Queensland Numbered Acts

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           Part 1--Preliminary
   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
           Part 2--Amendment of Casino Control Act 1982
   3.      Act amended in pt 2
   4.      Amendment of s 62 (Gaming equipment and chips)
   5.      Insertion of new s 62AA
           6. Amendment of s 85E (Appointment and qualifications)
   7.      Amendment of s 102 (Provisions relating to minors in respect of casinos)
   8.      Amendment of s 103 (Cheating)
           9. Amendment of s 120 (Proceedings for offences)
   10.     Insertion of new pt 11, div 6
   11.     Amendment of schedule (Dictionary)
           Part 3--Amendment of Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999
   12.     Act amended in pt 3
   13.     Insertion of new pt 3, div 1A
   14.     Amendment of s 43 (Application for issue or renewal of a general licence)
   15.     Amendment of s 46 (Suitability of applicant to hold general licence)
   16.     Amendment of s 77 (General gaming records to be kept for required period)
   17.     Insertion of new s 84A
           18. Amendment of s 101 (Advertising)
           19. Amendment of s 111 (Appointment and qualifications)
   20.     Insertion of new ss 183A and 183B
           21. Insertion of new s 184A
           22. Insertion of new pt 10, div 3
   23.     Amendment of sch 2 (Dictionary)
           Part 4--Amendment of Gaming Machine Act 1991
   24.     Act amended in pt 4
   25.     Amendment of s 5 (Meaning of associate)
   26.     Omission of s 48 (Approved evaluators)
   27.     Amendment of s 50 (Delegations)
           28. Insertion of new s 55H
           29. Amendment of s 56 (Application for gaming machine licences)
   30.     Amendment of s 68 (Issue of gaming machine licences generally)
   31.     Amendment of s 86 (Proposals to decrease approved number of gaming machines)
   32.     Omission of s 86A (Restriction on applying for decrease for category 1 licensed premises)
   33.     Amendment of s 87 (Decision on decrease proposal)
   34.     Amendment of s 96 (Action affecting gaming machine licences based on action affecting liquor licences)
   35.     Amendment of s 99 (Suspension of gaming machine licence for non-payment of gaming machine tax, levy or penalty)
   36.     Omission of s 109J (Chief executive to review particular provisions of Act)
   37.     Replacement of pt 4, hdg (Licensing of monitoring operators and dealers)
   38.     Amendment of s 112 (Suitability of applicants for, and holders of, suppliers' licences)
   39.     Amendment of s 113 (Suitability of associates)
   40.     Amendment of s 123 (Conditions of licences)
   41.     Amendment of s 125 (Duration of licence)
   42.     Amendment of s 127 (Changing conditions of licence)
   43.     Amendment of s 131 (Renewal of licence—decision)
   44.     Amendment of s 139 (Grounds for suspension or cancellation)
   45.     Amendment of s 147 (Decision of commission)
   46.     Amendment of s 156 (Returns about employees)
   47.     Insertion of new s 162A
           48. Amendment of s 229 (Advertisements relating to gaming)
   49.     Amendment of s 232 (Approvals for gaming related systems)
   50.     Amendment of s 267 (Possession etc. of gaming equipment and other things by licensed major dealers)
   51.     Amendment of s 267A (Possession etc. of particular gaming equipment by approved evaluator)
   52.     Amendment of s 268 (Possession etc. of restricted components by licensed secondary dealers)
   53.     Amendment of s 272 (Possession etc. of gaming machines etc. by other persons)
   54.     Amendment of s 281 (Approval and rejection of gaming machines and games)
   55.     Amendment of s 288 (Decisions about approvals for linked jackpot arrangements)
   56.     Amendment of s 325A (Appointment and qualifications)
   57.     Amendment of s 326 (Interpretation)
           58. Amendment of s 327 (Directions)
           59. Amendment of s 329 (General powers of inspectors)
   60.     Amendment of s 330 (Offences relating to inspectors)
   61.     Amendment of s 335 (Minister may order inquiry)
   62.     Amendment of s 336 (Review and termination of agreements)
   63.     Amendment of s 341A (Restriction on membership of management committee or board)
   64.     Amendment of s 347 (Financial connections and interests of restricted officials)
   65.     Amendment of s 350 (Forgery and like offences)
   66.     Insertion of new pt 12, div 13
   67.     Amendment of schedule (Dictionary)
           Part 5--Amendment of Interactive Gambling (Player Protection) Act 1998
   68.     Act amended in pt 5
   69.     Amendment of s 186 (Appointment and qualifications)
   70.     Amendment of sch 3 (Dictionary)
           Part 6--Amendment of Keno Act 1996
   71.     Act amended in pt 6
   72.     Amendment of s 159A (Keno gaming by keno agent or keno agent's employees)
   73.     Amendment of s 167 (Appointment and qualifications)
   74.     Amendment of sch 4 (Dictionary)
           Part 7--Amendment of Lotteries Act 1997
   75.     Act amended in pt 7
   76.     Amendment of s 153 (Appointment and qualifications)
           Part 8--Amendment of Wagering Act 1998
   77.     Act amended in pt 8
   78.     Amendment of s 229 (Appointment and qualifications)
   79.     Amendment of sch 2 (Dictionary)

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