Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Ensuring proper understanding and regard

29 Ensuring proper understanding and regard

(1) The tribunal must take all reasonable steps to—
(a) ensure each party to a proceeding understands—
(i) the practices and procedures of the tribunal; and
(ii) the nature of assertions made in the proceeding and the legal implications of the assertions; and
(iii) any decision of the tribunal relating to the proceeding; and
(b) understand the actions, expressed views and assertions of a party to or witness in the proceeding, having regard to the party’s or witness’s age, any disability, and cultural, religious and socioeconomic background; and
(c) ensure proceedings are conducted in a way that recognises and is responsive to—
(i) cultural diversity, Aboriginal tradition and Island custom, including the needs of a party to or witness in the proceeding who is from another culture or linguistic background or is an Aboriginal person or Torres Strait Islander; and
(ii) the needs of a party to, or witness in, the proceeding who is a child or a person with impaired capacity or a physical disability.
(2) The steps that can be taken for ensuring a person understands something mentioned in subsection (1) (a) include, for example—
(a) explaining the matters to the person; or
(b) having an interpreter or other person able to communicate effectively with the person give the explanation; or
(c) supplying an explanatory note in English or another language.

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