Queensland Consolidated Regulations

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Filing an order

661 Filing an order

(1) If a judge or judge’s associate, magistrate, judicial registrar or registrar writes the date and terms of an order on a file or on a document on the file, then, unless or until the order is filed, the writing is sufficient proof of the making of the order, its date and terms.
(2) An order of a court is filed in the court if a document embodying the order and the date the order was made is drawn up by a party and signed by the registrar.
See rules 969A and 975A for electronic filing of orders.
(3) An order must be filed if—
(a) the court directs it to be filed; or
(b) a party asks for it to be filed.
(4) Unless an order is filed—
(a) the order may not be enforced under chapter 19 or by other process; and
(b) no appeal may be brought against the order without the leave of the court to which the appeal would be made.
(5) However—
(a) an order appropriate on default of an earlier order may be made without the earlier order being filed; and
(b) costs payable under an order may be assessed without the order being filed.

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