Queensland Consolidated Regulations

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Enforcement of judgment

947M Enforcement of judgment

(1) A judgment creditor who wishes to enforce a registered judgment must file with the registrar—
(a) an affidavit of service of the notice of registration of the judgment; and
(b) all orders made by the court in relation to the judgment.
(2) The form of enforcement warrant used in relation to the enforcement of a registered judgment must be amended, in a way approved by the registrar, by—
(a) stating that the judgment is a registered judgment; and
(b) specifying the date of, and the amount payable under, the judgment.
(3) For subrule (2) (b) , if the registered judgment is registered in a currency other than Australian currency, the specified amount payable must be the amount payable under the registered judgment as if it were for an equivalent amount in Australian currency based on the Commonwealth Act rate of exchange.
(4) If a registered judgment is enforced, the registrar must, as soon as practicable after the return of the warrant into court, enter details of the enforcement in the register of registered judgments.
(5) In this rule—

"Commonwealth Act rate of exchange" means the rate of exchange mentioned in the Commonwealth Act , section 6 (11A) , as if the conversion day mentioned in that section were a reference to the day an application for an enforcement warrant for the amount payable under the registered judgment is filed.
See the Commonwealth Act , section 6 (7) for the effect of registration of a judgment.

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