Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Resident’s obligations generally

253 Resident’s obligations generally

A resident in rental premises has the following obligations—

(a) to use the resident’s room and common areas only or mainly as a place of residence;
(b) not to use the resident’s room or common areas for an illegal purpose;
(c) not to interfere with, and to ensure the resident’s guests do not interfere with, the reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of another resident or another resident’s appropriate use of the other resident’s room or common areas;
(d) to pay the rent when it falls due;
(e) not to keep an animal on the rental premises without the provider’s permission;
(f) not to intentionally or recklessly damage or destroy, or allow the resident’s guests to intentionally or recklessly damage or destroy, any part of the rental premises or a facility in the rental premises;
(g) to keep the resident’s room and inclusions clean, having regard to their condition at the start of the tenancy;
(h) to maintain the resident’s room in a condition that does not give rise to a fire or health hazard;
Examples of fire hazard—
1 allowing newspapers to build up in the resident’s room
2 blocking access to the resident’s room
(i) at the end of the rooming accommodation agreement, to leave the resident’s room and inclusions, as far as possible, in the same condition they were in at the start of the agreement, fair wear and tear excepted.
Under section 72 , these and other obligations under this part are taken to be included as terms of the rooming accommodation agreement.

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