Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Helping the tribunal

111 Helping the tribunal

(1) The tribunal may—
(a) ask an assessor to give expert evidence in a proceeding; or
(b) engage an assessor to help the tribunal in a proceeding, including, for example—
(i) to help the tribunal comply with section 29 ; or
(ii) to sit with the tribunal for giving advice about the proceeding; or
(c) refer a question of fact arising in a proceeding to an assessor for the assessor to decide the question and give the tribunal a written report stating the decision and the reasons for it; or
(d) ask an assessor to give advice to the tribunal.
(2) In asking an assessor to give advice under subsection (1) (d) , the tribunal may ask the assessor to conduct an inquiry or investigation into a matter and give a written report of the assessor’s findings in the inquiry or investigation.
(3) If an assessor gives the tribunal a written report of the assessor’s decision under subsection (1) (c) , or the assessor’s findings in an inquiry or investigation under subsection (2) , the tribunal—
(a) must give a copy of the report to—
(i) each party to the proceeding; and
(ii) each other person to whom a copy of the report is required to be given under an enabling Act or the rules; and
(b) must give each party to the proceeding an opportunity to make written submissions about the report; and
(c) after considering any submissions made under paragraph (b) , may either—
(i) adopt the assessor’s decision or findings, in whole or in part; or
(ii) reject the decision or findings.

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