Northern Territory Consolidated Acts

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Bookmakers to record all bets on approved betting sheets

    (1)     A bookmaker, in respect of each bet made by him or on his behalf, shall enter or cause to be entered on all copies of the approved form of betting sheet or in, on or through such other form approved under section 75(2) by the Commission, immediately upon the making of that bet and before the making of any other record or note of that bet whether in writing or in any other manner, complete, accurate and legible particulars of that bet as prescribed and shall keep so entered all such particulars of that bet.

    (2)     A bookmaker, in respect of each bet made by him or on his behalf, shall retain all records referred to in this section for a period of not less than 3 years from the date on which they were made or such longer period as is prescribed.

    (3)     A bookmaker shall, when required to do so by the Commission, furnish to the Commission a duplicate copy of each betting sheet used by him.

    (4)     A bookmaker shall, on demand made orally or in writing by the Commission, a betting inspector or a person authorized by the Commission, produce and deliver for inspection all such records and any item of recording equipment or any other equipment, device or thing as are demanded and shall allow such records, recording equipment or other equipment, device or thing to be inspected or investigated by the Commission, betting inspector or authorized person in such manner as it or he thinks fit.

    (5)     A bookmaker shall comply with such further requirements for the recording of bets made by him or on his behalf as are prescribed.

    (6)     A person who contravenes or fails to comply with this section is guilty of an offence.

Maximum penalty:     For a first offence – 40 penalty units.

    For a second offence – 85 penalty units.

    For a third or subsequent offence – 125 penalty units.

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