Queensland Consolidated Acts

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4 Definitions

In this Act—

"appropriate police office" , in relation to a proposed public assembly, means a police office in the police district in which the assembly is to be held;

"assembly notice" means a notice of intention to hold a public assembly mentioned in section 7 ;

"clerk" , in relation to a local authority, includes a town clerk;

"Commissioner" means the Commissioner of the Police Service within the meaning of the Police Service Administration Act 1990 ;

"mediation session" has the meaning given by section 1 .3 of the Dispute Resolution Centres Act 1990 ;

"organiser" , in relation to a public assembly for which an assembly notice has been given, means the person specified in the notice as the person responsible for organising and conducting the assembly;

"place of assembly" , in relation to an assembly that is a procession, includes a place at or through which it is proposed the assembly will stop or pass;

"police district" means a district established by the Commissioner for the efficient and proper administration, management and functioning of the Police Service;

"police office" means a place in relation to which a declaration declaring the place to be a police establishment or police station is in force under section 10 .10 of the Police Service Administration Act 1990 ;

"public assembly" means an assembly held in a public place, whether or not the assembly is at a particular place or moving;

"public place" includes—

(a) a road; and
(b) a place open to or used by the public as of right; and
(c) a place for the time being open to or used by the public, whether or not—
(i) the place is ordinarily open to or used by the public; or
(ii) by the express or implied consent of the owner or occupier; or
(iii) on payment of money;

"representative" means—
(a) in relation to the Commissioner—a police officer nominated by the Commissioner; or
(b) in relation to a local authority—an officer of the local authority nominated by it;

"road" has the meaning given by the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 .

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