Queensland Consolidated Regulations

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Application for costs assessment

710 Application for costs assessment

(1) This rule applies to a party—
(a) who has served a costs statement under rule 705 ; or
(b) on whom a costs statement under rule 705 is served.
(1A) The party may, not less than 21 days after service of the costs statement, apply for a costs assessment.
(2) The application must—
(a) be in the approved form; and
(b) be accompanied by—
(i) the costs statement; and
(ii) either—
(A) if a notice of objection has been served on the applicant—the notice of objection; or
(B) otherwise—an affidavit of service of the costs statement; and
(c) if practicable—
(i) nominate a particular costs assessor for the assessment; and
(ii) for a costs assessor other than an assessing registrar, state the applicable hourly rate of the nominated costs assessor; and
(d) if applicable, be accompanied by the nominated costs assessor’s consent to appointment to carry out the costs assessment and confirmation that, if appointed, there would be no conflict of interest.
(3) The application is returnable before the registrar.

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