Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Provider’s obligations generally

247 Provider’s obligations generally

(1) The provider for rooming accommodation has the following obligations in relation to each resident in the rental premises
(a) to ensure the provider is not in breach of a law dealing with issues about the health or safety of persons using or entering the resident’s room or common areas;
(b) to take reasonable steps to ensure the resident
(i) always has access to the resident’s room and to bathroom and toilet facilities; and
(ii) has reasonable access to any other common areas;
(c) to take reasonable steps to ensure the security of the resident’s room and the resident’s personal property in the room;
(d) to maintain the resident’s room and common areas in a way that the room and areas remain fit for the resident to live in;
(e) to take reasonable steps to ensure the resident’s room and common areas and facilities provided in the room and areas—
(i) are kept safe and in good repair; and
(ii) subject to any agreement with the resident about cleaning the resident’s room or common areas or facilities—are kept clean;
(f) not to unreasonably restrict the resident’s guests in visiting the resident;
(g) to ensure that the times during which the provider, or an agent of the provider, is available to be contacted by the resident are reasonable, having regard to all the circumstances including the services being provided to the resident under the rooming accommodation agreement;
Under section 72 , these and other obligations under this part are taken to be included as terms of the rooming accommodation agreement.
(h) to ensure the rental premises and inclusions otherwise comply with any prescribed minimum housing standards for the rental premises or inclusions.
(2) For subsection (1) (e) (ii) , an agreement about cleaning common areas may be made only for a common area used by the resident and a minority of other residents of the provider.
Example for subsection (2)—
Four residents have individual rooms opening out onto a living area which is available for use only by those residents. The provider and the 4 residents may agree that the cleaning of the living area is to be done by the 4 residents.

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