend or repeal the Rules of Trotting; and

        (b)     allocate to trotting clubs the dates and times on and at which they may hold trotting meetings; and

        (c)     investigate and report upon proposals for the construction of new paceways or for the alteration or renovation of existing paceways and supervise the construction of new paceways or alterations or renovations to existing paceways; and

        (d)     register or license or refuse to register or license, or cancel or suspend the registration or licence of, a trotting club or an owner, trainer, driver, bookmaker, key employee or other person associated with trotting, or disqualify or suspend any of those persons permanently or for a specified period; and

        (e)     supervise the activities of trotting clubs, persons licensed by the Commission and all other persons engaged in or associated with trotting; and

        (f)     direct and supervise the lawful dissolution of a trotting club that ceases to be registered; and

        (g)     subject to the approval of the Minister, appoint an administrator to conduct the affairs of a trotting club; and

        (h)     register and identify trotting horses; and

        (j)     disqualify a trotting horse from participating in a race; and

        (k)     exclude from participating in a race a trotting horse not registered under the Rules of Trotting; and

        (m)     prohibit a person from attending at or taking part in a trotting meeting; and

        (n)     impose a penalty on a person licensed by it or on an owner of a trotting horse for breaches of the Rules of Trotting; and

        (p)     impose fees for registration of a trotting club, person or trotting horse; and

        (q)     require trotting clubs to pay to it such charges as are in its opinion required for providing services to trotting clubs; and

        (r)     consult, join, affiliate and maintain liaison with other associations or bodies, whether in the Territory or elsewhere, concerned with the breeding or racing of trotting horses; and

        (s)     give such directions to a trotting club in relation to its paceway and its affairs as the Commission thinks fit for the advancement of trotting; and

        (t)     where it thinks fit, order that an audit of the books and accounts of a trotting club be conducted by an auditor nominated by the Commission; and

        (u)     scrutinize the constitutions of trotting clubs to ensure that they conform with this Act and the Rules of Trotting and that they clearly and concisely express the needs and desires of the clubs concerned and of trotting generally; and

        (w)     undertake research and make investigations into all aspects of the breeding of trotting horses and of trotting generally.

    (3)     The Rules of Trotting shall, to the extent necessary to give effect to this section, be read subject to this section.

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