Queensland Consolidated Regulations

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Travelling allowance

14 Travelling allowance

(1) The amount of the travelling allowance that is to be paid to a relevant person is—
(a) the amount actually and properly paid for fares for public transport; or
(b) if there is no public transport available—the amount calculated at the rate per kilometre payable under the Public Service Act 2008 to a public service employee required to use the employee’s private motor vehicle for official purposes, taken to the nearest whole cent.
(2) The relevant person is not entitled to the payment of a travelling allowance if no expense is incurred by the person in travelling to and from the court.
(3) If the relevant person travels to and from the court in a private vehicle with another relevant person, only 1 payment is to be made under subsection (1) (b) for the vehicle.
(4) If it is reasonable for the relevant person to travel to and from the court by air, the amount of the travelling allowance to be paid is—
(a) for a non-professional witness or an interpreter—the amount payable for economy class air travel by the person to and from the court; or
(b) for a professional witness or an expert—the amount payable for first class air travel by the person to and from the court.
(5) For calculating travelling allowances, in deciding whether public transport was available, regard is to be had to whether a public transport system operated by which a person could conveniently—
(a) travel to the court in reasonable time before the person’s required attendance; and
(b) return to the person’s place of employment, practice or residence after the person’s attendance at court.

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