Queensland Numbered Acts

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           Part 1--Preliminary
   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Purpose
   4.      Act binds all persons
   5.      Definitions
           Part 2--Gasfields Commission
           Division 1--Establishment, functions and powers of commission
   6.      Establishment of commission
   7.      Commission's functions
   8.      Commission's powers
           Division 2--Membership
   9.      Membership of commission
   10.     Eligibility for appointment as a commissioner
   11.     Term of appointment
   12.     Conditions of appointment
   13.     Resignation
   14.     Termination of appointment
   15.     Leave of absence
   16.     Acting chairperson
   17.     Preservation of rights
           Division 3--Disclosure of interests by commissioners
   18.     Register of interests
   19.     Disclosure of interests at commission board meetings
           Division 4--Commission board meetings
   20.     Commission board meetings
   21.     Purposes of commission board meetings
   22.     Conduct of commission board meetings
           Part 3--Particular powers of the commission
           Division 1--Powers relating to government entities
   23.     Power to require particular information from government entities
   24.     Power to require advice
   25.     Compulsory consultation
           Division 2--Powers relating to landholders, onshore gas operators and other entities
   26.     Power to require particular information from prescribed entities
           Division 3--Other
   27.     Publishing information
   28.     Advisory bodies
   29.     Gasfields community leaders council
           Part 4--Administration
   30.     General manager
   31.     Commission staff
   32.     Alternative staffing arrangements
   33.     Commission not subject to outside direction
   34.     Annual budgets and financial management policies
   35.     Annual report
   36.     Delegation
           Part 5--General offences and legal proceedings
           Division 1--General offences
   37.     False or misleading statements
   38.     False or misleading documents
   39.     Use of confidential information
           Division 2--Evidentiary provisions
   40.     Summary offences
   41.     Appointments and authority
   42.     Signatures
   43.     Other evidentiary aids
   44.     Protection from liability
   45.     Commission is a statutory body
           Part 6--Other matters
   46.     Regulation-making power
           Part 7--Amendment of Acts
           Division 1--Amendment of this Act
   47.     Act amended
   48.     Amendment of long title
           Division 2--Amendments of Commonwealth Aluminium Corporation Pty. Limited Agreement Act 1957
   49.     Act amended
   50.     Insertion of new s 4D
   51.     Insertion of new sch 4

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