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Court may restrain unlawful stalking

359F Court may restrain unlawful stalking

(1) This section applies on the hearing before a court of a charge against a person of unlawful stalking.
(2) Whether the person is found guilty or not guilty or the prosecution ends in another way, if the presiding judge or magistrate considers it desirable, the judge or magistrate may constitute the court to consider whether a restraining order should be made against the person.
(3) The judge or magistrate may act under subsection (2) on application by the Crown or an interested person or on the judge’s or magistrate’s own initiative.
(4) Also, if the restraining order proceeding is started before the Supreme Court or the District Court, the court may order the proceeding to be transferred to a Magistrates Court.
(5) If a court makes an order under subsection (4) , the registrar of the court must send to the clerk of the relevant Magistrates Court a copy of the order and the record of proceedings of the hearing of the charge and any application mentioned in subsection (3) .
(6) The court hearing the restraining order proceeding may make a restraining order against the person in relation to any person or any property if it considers it desirable to do so having regard to the evidence given at the hearing of the charge and any application under subsection (3) and any further evidence the court may admit.
(7) A restraining order may be varied or revoked at any time by the court, and, if the order provides, by another court.
(8) A person who knowingly contravenes a restraining order commits an offence.
Maximum penalty—40 penalty units or 1 year’s imprisonment.
(9) A restraining order may be made against a person whether or not another order is made against the person in the proceeding for the charge.
(10) A restraining order proceeding is not a criminal proceeding.
(11) A question of fact for a decision under subsection (2) and in a restraining order proceeding must be decided on the balance of probabilities.
(12) In this section—

"charge" means the charge of unlawful stalking mentioned in subsection (1) .

"restraining order" against a person means any order considered appropriate for the purpose of prohibiting particular conduct, including, for example, contact for a stated period by the person with a stated person or the property of a stated person.

"restraining order proceeding" means a proceeding started under subsection (2) .

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