Queensland Numbered Acts

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Making or amending TLPIs

23 Making or amending TLPIs

(1) A local government may make a TLPI if the local government and Minister decide—
(a) there is significant risk of serious adverse cultural, economic, environmental or social conditions happening in the local government area; and
(b) the delay involved in using the process in sections 18 to 22 to make or amend another local planning instrument would increase the risk; and
(c) the making of the TLPI would not adversely affect State interests.
(2) A local government may amend a TLPI if the Minister decides the amendment of the TLPI would not adversely affect State interests.
(3) A TLPI may suspend or otherwise affect the operation of another local planning instrument, but does not amend or repeal the instrument.
(4) The local government may make or amend a TLPI by following the process in the Minister’s rules.
(5) The rules must provide for—
(a) the Minister to approve a TLPI or amendment before the TLPI or amendment is made; and
(b) the local government to publish a public notice about the making of a TLPI or amendment.
(6) The TLPI, with or without an amendment, has effect for 2 years after the effective day, or a shorter period stated in the TLPI, unless repealed sooner.
(7) A TLPI—
(a) does not create a superseded planning scheme; and
(b) is not an adverse planning change.

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