Queensland Consolidated Regulations

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Conduct of sale

278 Conduct of sale

(1) The court may appoint a party or another person to have the conduct of the sale if the court—
(a) makes an order for sale under rule 277 ; or
(b) by a judgment, orders the sale of land or personal property.
(2) The court may direct a party to join in the sale or transfer or in another matter relating to the sale.
(3) The court may permit the party or person having the conduct of the sale to sell the land in a way the party or person considers appropriate or give directions about conducting the sale.
(4) Directions given under subrule (3) may include the following—
(a) specifying the type of sale, whether by contract conditional on approval of the court, private treaty, tender or otherwise;
(b) setting a minimum or reserve price;
(c) requiring payment of the purchase price into court or to a trustee or other person;
(d) settling the particulars and conditions of sale;
(e) obtaining evidence of value;
(f) specifying the remuneration to be allowed to an auctioneer, estate agent or another person.

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