Queensland Numbered Acts

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17 Changing plan

(1) A senior practitioner, or an authorised practitioner authorised for the purpose by a senior practitioner, may change the client's individual development plan.

(2) For changing the plan under subsection (1), section 14(2) to (5) applies as if—

(a) a reference in those provisions to preparing an individual development plan were a reference to changing an individual development plan; and
(b) a reference in those provisions to a senior practitioner included a reference to the authorised practitioner.

(3) A senior practitioner must change the client's individual development plan—

(a) to give effect to a decision or order of the tribunal or Mental Health Court; or
(b) to comply with section 22 or 73.

(4) A senior practitioner or authorised practitioner mentioned in subsection (1) who changes the client's individual development plan must—

(a) make a written record of the change and the reasons for it; and
(b) talk to the client about the change and reasons.

(5) If the client has a guardian or an informal decision-maker, a senior practitioner must also talk to the guardian or informal decision-maker, or each of those persons, as the case may be, about the change and the reasons for it.

See section 146 about complying with provisions as soon as practicable, section 147 about complying with provisions to the extent reasonably practicable and section 154 about ensuring the client understands things told or explained to the client.

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