Queensland Numbered Acts

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           Part 1--Preliminary
           Division 1--Introduction
   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Objects of Act
           Division 2--Interpretation
   4.      Dictionary
   5.      What is a disability
           Part 2--Guide, hearing and assistance dogs in public places and public passenger vehicles
           Division 1--Preliminary
   6.      Definitions for pt 2
   7.      Public places and public passenger vehicles to which this part applies
           Division 2--Right to be accompanied by a guide, hearing or assistance dog
   8.      People with a disability may be accompanied by their guide, hearing and assistance dogs
   9.      Trainers and puppy carers may be accompanied by guide, hearing, assistance and trainee support dogs
   10.     Lawful presence at a place or on a vehicle
           Division 3--Obligations of persons exercising control of public places and public passenger vehicles
   11.     Who is a person exercising control of a public place or public passenger vehicle
   12.     Identification procedure for handlers and trainers
   13.     Obligations of persons exercising control of public places and public passenger vehicles
           Part 3--Trainers of guide, hearing and assistance dogs
           Division 1--Approval of trainers of guide, hearing and assistance dogs
   14.     Who is suitable for approval
   15.     Application for approval
   16.     Submissions from advisory committee
   17.     Decision on application for approval
   18.     Notification of decision
   19.     Approval remains in force unless immediately suspended, cancelled or surrendered
           Division 2--Review of approval
   20.     Definitions for div 2
   21.     Review of approval
   22.     Submissions from advisory committee
   23.     Decision on review
           Division 3--Immediate suspension, cancellation and voluntary surrender of approval
           Subdivision 1--Preliminary
   24.     Definitions for div 3
   25.     Grounds for immediate suspension or cancellation of approval
           Subdivision 2--Immediate suspension
   26.     Immediate suspension of approval
           Subdivision 3--Cancellation
   27.     Show cause process
   28.     Ending show cause process without further action
   29.     Cancellation of approval
           Subdivision 4--Voluntary surrender of approval
   30.     Voluntary surrender of approval
           Division 4--Prescribed requirements
   31.     Prescribed requirements
           Division 5--Other matters
   32.     Approved trainers and approved training institutions must give notice of change
   33.     Claims by persons about approval
           Part 4--Certification of guide, hearing and assistance dogs
           Division 1--Interpretation
   34.     Definitions for pt 4
   35.     Public access test
           Division 2--Certification of guide, hearing and assistance dogs
   36.     Certification of guide dogs
   37.     Certification of hearing dogs
   38.     Certification of assistance dogs
   39.     Approved or employee trainer must not certify own dog
           Part 5--Identity cards for handlers, trainers and puppy carers
           Division 1--Identity cards for handlers
           Subdivision 1--Issue of handlers' identity cards
   40.     Eligibility for handler's identity card
   41.     Application for handler's identity card
   42.     Notice of application
   43.     Decision on application
   44.     Term of handler's identity card
   45.     Notice of expiry of handler's identity card
           Subdivision 2--Immediate suspension, cancellation and voluntary surrender of handlers' identity cards
   46.     Grounds for immediate suspension or cancellation of handler's identity card
   47.     Immediate suspension of handler's identity card
   48.     Cancellation of handler's identity card
   49.     Voluntary surrender of handler's identity card
           Subdivision 3--Other matters
   50.     Replacement of handler's identity card
   51.     Return of handler's identity card
           Division 2--Identity cards for approved trainers
   52.     Issue of identity card for approved trainer
   53.     Term of identity card for approved trainer
   54.     Replacement of identity card for approved trainer
   55.     Return of identity card for approved trainer
           Division 3--Identity cards for employee trainers and puppy carers
   56.     Issue of identity card for employee trainer or puppy carer
   57.     Return of identity card for employee trainer or puppy carer
           Part 6--Screening of approved and employee trainers
           Division 1--Preliminary
   58.     Main purpose of pt 6
           Division 2--Disclosure of criminal history
   59.     Employee trainers must disclose criminal history
   60.     Approved and employee trainers must disclose changes in criminal history
   61.     Requirements for disclosure
           Division 3--Chief executive may obtain report about criminal history
   62.     Chief executive may obtain report from commissioner of the police service
           Division 4--Use of information
   63.     Person to be advised of information obtained
   64.     Use of information obtained under this part
           Division 5--Controls on information
   65.     Guidelines for dealing with information
   66.     Confidentiality of information about criminal history
           Part 7--Reviews and appeals
           Division 1--Interpretation
   67.     Definitions for pt 7
           Division 2--Reviewable decisions
   68.     Reviewable decisions
           Division 3--Review of decision
   69.     Application for review
   70.     Stay of operation of original decision
   71.     Review decision
           Division 4--Appeal against reviewed decision
   72.     Appeal against reviewed decision
   73.     Appeal is by way of rehearing
           Part 8--Monitoring and enforcement
           Division 1--Preliminary
   74.     Purpose of pt 8
           Division 2--Authorised officers
   75.     Powers generally
   76.     Appointment and qualifications
   77.     Appointment conditions and limit on powers
   78.     Issue of identity card
   79.     Production or display of identity card
   80.     When authorised officer ceases to hold office
   81.     Resignation
   82.     Return of identity card
           Division 3--Powers of authorised officers
           Subdivision 1--Entry of places
   83.     Power to enter places
           Subdivision 2--Procedure for entry
   84.     Entry with consent
           Subdivision 3--Powers after entry
   85.     General powers after entering a place
   86.     Failure to help authorised officer
   87.     Failure to answer questions
           Subdivision 4--Power to obtain information
   88.     Power to require name and address
   89.     Failure to give name or address
   90.     Power to require particular information or inspect documents
   91.     Powers relating to production of documents
   92.     Failure to give information or produce or certify document
           Division 4--Other matters
   93.     Notice of damage
   94.     Compensation
   95.     False or misleading statements
   96.     False or misleading documents
   97.     Obstructing an authorised officer
   98.     Impersonation of an authorised officer
           Part 9--Legal proceedings
           Division 1--Application
   99.     Application of pt 9
           Division 2--Evidence
   100.    Appointments and authority
   101.    Signatures
   102.    Evidentiary provisions
           Division 3--Proceedings
   103.    Summary proceedings for offences
   104.    Allegations of false or misleading information or document
   105.    Responsibility for acts or omissions of representative
   106.    Executive officers must ensure corporation complies with Act
           Part 10--Advisory committee
   107.    Establishment of advisory committee
   108.    Membership of advisory committee
   109.    Functions of advisory committee
   110.    Investigations by advisory committee
   111.    Dissolution of advisory committee
   112.    Other matters
           Part 11--Miscellaneous
   113.    Confidentiality of other information
   114.    Delegation by chief executive
   115.    Protecting officials from liability
   116.    Service of documents
   117.    Approval of forms
   118.    Regulation making power
           Part 12--Repeal and transitional provisions
           Division 1--Repeal
   119.    Repeal of Guide Dogs Act 1972
   120.    Repeal of Legacy Trust Fund Act 2001
           Division 2--Transitional provisions
   121.    Definitions for div 2
   122.    Certain institutions taken to be approved training institutions
   123.    Certain guide or hearing dogs may be certified
           Part 13--Amendment of other Acts
   124.    Amendment of Acts


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