Queensland Consolidated Regulations

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SCHEDULE 3 – Code setting out assessment benchmarks

1 Definitions

In this code—

"infrastructure" see the Planning Act, schedule 2 .

"planning instrument" see the Planning Act, section 8 (1) .

2 Purpose of code

The purpose of this code is to seek to ensure—

(a) a licensed brothel is compatible with the form, function and amenity of the locality in which it is located; and
(b) the safety and security of brothel staff.

3 How to comply with code

(1) The code is complied with if each performance criterion in column 1 of the table is complied with for the brothel.
(2) A performance criterion is complied with if—
(a) the acceptable solution to the performance criterion set out in column 2 opposite the criterion is complied with; or
(b) the criterion is complied with in another way.


Column 1
Performance criterion
Column 2
Acceptable solution
Car parking for clients
1 Adequate car parking is provided, or available, for brothel clients. Provide 1 car parking space on the brothel premises for each room in the brothel.
Car parking for staff
2 Adequate secure car parking is provided, or available, for brothel staff. Provide 1 car parking space on the brothel premises, that is well lit and directly accessible to an entrance to the brothel, for each 2 brothel staff members at the brothel at any 1 time.
Vehicular access
3 The brothel is safely accessed by vehicular traffic. Locate vehicular ingress and egress to allow—(a) vehicles to enter and exit the brothel premises in forward gear; and(b) if the brothel shares road access, parking areas or pedestrian areas with land used for other purposes—parking, vehicle manoeuvring and pedestrian movement for the brothel to be undertaken without adversely affecting the safety of traffic using the land.
4 External lighting for the brothel is designed to ensure the safety and security of brothel staff and brothel clients without adversely affecting the amenity of adjoining premises. Provide external lighting for the brothel that—(a) is static; and(b) has no characteristic indicating the premises are used for a brothel; and(c) facilitates surveillance; and(d) is hooded and directed downwards.
5 The sign for the brothel is compatible with the amenity of the locality. Comply with each of the following requirements—(a) only 1 sign is displayed for the brothel;(b) the surface area of the sign is not more than 1m 2;(c) the sign displays only the name of the licensee and the registered business name of the brothel;(d) the sign does not display words or images that are sexually explicit, lewd or otherwise offensive;(e) the sign is affixed to the brothel.
6 The design of the brothel discourages loitering outside the premises. Provide a reception or waiting area at the brothel for use by brothel clients.
7 The brothel premises are unobtrusive in appearance. Ensure the colours and materials for the brothel premises are unobtrusive.
8 The brothel staff and brothel clients are provided with a secure environment within the brothel premises in the vicinity of each staff or client entrance to the brothel. Locate the staff and client entrances to the brothel in positions that facilitate surveillance.
9 The client entrance to the brothel is clearly identified. Ensure the entrance to the brothel makes it clear to brothel clients which premises to enter.
Brothel siting and design
10 The brothel premises are sited and designed in a way that is compatible with the character or intended character of the locality. Comply with the requirements about the character of the locality under a planning instrument, including boundary set-back, building height and bulk, and landscaping.
11 The brothel premises are adequately serviced by infrastructure. Comply with the requirements for infrastructure under a planning instrument applying to the locality, including the requirements to connect to sewerage and water.

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