Queensland Numbered Acts

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           Part 1--Preliminary
   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
           Part 2--Amendment of Acts Interpretation Act 1954
   3.      Act amended in pt 2
   4.      Amendment of s 36 (Meaning of commonly used words and expressions)
           Part 3--Amendment of Anti-Discrimination Act 1991
   5.      Act amended in pt 3 and schedule
   6.      Amendment of s 14 (Discrimination in the pre-work area)
   7.      Amendment of s 15 (Discrimination in work area)
           Part 4--Amendment of Bail Act 1980
   8.      Act amended in pt 4 and schedule
   9.      Amendment of s 6 (Definitions)
   10.     Amendment of s 14 (Release of persons apprehended on making deposit of money as security for appearance)
   11.     Amendment of s 14A (Magistrates Courts may grant cash bail or permit to go at large)
   12.     Amendment of s 15 (Procedure upon application for bail)
   13.     Insertion of new s 15A
   14.     Amendment of s 16 (Refusal of bail)
   15.     Amendment of s 20 (Undertaking as to bail)
   16.     Amendment of s 27 (Notice of trial)
   17.     Insertion of new 27B
   18.     Amendment of s 28A (Other warrants for apprehension of defendant)
           Part 5--Amendment of Births, Deaths And Marriages Registration Act 2003
   19.     Act amended in pt 5 and schedule
   20.     Amendment of s 8 (Responsibility to apply to have birth registered)
   21.     Amendment of s 20 (Notation of change of name other than by registration)
   22.     Amendment of s 21 (Limit on number of name changes)
   23.     Amendment of s 25 (Marriages that are registrable)
   24.     Amendment of s 29 (How to apply to register the death of a person)
   25.     Amendment of s 44 (Obtaining information from the registrar)
   26.     Amendment of s 45 (Information policies)
   27.     Replacement of pt 10 (Repeal)
   28.     Amendment of sch 2 (Dictionary)
           Part 6--Amendment of Children Services Tribunal Act 2000
   29.     Act amended in pt 6 and schedule
   30.     Amendment of s 18 (President's functions)
   31.     Amendment of s 29 (Presiding member)
   32.     Amendment of s 32 (Reconstituting tribunal)
   33.     Amendment of s 34 (Way other question to be decided)
   34.     Amendment of s 41 (Tribunal's powers to dismiss review application)
   35.     Amendment of s 42 (Tribunal's decision must be in writing etc.)
   36.     Amendment of s 71 (Withdrawal of review application)
   37.     Amendment of s 80 (Constitution of tribunal for preliminary conference)
   38.     Amendment of s 105 (Confidentiality orders)
   39.     Amendment of s 141 (Certain information not to be published)
           Part 7--Amendment of Corrective Services Act 2006
   40.     Act amended in pt 7
   41.     Amendment of s 209 (Automatic cancellation of order by further imprisonment)
           Part 8--Amendment of Criminal Code
   42.     Act amended in pt 8 and schedule
   43.     Amendment of s 450F (Animal valuers and valuations)
   44.     Insertion of new ch 81
           Part 9--Amendment of Dispute Resolution Centres Act 1990
   45.     Act amended in pt 9
   46.     Amendment of s 27 (Use of certain words)
   47.     Amendment of s 37 (Secrecy)
   48.     Amendment of s 40 (Proceedings)
           Part 10--Amendment of District Court of Queensland Act 1967
   49.     Act amended in pt 10 and schedule
   50.     Amendment of s 61 (Limited criminal jurisdiction if maximum penalty more than 14 years)
           Part 11--Amendment of Drug Court Act 2000
   51.     Act amended in pt 11 and schedule
   52.     Amendment of s 6 (Who is an eligible person)
   53.     Amendment of s 12A (Application of pt 3A)
   54.     Amendment of s 12C (Indicative assessment reports)
   55.     Amendment of s 13 (Application of pt 4)
   56.     Amendment of s 14 (Referral to be decided as soon as practicable)
   57.     Amendment of s 15 (Deciding whether to refer for assessment)
   58.     Amendment of s 16 (Referral for assessment)
   59.     Amendment of s 16A (Assessment report)
   60.     Amendment of s 34 (Terminating rehabilitation programs)
   61.     Amendment of schedule (Dictionary)
           Part 12--Amendment of Electoral Act 1992
   62.     Act amended in pt 12
   63.     Amendment of s 127 (Supreme Court to be Court of Disputed Returns)
   64.     Amendment of s 130 (Requirements for an application to be effective)
   65.     Amendment of s 131 (Copies of application to be given to elected candidate and commission)
   66.     Amendment of s 133 (Parties to application)
   67.     Amendment of s 139 (Copy of final court orders to be sent to Clerk of Parliament)
   68.     Amendment of s 147 (Order to be sent to Assembly)
   69.     Amendment of s 148F (Copy of final court orders to be sent to Clerk of Parliament)
           Part 13--Amendment of Freedom of Information Act 1992
   70.     Act amended in pt 13 and schedule
   71.     Amendment of s 39 (Matter relating to investigations by ombudsman, reviews by Service Delivery and Performance Commission or audits by auditor-general etc.)
   72.     Amendment of s 59 (Particular notations required to be added)
           Part 14--Amendment of Guardianship and Administration Act 2000
   73.     Act amended in pt 14
   74.     Amendment of s 13 (Advance appointment)
   75.     Amendment of s 14 (Appointment of 1 or more eligible guardians and administrators)
   76.     Insertion of new ch 3, pt 3, div 3
   77.     Amendment of s 95 (Acting appointment)
   78.     Amendment of s 129 (Interim order)
   79.     Amendment of s 143 (Contempt of tribunal)
   80.     Amendment of s 157 (Written reasons for decision)
   81.     Amendment of s 172 (Enforcement of orders)
   82.     Amendment of s 226 (Requirement to visit if asked)
   83.     Amendment of s 231 (Appointment)
   84.     Amendment of s 232 (Duration of appointment)
   85.     Insertion of new ch 12, pt 7
           Part 15--Amendment of Industrial Relations Act 1999
   86.     Act amended in pt 15
   87.     Amendment of sch 2 (Appointments)
           Part 16--Amendment of Judges (Pensions and Long Leave) Act 1957
   88.     Act amended in pt 16
   89.     Amendment of s 15 (Leave of absence of judges)
           Part 17--Amendment of Judicial Review Act 1991
   90.     Act amended in pt 17
   91.     Amendment of sch 1, pt 2
           Part 18--Amendment of Justices Act 1886
   92.     Act amended in pt 18 and schedule
   93.     Amendment of s 22C (Appointment of clerks of the court)
   94.     Amendment of s 53A (Power, after summons issued, to order mediation)
   95.     Replacement of pt 5, div 3
   96.     Amendment of s 142 (Proceedings in absence of defendant)
   97.     Amendment of s 178B (Definitions for part)
   98.     Amendment of s 178C (Use of video link facilities in proceedings)
   99.     Insertion of new pt 11, div 3
           Part 19--Amendment of Justices of the Peace and Commissioners for Declarations Act 1991
   100.    Act amended in pt 19 and schedule
   101.    Insertion of new pt 5, div 2
           Part 20--Amendment of Juvenile Justice Act 1992
   102.    Act amended in pt 20
   103.    Amendment of s 169 (Meaning of eligible drug offence)
           Part 21--Amendment of Land and Resources Tribunal Act 1999
   104.    Act amended in pt 21
   105.    Amendment of s 11 (Pension and leave of absence arrangements for presiding members)
   106.    Amendment of s 77 (Finance and staffing of tribunal)
           Part 22--Amendment of Land Court Act 2000
   107.    Act amended in pt 22
   108.    Insertion of new s 73A
           Part 23--Amendment of Law Reform Commission Act 1968
   109.    Act amended in pt 23
   110.    Amendment of s 7 (Removal and vacation of office)
   111.    Amendment of s 10 (Functions and duties of Commission)
           Part 24--Amendment of Magistrates Act 1991
   112.    Act amended in pt 24 and schedule
   113.    Amendment of long title
   114.    Insertion of new s 5A
   115.    Amendment of s 12 (Functions of Chief Magistrate)
   116.    Insertion of new pt 9A
           Part 25--Amendment of Mental Health Act 2000
   117.    Act amended in pt 25 and schedule
   118.    Amendment of s 58 (Court may make court assessment order for person)
   119.    Amendment of s 77 (Court may grant bail and proceedings may be discontinued)
   120.    Amendment of s 244 (Court may grant bail and proceedings may be discontinued)
   121.    Amendment of s 260 (Court may grant bail and proceedings may be discontinued)
   122.    Replacement of s 544 (When patient or surety not liable)
           Part 26--Amendment of Ombudsman Act 2001
   123.    Act amended in pt 26
   124.    Amendment of s 23 (Refusal to investigate complaint)
           Part 27--Amendment of Penalties And Sentences Act 1992
   125.    Act amended in pt 27 and schedule
   126.    Amendment of s 9 (Sentencing guidelines)
   127.    Amendment of s 12 (Court to consider whether or not to record conviction)
   128.    Amendment of s 15D (Meaning of eligible drug offence)
   129.    Amendment of s 125 (Powers of Magistrates Court that convicts offender of offence against s 123(1))
   130.    Amendment of s 126 (Powers of Supreme Court or District Court to deal with offender)
   131.    Insertion of new s 126A
   132.    Amendment of schedule (Serious violent offences)
           Part 28--Amendment of Professional Standards Act 2004
   133.    Act amended in pt 28
   134.    Insertion of new s 7A
   135.    Replacement of s 22 (Limitation of liability by insurance arrangements)
   136.    Amendment of s 23 (Limitation of liability by reference to amount of business assets)
   137.    Amendment of s 24 (Limitation of liability by multiple of charges)
   138.    Insertion of new s 27A
   139.    Amendment of s 29 (Limit of occupational liability by schemes)
   140.    Amendment of s 42 (Legal status of council)
   141.    Amendment of sch 2 (Dictionary)
           Part 29--Amendment of Recording of Evidence Act 1962
   142.    Act amended in pt 29
   143.    Amendment of s 6 (Power to appoint shorthand reporters and recorders)
   144.    Insertion of new s 15
           Part 30--Amendment of Referendums Act 1997
   145.    Act amended in pt 30
   146.    Amendment of s 49 (Requirements for an application to be effective)
   147.    Amendment of s 50 (Copies of application to be given to clerk of the Parliament and commission)
   148.    Amendment of s 59 (Copy of final court orders to be sent to clerk of Parliament)
   149.    Amendment of s 62F (Copy of final court orders to be sent to Clerk of Parliament)
           Part 31--Amendment of Small Claims Tribunals Act 1973
   150.    Act amended in pt 31
   151.    Replacement of s 19 (Immunity from judicial supervision)
           Part 32--Amendment of Supreme Court of Queensland Act 1991
   152.    Act amended in pt 32
   153.    Omission of pt 2, div 4 (Judicial registrars)
   154.    Amendment of s 56 (Single judge to constitute the court)
   155.    Amendment of pt 7, div 2, sdiv 1 hdg (Constitution of court by judicial registrar)
   156.    Amendment of s 73 (Judicial registrar's power to hear and decide applications)
   157.    Amendment of s 132 (Judicial registrar may exercise certain judicial or quasi-judicial power of registrar)
   158.    Amendment of sch 1 (Subject matter for rules)
   159.    Amendment of sch 2 (Dictionary)
           Part 33--Amendment of Vexatious Proceedings Act 2005
   160.    Act amended in pt 33
   161.    Amendment of s 9 (Notification and register of orders)
           Part 34--Minor and consequential amendments
   162.    Acts amended in schedule

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