Queensland Numbered Acts

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Minor amendments to State planning instruments

11 Minor amendments to State planning instruments

(1) The Minister may make a minor amendment to a State planning instrument without complying with section 10.
(2) Instead, the Minister may make a minor amendment by publishing a public notice that states—
(a) the day when the amendment was made; and
(b) where a copy of the amended State planning instrument may be inspected or purchased.
(3) A
"minor amendment" , of a State planning instrument, is an amendment that—
(a) corrects or otherwise changes—
(i) a spelling, grammatical or mapping error; or
(ii) an explanatory matter about the instrument; or
(iii) the format or presentation of the instrument; or
(iv) a factual matter incorrectly stated; or
(v) a redundant or outdated term; or
(vi) inconsistent numbering of provisions; or
(vii) a cross-reference in the instrument; or
(b) the Minister considers only reflects—
(i) a part of another State planning instrument, if the Minister considers adequate public consultation was carried out in relation to the making of that part of the other State planning instrument; or
(ii) this Act or another Act; or
(c) is prescribed by regulation.
(4) The Minister must give a copy of the public notice, and the amendment, to each affected local government.

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