Queensland Numbered Acts

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           Part 1--Preliminary
   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
           Part 2--Amendment of Government Owned Corporations Act 1993
   3.      Act amended in pt 2
   4.      Amendment of s 3 (Definitions)
   5.      Amendment of s 7 (Types of GOCs)
   6.      Amendment of s 21 (How Act will enable management of the corporatisation process)
   7.      Amendment of s 22 (What this part provides)
   8.      Amendment of s 23 (Government entity becoming a GOC)
   9.      Amendment of s 24 (Meaning of candidate GOC)
   10.     Amendment of s 25 (Meaning of certain expressions about government entities)
   11.     Omission of s 27 (Nomination of statutory GOC etc. to become company GOC)
   12.     Amendment of s 35 (Matters to be included in draft corporatisation charter)
   13.     Amendment of s 36 (Responsible Ministers may determine other matters relevant to draft corporatisation charter preparation)
   14.     Amendment of s 51 (Unincorporated entities)
   15.     Amendment of s 54 (Candidate GOC associates and subsidiaries of candidate GOC associates)
   16.     Amendment of s 55 (Memorandum and articles of candidate GOC)
   17.     Amendment of s 58 (Share capital and issue of shares)
   18.     Amendment of s 60 (Registration under Corporations Act)
   19.     Replacement of s 61 (Part does not affect existing legal relationships)
   20.     Amendment of s 62 (Regulations may deal with other matters)
   21.     Replacement of s 62B (Application of provisions of pt 5A)
   22.     Omission of ss 62C and 62D
   23.     Replacement of s 62E (Appointment of company GOC's first chief executive officer)
   24.     Replacement of s 62F (Appointment of company GOC's first senior executives)
   25.     Amendment of s 63 (Declaration of entity as GOC)
   26.     Amendment of s 63A (Declaration of candidate GOC associate as GOC)
   27.     Amendment of s 65 (Statutory GOC must be body corporate etc.)
   28.     Amendment of s 69 (Application of Corporations Law to company GOCs)
   29.     Amendment of s 70 (Company GOC not exempt public authority)
   30.     Replacement of ss 76-80
   31.     Amendment of s 81 (Resolutions without meetings)
   32.     Amendment of s 85 (Ministers not directors etc.)
   33.     Replacement of ch 3, pt 4 hdg (Memorandum and articles)
   34.     Amendment of s 86 (Shareholding Ministers of statutory GOC may require amendment of subsidiary's memorandum and articles)
   35.     Amendment of s 87 (Memorandum and articles of statutory GOC subsidiary must not be inconsistent with Act or Corporations Law)
   36.     Amendment of s 88 (Memorandum and articles of company GOC may be amended by shareholding Ministers)
   37.     Amendment of s 89 (Shareholding Ministers of company GOC may require amendment of subsidiary's memorandum and articles)
   38.     Amendment of s 90 (Memorandum and articles of company GOC and its subsidiaries must not be inconsistent with Act or Corporations Law)
   39.     Omission of s 94A (First board of statutory GOC)
   40.     Amendment of s 96 (Composition of board)
   41.     Amendment of s 96B (First board of company GOC)
   42.     Insertion of new s 101A
   43.     Amendment of s 102 (Appointment of chief executive officer)
   44.     Insertion of new s 102A
   45.     Amendment of s 106 (Draft corporate plan)
   46.     Amendment of s 107 (Special procedures in relation to draft corporate plan)
   47.     Amendment of s 131 (Matters to be included in annual report)
   48.     Omission of ch 3, pt 13, div 3 (GOC may direct subsidiaries)
   49.     Amendment of s 159 (Payment of dividends)
   50.     Amendment of s 160 (Interim dividends)
   51.     Amendment of s 164 (Part applies to subsidiaries)
   52.     Amendment of s 168 (Appointment of senior executives)
   53.     Insertion of new s 176
   54.     Amendment of s 182 (Application of Ombudsman Act 2001)
   55.     Replacement of s 184 (Application of Ombudsman Act 2001)
   56.     Insertion of new s 188A
   57.     Insertion of new ch 5
   58.     Amendment of sch 1 (Additional provisions relating to board of statutory GOC)
   59.     Amendment of sch 2 (Additional provisions relating to chief executive officer of statutory GOC)
   60.     Amendment of sch 3 (Application of FA and A Act to company GOCs and prescribed company GOC subsidiaries)
   61.     Amendment of sch 4 (Application of chapter 3 of Act to company GOC subsidiaries)
           Part 3--Other amendments of Acts
   62.     Acts amended in schedule

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