Queensland Numbered Acts

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           Part 1--Introduction

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
           Part 2--Purposes and application of Act
   3.      Purposes of Act and their achievement
   4.      Facilitation of Act by Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004
   5.      Act binds all persons
   6.      Application of Act to coastal waters of the State
   7.      Relationship with Nature Conservation Act 1992
   8.      Relationship with Geothermal Act and principal mining and petroleum Acts
   9.      Act does not affect other rights or remedies
   10.     Native title
           Part 3--Interpretation
           Division 1--Dictionary
   11.     Definitions
           Division 2--Key definitions
   12.     What is a GHG stream
   13.     What is a GHG stream storage site
   14.     What is GHG stream storage
   15.     What is GHG storage exploration
   16.     What is GHG storage injection testing
   17.     What is a GHG stream pipeline
   18.     Types of authority under Act
   19.     Who is an eligible person
   20.     What are the conditions of a GHG authority
   21.     What are the provisions of a GHG authority
   22.     What is an authorised activity for a GHG authority
   23.     What is a GHG storage activity
   24.     What is a work program for a GHG permit
   25.     What is a development plan for a GHG lease
   26.     Graticulation of earth's surface into blocks and sub-blocks
           Part 4--State ownership of GHG storage reservoirs
   27.     GHG storage reservoirs the property of the State
   28.     Reservation in land grants

           Part 1--Key authorised activities

   29.     Operation of pt 1
   30.     Principal authorised activities
   31.     Incidental activities
           Part 2--Obtaining GHG permits
           Division 1--Preliminary
   32.     Operation of pt 2
           Division 2--Competitive tenders
   33.     Call for tenders
   34.     Right to tender
   35.     Requirements for making tender
   36.     Requirements for verification statement
   37.     Right to terminate call for tenders
           Division 3--Deciding tenders
   38.     Process for deciding tenders
   39.     Provisions for preferred tenderers
   40.     Deciding whether to grant GHG permit
   41.     Provisions of GHG permit
   42.     Criteria for decisions
   43.     Notice to unsuccessful tenderers
           Part 3--Area provisions
   44.     Area of GHG permit
   45.     References to sub-blocks of GHG permit
   46.     Minister's power to decide excluded land
   47.     Minister may add excluded land
   48.     Area of GHG permit reduced on grant of GHG lease
   49.     Effect of ending of declaration of potential storage area
           Part 4--Work programs
           Division 1--Function and purpose
   50.     Function and purpose
           Division 2--Requirements for proposed initial work programs
   51.     Operation of div 2
   52.     Program period
   53.     General requirements
   54.     Water issues
           Division 3--Approval of proposed initial work programs
   55.     Criteria
   56.     Verification may be required
   57.     Referral to Water Act Minister
           Division 4--Requirements for proposed later work programs
   58.     Operation of div 4
   59.     General requirements
   60.     Program period
   61.     Implementation of evaluation program for potential storage area
           Division 5--Approval of proposed later work programs
   62.     Application of div 5
   63.     GHG permit taken to have work program until decision on whether to approve proposed work program
   64.     Deciding whether to approve proposed program
   65.     Steps after, and taking effect of, decision
           Division 6--Amending work programs
   66.     Restrictions on amending work program
   67.     Applying for approval to amend
   68.     Requirements for making application
   69.     Deciding application
   70.     Steps after, and taking effect of, decision
           Part 5--Key mandatory conditions
           Division 1--Preliminary
   71.     Operation of pt 5
           Division 2--Standard relinquishment condition and related provisions
   72.     Standard relinquishment condition
   73.     Consequence of failure to comply with relinquishment condition
   74.     Part usually required to be relinquished
   75.     Sub-blocks that can not be counted towards relinquishment
   76.     Adjustments for sub-blocks that can not be counted
   77.     Adjustment for particular potential storage areas
   78.     Relinquishment must be by blocks
   79.     Ending of GHG permit if all of its area relinquished
           Division 3--Other mandatory conditions
   80.     Compliance with test plan for GHG storage injection testing
   81.     Restriction on substances that may be used for GHG storage injection testing
   82.     Restriction on substances that may be used for GHG stream storage
   83.     Restriction on GHG streams that may be used
   84.     Water Act authorisation required for taking or interference with water
   85.     Obligation to consult with particular owners and occupiers
   86.     Annual rent
   87.     Civil penalty for nonpayment of annual rent
   88.     Requirement to have work program
   89.     Compliance with GHG storage exploration activities in work program
   90.     Penalty relinquishment if work program not finished within extended period
   91.     Obligation to give proposed later work program
   92.     Consequence of failure to comply with notice to give proposed later work program
           Part 6--Renewals
   93.     Conditions for renewal application
   94.     Requirements for making application
   95.     Continuing effect of GHG permit for renewal application
   96.     Deciding application
   97.     Provisions and term of renewed GHG permit
   98.     Criteria for decisions
   99.     Information notice about refusal
   100.    When refusal takes effect
           Part 7--Potential storage areas
   101.    Applying for potential storage area
   102.    Deciding potential storage area application
   103.    Inclusion of evaluation program in work program
   104.    Term of declaration
   105.    Potential storage area still part of GHG permit
           Part 8--Provisions to facilitate transition to GHG lease
   106.    Application of pt 8
   107.    Ministerial direction to apply for GHG lease
   108.    Taking proposed action

           Part 1--Key authorised activities

   109.    Operation of pt 1
   110.    Principal authorised activities
   111.    GHG stream pipeline and water pipeline construction and operation
   112.    Incidental activities
           Part 2--Transition from GHG permit to GHG lease
           Division 1--Applying for GHG lease
   113.    Who may apply
   114.    Requirements for making permit-related application
   115.    Requirements for verification statement
   116.    Continuing effect of GHG permit for permit-related application
           Division 2--Deciding permit-related applications
   117.    Deciding whether to grant GHG lease
   118.    Requirements for grant
   119.    Exception for particular relevant arrangements
   120.    Provisions of GHG lease
   121.    Provisions about grant and conditions of GHG lease for significant project
   122.    Information notice about refusal
   123.    When refusal takes effect
           Part 3--Obtaining GHG lease by competitive tender
           Division 1--Preliminary
   124.    Operation of pt 3
           Division 2--Calls for tenders
   125.    Call for tenders
   126.    Right to tender
   127.    Right to terminate call for tenders
           Division 3--Deciding tenders
   128.    Process for deciding tenders
   129.    Provisions for preferred tenderers
   130.    Deciding whether to grant GHG lease
   131.    Provisions of GHG lease
   132.    Criteria for decisions
   133.    Notice to unsuccessful tenderers
           Part 4--Term and area provisions
   134.    Term of GHG lease
   135.    Area of GHG lease
   136.    References to sub-blocks of GHG lease
   137.    Minister's power to decide excluded land
   138.    Minister may add excluded land
           Part 5--Development plans
           Division 1--Function and purpose
   139.    Function and purpose
           Division 2--Requirements for proposed initial development plans
   140.    Operation of div 2
   141.    General requirements
   142.    Site plan
   143.    Petroleum wells to be assumed
   144.    Water issues
   145.    Monitoring and verification plan
   146.    Plan period
           Division 3--Approval of proposed initial development plans
   147.    Criteria for decision
   148.    Verification may be required
   149.    Referral to Water Act Minister
           Division 4--Requirements for proposed later development plans
   150.    Operation of div 4
   151.    General requirements
           Division 5--Approval of proposed later development plans
   152.    Application of div 5
   153.    GHG lease taken to have development plan until decision on whether to approve proposed development plan
   154.    Deciding whether to approve proposed plan
   155.    Steps after, and taking effect of, decision
           Division 6--Amending development plans
   156.    Restrictions on amendment
   157.    Applying for approval to amend
   158.    Deciding application
   159.    Steps after, and taking effect of, decision
           Part 6--Key mandatory conditions for GHG leases
   160.    Operation of pt 6
   161.    Compliance with test plan for GHG storage injection testing
   162.    Restriction on substances that may be used for GHG storage injection testing
   163.    Restriction on substances that may be used for GHG stream storage
   164.    Restriction on GHG streams that may be used
   165.    Water Act authorisation required for taking or interference with water
   166.    Obligation to consult with particular owners and occupiers
   167.    Obligation to commence GHG stream storage
   168.    Annual rent
   169.    Civil penalty for nonpayment of annual rent
   170.    Requirement to have development plan
   171.    Compliance with development plan
   172.    Obligation to give proposed later development plan
   173.    Consequence of failure to comply with notice to give proposed later development plan
           Part 7--Surrenders
   174.    When surrender is permitted
   175.    Part of GHG lease area can not be surrendered
   176.    Timing of surrender application
   177.    Requirements for making surrender application
   178.    Minister may require further report or work for surrender of GHG lease
   179.    Deciding application
   180.    Notice and taking effect of decision
   181.    Responsibility for injected GHG streams after decommissioning

           Part 1--Preliminary

   182.    Relationship with chs 2, 3 and 5
   183.    What is an overlapping authority
   184.    What is an exploration authority (non-GHG)
   185.    General provision about the power to grant GHG authorities for land subject to other authorities
           Part 2--Coordination arrangements for GHG leases
   186.    GHG coordination arrangements that may be made
   187.    Other provisions about and effect of GHG coordination arrangement
   188.    Applying for ministerial approval of proposed GHG coordination arrangement
   189.    Ministerial approval of proposed GHG coordination arrangement
   190.    Approval does not confer right to surrender or renew
   191.    Grant of pipeline licence
   192.    Amendment or cancellation by parties to arrangement
   193.    Minister's power to cancel arrangement
   194.    Cancellation does not affect relevant leases
           Part 3--Obtaining GHG lease if overlapping authority
           Division 1--Preliminary
   195.    Application of pt 3
           Division 2--Requirements for application
   196.    Requirements for making application
   197.    Content requirements for GHG statement
           Division 3--Consultation provisions
   198.    Applicant's information obligation
   199.    Submissions by overlapping authority holder
           Division 4--Resource management decision if overlapping non-geothermal authority about exploration
   200.    Application of div 4
   201.    Resource management decision
   202.    Criteria for decision
   203.    Restrictions on giving overlapping authority priority
           Division 5--Process if resource management decision is to give overlapping authority priority
   204.    Application of div 5
   205.    Notice to applicant and overlapping authority holder
   206.    Relevant lease application for all of the land
   207.    Relevant lease application for part of the land
   208.    No relevant lease application
           Division 6--Resource management decision not to grant and not to give priority
   209.    Lapsing of application
           Division 7--Deciding application
   210.    Application of div 7
   211.    Application may be refused if no reasonable prospects of GHG coordination arrangement
   212.    Additional criteria for deciding provisions of GHG lease
   213.    Publication of outcome of application
           Part 4--Priority to particular mining or petroleum lease applications
   214.    Earlier mining or petroleum lease application
   215.    Proposed mining or petroleum lease for which EIS approval given
   216.    Proposed mining or petroleum lease declared a significant project
           Part 5--GHG lease applications in response to invitation under another Act
   217.    Application of pt 5
   218.    Additional ground for refusing application
           Part 6--Additional provisions for GHG authorities
           Division 1--Restrictions on authorised activities other than for GHG leases
   219.    Overlapping mining or petroleum lease
   220.    Overlapping exploration authority (non-GHG)
   221.    Resolving disputes
           Division 2--Additional conditions
   222.    Notice of grant by particular GHG authority holders
   223.    Condition to notify particular other authority holders of proposed start of particular authorised activities
   224.    Continuance of GHG coordination arrangement after transfer
           Division 3--Restriction on Minister's power to amend GHG lease if overlapping authority
   225.    Interests of overlapping authority holder to be considered
           Part 7--Additional provisions for development plans if overlapping authority
   226.    Operation of pt 7
   227.    Statement about interests of overlapping authority holder
   228.    Consistency with overlapping authority's development plan and with any relevant coordination arrangement
   229.    Additional criteria for approval
           Part 8--Additional provisions for safety management plans
   230.    Grant of GHG lease does not affect obligation to make plan
   231.    Requirements for consultation with particular overlapping authority holders
   232.    Application of P&G Act provisions for resolving disputes about reasonableness of proposed provision

           Part 1--GHG injection and storage data acquisition authorities
           Division 1--Obtaining authority

   233.    Who may apply for GHG data acquisition authority
   234.    Requirements for making application
   235.    Deciding application
   236.    Provisions of authority
   237.    Notice of refusal
           Division 2--Provisions for GHG data acquisition authorities
   238.    Key authorised activities
   239.    Additional condition of relevant GHG tenure
   240.    Authority holder is the relevant GHG tenure holder from time to time
   241.    Authority ends if relevant GHG tenure ends
   242.    Relationship with subsequent GHG tenure
   243.    Annual rent
   244.    End of authority report for GHG data acquisition authority
           Part 2--GHG storage viability assessment
   245.    Minister's power to require GHG viability report
   246.    Required content of GHG viability report
   247.    Minister's power to obtain independent viability assessment
   248.    Costs of independent viability assessment
           Part 3--Ownership and decommissioning of GHG stream pipelines
   249.    Application of pt 3
   250.    General provision about ownership while tenure is in force for pipeline
   251.    Ownership afterwards
   252.    Obligation to decommission pipelines on cessation or reduction of tenure
           Part 4--Reporting and information provisions
           Division 1--General reporting provisions
   253.    Requirement of GHG tenure holder to report outcome of GHG storage injection testing
   254.    Monitoring reports by GHG lease holder
   255.    Relinquishment report by GHG permit holder
   256.    End of tenure report
   257.    Power to require information or reports about authorised activities to be kept or given
           Division 2--Records and samples
   258.    Requirement to keep records and samples
   259.    Requirement to give records and samples
           Division 3--Releasing required information
   260.    Meaning of required information
   261.    Public release of required information
   262.    Chief executive may use required information
           Part 5--General provisions for wells
           Division 1--Responsibility for wells
   263.    Former petroleum wells assumed by GHG tenure holder
   264.    Requirements for drilling GHG well
           Division 2--Decommissioning of wells
   265.    Application of div 2
   266.    Restriction on decommissioning well
   267.    Obligation to decommission
   268.    Right of entry to facilitate decommissioning for GHG permit
   269.    Responsibility for well after decommissioning
           Part 6--Security
   270.    Operation and purpose of pt 6
   271.    Power to require security for GHG authority
   272.    Minister's power to require additional security
   273.    Interest on security
   274.    Power to use security
   275.    Replenishment of security
   276.    Security not affected by change in authority holder
   277.    Retention of security after GHG authority ends
           Part 7--Private land
           Division 1--Preliminary
   278.    Application of pt 7
           Division 2--Requirement for entry notice for entry to private land in area of GHG authority
   279.    Requirement for entry notice to carry out authorised activities
   280.    Waiver of entry notice
   281.    Required contents of entry notice
   282.    Giving entry notice by publication
           Division 3--Requirement for further notice before carrying out authorised activities on private land
   283.    Application of div 3
   284.    Requirement to give further notice
   285.    Failure to give further notice
           Division 4--Access to private land outside area of GHG authority
           Subdivision 1--Preliminary
   286.    Application of div 4
           Subdivision 2--Access rights and access agreements
   287.    Access rights of GHG authority holder
   288.    Restriction on exercise of access rights
   289.    Owner or occupier must not unreasonably refuse to make access agreement
   290.    Principles for deciding whether access is reasonable
   291.    Provisions for access and access agreements
   292.    Access agreement binds successors and assigns
           Subdivision 3--Land Court resolution
   293.    Power of Land Court to decide access agreement
   294.    Power of Land Court to vary access agreement
   295.    Criteria for deciding access
           Division 5--Provisions for dealings or change in ownership or occupancy
   296.    Entry notice or waiver of entry notice or access agreement not affected by a dealing
   297.    Change in ownership or occupancy
           Division 6--Periodic notice after entry of land
   298.    Notice to owners and occupiers
           Division 7--Access to carry out rehabilitation and environmental management
   299.    Right of access for authorised activities includes access for rehabilitation and environmental management
           Part 8--Public land
           Division 1--Public roads
           Subdivision 1--Preliminary
   300.    Significant projects excluded from div 1
   301.    What is a notifiable road use
           Subdivision 2--Notifiable road uses
   302.    Notice of notifiable road use
   303.    Directions about notifiable road use
   304.    Obligation to comply with road use directions
           Subdivision 3--Compensation for notifiable road uses
   305.    Liability to compensate public road authority
   306.    Compensation agreement
   307.    Deciding compensation through Land Court
   308.    Criteria for decision
   309.    Land Court review of compensation
   310.    Compensation to be addressed before carrying out notifiable road use
   311.    Compensation not affected by change in administration or holder
           Division 2--Other public land
   312.    Requirement for entry notice to carry out authorised activities
   313.    Waiver of entry notice
   314.    Required contents of entry notice
   315.    Conditions public land authority may impose
           Part 9--Access to land in area of particular other authorities
   316.    Application of pt 9
   317.    Access to land in area of mining lease or petroleum lease
   318.    Access to land in area of another type of authority
           Part 10--General compensation provisions
   319.    General liability to compensate
   320.    Compensation agreement
   321.    Deciding compensation through Land Court
   322.    Land Court review of compensation
   323.    Orders Land Court may make
   324.    Compensation to be addressed before entry to private land
   325.    Compensation not affected by change in ownership or occupancy
           Part 11--Ownership of equipment and improvements
   326.    Application of pt 11
   327.    Ownership of equipment and improvements
           Part 12--General provisions for conditions and authorised activities
           Division 1--Other mandatory conditions for all GHG authorities
   328.    Operation of div 1
   329.    Obligation to prevent spread of declared pests
   330.    Requirement to consider using formed roads
   331.    Obligation to comply with Act and prescribed standards
   332.    Obligation to survey if Minister requires
   333.    Notice of petroleum discovery
           Division 2--General provisions for when authority ends or area reduced
   334.    Obligation to remove equipment and improvements
   335.    Authorisation to enter to facilitate compliance
           Division 3--Provisions for authorised activities
   336.    Authorised activities may be carried out despite rights of owner or occupier
   337.    General restrictions on right to carry out authorised activity
   338.    Who may carry out authorised activity for GHG authority holder
           Part 13--GHG register
   339.    GHG register
   340.    Keeping of register
   341.    Access to register
   342.    Arrangements with other departments for copies from GHG register
   343.    Supply of statistical data from GHG register
   344.    Chief executive may correct register
           Part 14--Dealings
           Division 1--Preliminary
   345.    What is a dealing with a GHG authority
   346.    Prohibited dealings
   347.    What is a third party transfer
           Division 2--Registration of dealings generally
   348.    Registration required for all dealings
   349.    Approval requirement for third party transfer
   350.    Obtaining registration other than third party transfer
   351.    Effect of approval and registration
           Division 3--Approval and registration of third party transfers
   352.    Applying for approval
   353.    Deciding application
   354.    Security may be required
   355.    Information notice about refusal
           Part 15--Enforcement of end of authority and area reduction obligations
   356.    Power of authorised person to ensure compliance
   357.    Requirements for entry to ensure compliance
   358.    Duty to avoid damage in exercising remedial powers
   359.    Notice of damage because of exercise of remedial powers
   360.    Compensation for exercise of remedial powers
   361.    Ownership of thing removed in exercise of remedial powers
   362.    Recovery of costs of and compensation for exercise of remedial power
           Part 16--Dealing with serious situations
   363.    What is a serious situation
   364.    Minister's power to give direction
   365.    Requirements for giving serious situation direction
   366.    Failure to comply with serious situation direction
   367.    Serious situation direction applies despite other instruments
   368.    Powers under P&G Act not affected
           Part 17--Miscellaneous provisions
   369.    GHG authority does not create an interest in land
   370.    Joint holders of a GHG authority
   371.    Minister's power to ensure compliance by GHG authority holder
   372.    Interest on amounts owing to the State
   373.    Recovery of unpaid amounts
   374.    Power to correct or amend authority
   375.    Replacement of instrument for GHG authority
   376.    Joint and several liability for conditions and for debts to State
   377.    Notice of authority holder's agents

           Part 1--Noncompliance action for GHG authorities
           Division 1--Preliminary

   378.    Operation of div 1
           Division 2--Noncompliance action by Minister
   379.    Types of noncompliance action that may be taken
   380.    When noncompliance action may be taken
           Division 3--Procedure for noncompliance action
   381.    Notice of proposed noncompliance action other than immediate suspension
   382.    Considering submissions
   383.    Decision on proposed noncompliance action
   384.    Notice and taking effect of decision
   385.    Consequence of failure to comply with relinquishment requirement
           Part 2--General offences
           Division 1--Restrictions relating to GHG storage activities
   386.    Restriction on GHG storage activities
   387.    GHG tenure holder's measurement obligations
   388.    Duty to avoid interference in carrying out GHG storage activities
           Division 2--Interference with authorised activities
   389.    Obstruction of GHG authority holder
   390.    Restriction on building on pipeline land for GHG tenure
   391.    Restriction on changing surface of pipeline land for a GHG tenure
           Division 3--Other offences
   392.    False or misleading information
   393.    Executive officers must ensure corporation does not commit particular offences
   394.    Attempts to commit offences
           Part 3--Appeals
   395.    Who may appeal
   396.    Period to appeal
   397.    Starting appeal
   398.    Stay of operation of decision
   399.    Hearing procedures
   400.    Land Court's powers on appeal
   401.    Restriction on Land Court's powers for decision not to grant GHG lease
   402.    Appeals from Land Court's decision
           Part 4--Evidence and legal proceedings
           Division 1--Evidentiary provisions
   403.    Application of div 1
   404.    Authority
   405.    Signatures
   406.    Other evidentiary aids
           Division 2--Offence proceedings
   407.    Offences under Act are summary
   408.    Statement of complainant's knowledge
   409.    Conduct of representatives
   410.    Additional orders that may be made on conviction

           Part 1--Applications, lodging documents and making submissions

   411.    Place for making applications, lodging documents or making submissions
   412.    Substantial compliance with application requirements may be accepted
   413.    Additional information may be required about application
   414.    Particular criteria generally not exhaustive
   415.    Particular grounds for refusal generally not exhaustive
   416.    Amending applications
   417.    Withdrawal of application
   418.    Minister's power to refund application fee
           Part 2--Other miscellaneous provisions
   419.    General public interest criteria for ministerial decisions
   420.    Provision for entry by State to carry out authority-related activity
   421.    Name and address for service
   422.    Additional information about reports and other matters
   423.    References to right to enter
   424.    Application of provisions
   425.    Protection from liability for particular persons
   426.    Delegation by Minister or chief executive
   427.    Ministerial directions about the giving of information
   428.    Approved forms
   429.    Regulation-making power


   430.    Definitions for ch 8
   431.    Conversion of Zerogen's P&G Act ATPs
   432.    New GHG permit for Zerogen
   433.    Authorised activities under Zerogen GHG permits may start from assent
   434.    Deciding provisions of new GHG permit
   435.    Test plan for new GHG permit
   436.    Functions under chapter may be performed before assent

           Part 1--Amendment of Aboriginal Land Act 1991

   437.    Act amended in pt 1
   438.    Amendment of s 41 (Provision about resumption of transferred land etc.)
   439.    Amendment of s 78 (Provision about resumption of granted land etc.)
           Part 2--Amendment of Coastal Protection and Management Act 1995
   440.    Act amended in pt 2
   441.    Amendment of schedule (Dictionary)
           Part 3--Amendment of Dangerous Goods Safety Management Act 2001
   442.    Act amended in pt 3
   443.    Amendment of s 3 (Application of Act)
           Part 4--Amendment of Duties Act 2001
   444.    Act amended in pt 4
   445.    Amendment of s 137 (Exemption—mining and petroleum legislation)
           Part 5--Amendment of Electrical Safety Act 2002
   446.    Act amended in pt 5
   447.    Amendment of s 6 (Application of Act to mines and petroleum plant)
           Part 6--Amendment of Electricity Act 1994
   448.    Act amended in pt 6
   449.    Amendment of s 40H (Contracting out of s 40E, 40G(a) or (b) or 97)
   450.    Amendment of s 53 (Making or amending terms of standard large customer or street lighting customer retail contract)
   451.    Amendment of ch 5A, pt 1, div 2, hdg (Definitions for ch 5A)
   452.    Amendment of ch 5A, pt 8, div 4, hdg (General offences for ch 5A)
           Part 7--Amendment of Environmental Protection Act 1994
   453.    Act amended in pt 7
   454.    Replacement of s 18 (Meaning of environmentally relevant activity)
   455.    Amendment of s 19 (Environmentally relevant activity may be prescribed)
   456.    Amendment of s 37 (When EIS process applies)
   457.    Amendment of s 38 (Who is an affected person for a project)
   458.    Amendment of ch 4 hdg (Development approvals and registration (other than for mining or petroleum activities))
   459.    Omission of ch 4A (Environmental authorities for petroleum activities)
   460.    Insertion of new ch 5A
   461.    Amendment of s 316 (Annual fee and return)
   462.    Amendment of s 318A (Changing anniversary day)
   463.    Amendment of s 367 (Claims on financial assurances)
   464.    Replacement of s 426A (Environmental authority required for petroleum activity)
   465.    Amendment of s 430 (Contravention of condition of environmental authority)
   466.    Amendment of s 452 (Entry of place—general)
   467.    Amendment of s 520 (Dissatisfied person)
   468.    Amendment of s 540 (Required registers)
   469.    Amendment of s 579 (Compensation)
   470.    Insertion of new ch 13, pt 11
   471.    Amendment of sch 2 (Original decisions)
   472.    Amendment of sch 4 (Dictionary)
           Part 8--Amendment of Fire and Rescue Service Act 1990
   473.    Act amended in pt 8
   474.    Amendment of s 95 (Application of part)
           Part 9--Amendment of Foreign Ownership of Land Register Act 1988
   475.    Act amended in pt 9
   476.    Amendment of s 4 (Interpretation)
           Part 10--Amendment of Forestry Act 1959
   477.    Act amended in pt 10
   478.    Amendment of s 37 (Mining leases over State forest, timber reserve or forest entitlement area)
   479.    Amendment of s 39 (Interfering with forest products on State forests etc.)
   480.    Amendment of s 44 (Construction of other Acts etc.)
   481.    Amendment of s 45 (Forest products etc. which are the property of the Crown)
   482.    Amendment of s 47 (Sale of forests products on Crown holdings or mining leases etc.)
   483.    Amendment of s 53 (Interference with forest products on Crown holdings and mining leases)
   484.    Amendment of sch 3 (Dictionary)
           Part 11--Amendment of Geothermal Exploration Act 2004
   485.    Act amended in pt 11
   486.    Insertion of new s 7A
   487.    Amendment of s 12 (Geothermal energy reservation in land grants)
   488.    Insertion of new s 12A
   489.    Amendment of s 13 (Prohibition on geothermal exploration without permit)
   490.    Insertion of new ch 4, pt 5
   491.    Insertion of new s 136A
   492.    Amendment of schedule (Dictionary)
           Part 12--Amendment of Integrated Planning Act 1997
   493.    Act amended in pt 12
   494.    Amendment of s 1.3.5 (Definitions for terms used in development)
   495.    Amendment of s 5.1.7 (Infrastructure charges)
   496.    Amendment of s 5.1.17 (Regulated infrastructure charges)
   497.    Amendment of sch 8 (Assessable development and self-assessable development)
   498.    Amendment of sch 9 (Development that is exempt from assessment against a planning scheme)
   499.    Amendment of sch 10 (Dictionary)
           Part 13--Amendment of Land Act 1994
   500.    Act amended in pt 13
   501.    Amendment of s 20 (Dealing with mining interests)
   502.    Amendment of s 43 (Only Parliament may delete land from or cancel an existing deed of grant in trust)
           Part 14--Amendment of Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002
   503.    Act amended in pt 14
   504.    Amendment of sch 3 (Dictionary)
           Part 15--Amendment of Land Title Act 1994
   505.    Act amended in pt 15
   506.    Amendment of s 185 (Exceptions to s 184)
           Part 16--Amendment of Local Government Act 1993
   507.    Act amended in pt 16
   508.    Amendment of s 4 (Meaning of owner of land)
           Part 17--Amendment of Mineral Resources Act 1989
   509.    Act amended in pt 17
   510.    Insertion of new s 3B
   511.    Insertion of new pt 7AAC
   512.    Amendment of s 403 (Offences regarding land subject to mining claim or mining lease)
   513.    Insertion of new s 764A
   514.    Amendment of pt 19, div 10 hdg (Transitional provision for Clean Energy Act 2008)
   515.    Insertion of new s 767A
   516.    Insertion of new pt 19, div 11, sdiv 3
   517.    Amendment of schedule (Dictionary)
           Part 18--Amendment of Nature Conservation Act 1992
   518.    Act amended in pt 18
   519.    Amendment of s 27 (Prohibition on mining)
   520.    Amendment of s 45 (Conservation agreements)
   521.    Amendment of s 70QA (Prohibition on mining in forest reserves)
   522.    Amendment of schedule (Dictionary)
           Part 19--Amendment of Petroleum Act 1923
   523.    Act amended in pt 19
   524.    Amendment of s 2 (Definitions)
   525.    Insertion of new s 4A
   526.    Amendment of s 18 (Authority to prospect)
   527.    Amendment of s 40 (Lease to holder of authority to prospect)
   528.    Amendment of s 44 (Form etc. of lease)
   529.    Amendment of s 74Z (Obligation to comply with Act and prescribed standards)
   530.    Amendment of s 75U (Obligation to decommission)
   531.    Insertion of new pt 6FA
   532.    Amendment of s 79M (Application of pt 6J)
           Part 20--Amendment of Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004
   533.    Act amended in pt 20
   534.    Amendment of s 3 (Purpose of Act)
   535.    Insertion of new s 3A
   536.    Insertion of new section 6B
   537.    Amendment of s 16 (What is a pipeline)
   538.    Amendment of s 22 (What is an authorised activity)
   539.    Amendment of ch 2 hdg (Petroleum tenures and related matters)
   540.    Amendment of s 31 (Operation of div 1)
   541.    Amendment of s 32 (Exploration and testing)
   542.    Amendment of s 64 (Operation of div 4)
   543.    Amendment of s 73 (Permitted period for production or storage testing)
   544.    Amendment of s 108 (Operation of sdiv 1)
   545.    Amendment of s 109 (Exploration, production and storage activities)
   546.    Amendment of s 110 (Petroleum pipeline and water pipeline construction and operation)
   547.    Amendment of s 150 (Operation of div 5)
   548.    Amendment of s 152 (Permitted period for production or storage testing)
   549.    Amendment of s 180 (Key authorised activities)
   550.    Amendment of s 193 (Operation of div 2)
   551.    Amendment of s 292 (Obligation to decommission)
   552.    Amendment of s 293 (Right of entry to facilitate decommissioning)
   553.    Amendment of s 340 (Right to grant if particular requirements met)
   554.    Insertion of new ch 3A
   555.    Amendment of s 400 (Restriction if there is an existing mining lease)
   556.    Amendment of s 402 (Licence may extend transportation right to other prescribed substances)
   557.    Amendment of s 422 (Obligations in operating pipeline)
   558.    Amendment of s 476 (Notice requirements)
   559.    Replacement of ch 5, pt 4, hdg (Access to land in area of another petroleum authority or a mining tenement)
   560.    Amendment of s 528 (Application of pt 4)
   561.    Amendment of s 547 (Requirement to keep records and samples)
   562.    Amendment of s 553 (Power to require information or reports about authorised activities to be kept or given)
   563.    Amendment of s 557 (Obligation to comply with Act and prescribed standards)
   564.    Amendment of s 573 (Deciding application)
   565.    Amendment of s 669 (Making safety requirement)
   566.    Amendment of s 670 (What is an operating plant)
   567.    Amendment of s 675 (Content requirements for safety management plans)
   568.    Amendment of s 690 (Content requirements for safety reports)
   569.    Replacement of s 691 (Obligation to give information to coal or oil shale exploration tenement holder)
   570.    Replacement of s 699A (Operator's obligation for adjacent or overlapping coal mining operations)
   571.    Amendment of s 705 (Application of sdiv 1)
   572.    Amendment of s 705A (Requirement to have principal hazard management plan)
   573.    Amendment of s 705B (Content requirements for principal hazard management plan)
   574.    Amendment of s 705C (Resolving disputes about provision proposed by mining lease holder)
   575.    Amendment of s 708B (Chief inspector may issue safety alerts and instructions)
   576.    Amendment of s 736 (Functions)
   577.    Amendment of s 744 (Inspector's additional entry power for emergency or incident)
   578.    Amendment of s 746 (Authorised officer's additional entry power for petroleum authority)
   579.    Amendment of s 769 (Testing seized things)
   580.    Amendment of s 780 (Power to give compliance direction)
   581.    Amendment of s 781 (Requirements for giving compliance direction)
   582.    Amendment of s 802 (Restriction on pipeline construction or operation)
   583.    Amendment of s 892 (Provisions for deciding application and grant of petroleum lease)
   584.    Amendment of s 910 (Renewal application provisions apply for making and deciding grant application)
   585.    Amendment of sch 2 (Dictionary)
           Part 21--Amendment of Queensland Competition Authority Act 1997
   586.    Act amended in pt 21
   587.    Amendment of s 70 (Meaning of facility)
           Part 22--Amendment of Queensland Heritage Act 1992
   588.    Act amended in pt 22
   589.    Amendment of schedule (Dictionary)
           Part 23--Amendment of State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971
   590.    Act amended in pt 23
   591.    Amendment of s 26 (Declaration of significant project)
   592.    Amendment of s 35 (Coordinator-General evaluates EIS, submissions, other material and prepares report)
   593.    Amendment of s 35I (Coordinator-General's change report)
   594.    Amendment of pt 4, div 6, sdiv 1, hdg (Relationship for non-code compliant environmental authority (petroleum activities))
   595.    Amendment of section 47B (Application of sdiv 1)
   596.    Insertion of new pt 4, div 6B
   597.    Amendment of section 175A (EIS must not, under particular other Acts, be required for PNG pipeline project)
           Part 24--Amendment of Survey and Mapping Infrastructure Act 2003
   598.    Act amended in pt 24
   599.    Amendment of s 21 (Power to place a permanent survey mark)
           Part 25--Amendment of Torres Strait Islander Land Act 1991
   600.    Act amended in pt 25
   601.    Amendment of s 3 (Definitions)
   602.    Amendment of s 128 (Creation of interests in transferable and claimable land)
           Part 26--Amendment of Valuation of Land Act 1944
   603.    Act amended in pt 26
   604.    Amendment of s 26 (Valuation of petroleum leases)
           Part 27--Amendment of Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008
   605.    Act amended in pt 27
   606.    Amendment of sch 3 (Dictionary)
           Part 28--Amendment of Whistleblowers Protection Act 1994
   607.    Act amended in pt 28
   608.    Amendment of sch 2 (Offences endangering the environment)
           Part 29--Amendment of Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995
   609.    Act amended in pt 29
   610.    Amendment of s 3 (Application of Act)

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