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Notice to relocate

223 Notice to relocate

(1) The lessor may give a notice (
"notice to relocate" ) to the tenant requiring the tenant to relocate to another site in the moveable dwelling park within a stated period.
(2) The notice to relocate may be given only if the relocation is necessary—
(a) to allow the carrying out of necessary or desirable work in the park; or
(b) because of an emergency; or
(c) for health or safety reasons; or
(d) if the lessor is a home owner—because the lessor has an obligation under a site agreement to reposition the moveable dwelling.
Examples of work to which subsection (2)(a) could apply—
maintenance, repairs, upgrading and restoration
(3) The notice to relocate to another site may be given only if the other site is, as far as practicable, reasonably comparable to the site currently occupied by the tenant.
(4) The period stated in the notice must be reasonable but, in any event, for a notice given under subsection (2) (a) or (d) , must be not less than 1 month after the notice is given to the tenant.
(5) The notice to relocate must—
(a) be in writing; and
(b) identify the site to which the tenant is to relocate; and
(c) state the period within which the tenant is to relocate; and
(d) state the reasons for the relocation.
See section 283 in relation to a failure of the tenant to comply with the notice to relocate.

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