Queensland Numbered Acts

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- As at 11 September 2018
- Act 17 of 2018



           Division 1 - Introduction

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Main purpose of Act
   4.      Act binds all persons

           Division 2 - Interpretation

   5.      Definitions
   6.      Categories of plumbing or drainage work
   7.      The Queensland Plumbing and Wastewater Code
   8.      The Plumbing Code of Australia
   9.      Code requirements
   10.     References to plumbing or drainage work
   11.     References to local governments


           Division 1 - Classes of licences

   12.     Classes of licences
   13.     Work that may be carried out under licences

           Division 2 - Granting licences

   14.     Qualifications and practical experience required for licence
   15.     Entitlement to licence
   16.     Application for licence
   17.     Inquiry about applicant
   18.     Extending decision period for application
   19.     Deciding application
   20.     Imposing conditions on licence
   21.     Steps to be taken after application decided
   22.     Form of licence
   23.     Duration of licence

           Division 3 - Upgrading provisional licences

   24.     Commissioner may upgrade provisional licence

           Division 4 - Endorsements

   25.     Endorsements on licences
   26.     Qualifications and practical experience required for endorsement
   27.     Entitlement to endorsement
   28.     Application for endorsement
   29.     Deciding application

           Division 5 - Renewing licences

   30.     Notice of expiry of licence
   31.     Application to renew licence
   32.     Deciding application

           Division 6 - Restoring expired licences

   33.     Application to restore licence
   34.     Deciding application

           Division 7 - Reviewing licence conditions

   35.     Review of licence conditions started by licensee
   36.     Review of licence conditions started by commissioner
   37.     Requiring further information to decide application
   38.     Decision on review of licence conditions
   39.     When decision takes effect
   40.     Returning licence for amendment or replacement

           Division 8 - Other provisions about licences

   41.     Register of licensees
   42.     Replacing licence
   43.     Obtaining certified copy of licence
   44.     Notice of change in circumstances
   45.     Notice of particular events to licensing authorities and other entities
   46.     Licensee to have regard to particular guidelines

           Division 9 - Audit programs and auditing licensees

   47.     Approved audit program
   48.     Supplying documents or information

           Division 10 - Disciplinary action

   49.     Grounds for disciplinary action
   50.     Show cause notice
   51.     Deciding action to be taken
   52.     Disciplinary action that may be taken by commissioner
   53.     Advising licensee of decision
   54.     When suspension takes effect
   55.     Referral of particular disciplinary action to QCAT


           Division 1 - Offences about licences

   56.     Carrying out work without appropriate licence
   57.     Supervising or directing work without appropriate licence
   58.     Exemptions for ss 56 and 57
   59.     Directly supervising trainees or unlicensed persons
   60.     Contravening licence conditions
   61.     Limits on provisional licensees
   62.     Returning suspended or cancelled licence
   63.     Surrendering licence

           Division 2 - Offences about carrying out plumbing or drainage work

   64.     Complying with code requirements for plumbing and drainage work
   65.     Installing things as part of plumbing or drainage work
   66.     Permit required for permit work
   67.     Directing persons to carry out non-compliant work
   68.     Polluting water service provider’s water service or sewerage service provider’s sewerage system

           Division 3 - Offences about use restrictions

   69.     Using plumbing or drainage before inspection certificate or final inspection certificate issued for permit work
   70.     Owner’s obligation for operating and maintaining plumbing and drainage

           Division 4 - Prohibitions on removing or tampering with particular devices

   71.     Backflow prevention devices
   72.     Temperature control devices
   73.     Tampering with water meter

           Division 5 - Discharge and disposal offences

   74.     Discharging toilet waste and water
   75.     Permissible and prohibited discharges
   76.     Disposing of contents of on-site sewage facility
   77.     Disposing of contents of greywater treatment plant
   78.     Discharging kitchen greywater
   79.     Discharging and using greywater, other than kitchen greywater
   80.     Stormwater installation not to be connected to on-site sewage facility or sanitary drain

           Division 6 - Offences relating to finishing notifiable work

   81.     Who is a relevant person for notifiable work
   82.     When notifiable work is finished
   83.     Action after notifiable work is finished

           Division 7 - Other offences

   84.     False or misleading information
   85.     Misleading representation by builder, manufacturer or supplier of on-site sewage treatment plant
   86.     False advertising or misleading representation of particular things
   87.     Obstructing inspector
   88.     Impersonating inspector


           Division 1 - General

   89.     Proceedings for offences
   90.     Who may prosecute

           Division 2 - Evidence

   91.     Application of division
   92.     Appointments and authority
   93.     Signatures
   94.     Authentication of council documents
   95.     Other evidentiary aids
   96.     Conduct of representatives
   97.     Evidential immunity for individuals complying with particular requirements

           Division 3 - Payment of penalties and fines

   98.     Payment of particular penalties and fines


           Division 1 - Functions of commissioner

   99.     Plumbing and drainage functions of commissioner

           Division 2 - Assistant commissioner

   100.    Appointment of assistant commissioner
   101.    Functions and powers of assistant commissioner
   102.    Reports to the council
   103.    Representation of the council at QCAT proceedings
   104.    Delegations

           Division 3 - Service Trades Council

              Subdivision 1 - Establishment, functions and powers of the council

   105.    Establishment
   106.    Functions
   107.    Powers
   108.    Delegations

              Subdivision 2 - Membership of the council

   109.    Appointing members
   110.    Appointing deputy members
   111.    Appointing temporary members
   112.    Disqualification as member, deputy member or temporary member
   113.    Conditions of appointment
   114.    Term of appointment
   115.    Chairperson
   116.    Deputy chairperson
   117.    Resigning as a member
   118.    Vacating office
   119.    Leave of absence for members
   120.    Criminal history report
   121.    Disclosing new convictions
   122.    Criminal history is confidential

              Subdivision 3 - Business of the council

   123.    References to members
   124.    Conduct of business
   125.    Times and places of meetings
   126.    Quorum
   127.    Presiding at meetings
   128.    Conducting meetings
   129.    Minutes
   130.    Establishing panels
   131.    Panel members and other matters about panels
   132.    Disclosing interests

           Division 4 - Investigators

   133.    Investigator to have regard to particular guidelines


           Division 1 - Preliminary

   134.    Local laws and local planning instruments

           Division 2 - Administrative matters

   135.    Administration by local governments and other entities
   136.    Monitoring particular greywater use facilities
   137.    Monitoring particular on-site sewage facilities
   138.    Local government to have regard to particular guidelines

           Division 3 - Plumbing and drainage inspectors

   139.    Appointment and qualifications
   140.    Functions of inspectors
   141.    Inspector to have regard to particular guidelines
   142.    Advising commissioner of appointment of inspectors

           Division 4 - Enforcement by local governments

   143.    When enforcement notice may be given
   144.    Show cause notice
   145.    Use of enforcement notice
   146.    Requirements for enforcement notice
   147.    Contravening, or tampering with, enforcement notice
   148.    Application for permit in response to show cause or enforcement notice
   149.    Administering entity may remedy contravention
   150.    Action notices
   151.    Stay of enforcement notice or action notice


   152.    Approval of forms
   153.    Electronic notices
   154.    Guidelines
   155.    Public access to documents
   156.    Fees payable to QBCC
   157.    Regulation-making power


           Division 1 - Repeal

   158.    Act repealed

           Division 2 - Transitional and validation provisions

   159.    Members of council
   160.    Assistant commissioner
   161.    Licence applications
   162.    Licences
   163.    Disciplinary action
   164.    Permits and certificates
   165.    Compliance requests for compliance assessment of plan for plumbing or drainage work
   166.    Compliance requests for compliance assessment of plumbing or drainage work
   167.    Information requests
   168.    Applications for chief executive approval
   169.    Chief executive approvals
   170.    Inspectors
   171.    Enforcement notices
   172.    Plumbing or drainage work
   173.    References to repealed Act and regulations
           173A . Holder of particular licence taken to hold associated occupation licence in relevant period
   174.    Transitional regulation-making power


           Division 1 - Amendment of this Act

   175.    Act amended
   176.    Amendment of long title

           Division 1A - Amendment of Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017

           176A . Act amended
           176B . Amendment of s 2 (Commencement)
           176C . Amendment of s 8 (Definitions for chapter)
           176D . Amendment of s 9 (What is a project bank account)
           176E . Insertion of new s 10A
           176F . Amendment of s 11 (Who is a supplier)
           176G . Amendment of s 19 (Who is a related entity)
           176H . Amendment of s 23 (Head contractor must establish project bank account)
           176I . Amendment of s 25 (Name of trust account)
           176J . Amendment of s 26 (Notice of trust account’s opening, closing or name change)
           176K . Amendment of s 27 (All payments from principal to be deposited in project bank account)
           176L . Amendment of s 28 (Limited purposes for which money may be deposited into project bank account)
           176M . Amendment of s 29 (All payments to subcontractor beneficiaries to be paid from project bank account)
           176N . Amendment of s 30 (Head contractor to cover shortfalls)
           176O . Amendment of s 31 (Limited purposes for which money may be withdrawn from project bank account)
           176P . Amendment of s 32 (Order of priority)
           176Q . Amendment of s 33 (Insufficient amounts available for payments)
           176R . Amendment of s 34 (Dealing with retention amounts)
           176S . Insertion of new s 34A
           176T . Insertion of new s 34B
           176U . Amendment of s 35 (When payment dispute occurs)
           176V . Amendment of s 36 (Dealing with amounts if payment dispute occurs)
           176W . Insertion of new ss 36A–36C
           176X . Amendment of s 37 (Ending project bank account)
           176Y . Amendment of s 39 (Amounts in project bank account unavailable for head contractor’s debts)
           176Z . Amendment of s 50 (Principal to be given information about subcontracts)
           176ZA . Amendment of s 52 (Principal to inform commissioner of discrepancies)
           176ZB . Insertion of new ch 2, pt 5, div 1, hdg
           176ZC . Insertion of new ch 2, pt 5, div 2, hdg
           176ZD . Amendment of s 54 (Right of principal to step in as trustee)
           176ZE . Insertion of new ch 2, pt 5, div 3, hdg
           176ZF . Insertion of new s 54A
           176ZG . Amendment of s 55 (Information to be given to principal as trustee)
           176ZH . Insertion of new s 55A
           176ZI . Amendment of s 56 (Principal as trustee)
           176ZJ . Amendment of s 57 (Protection from civil liability)
           176ZK . Replacement of s 76 (Responding to payment claim)
           176ZL . Amendment of s 88 (Adjudicator’s decision)
           176ZM . Amendment of s 165 (Conditions of registration)
           176ZN . Amendment of s 185 (Adjudicator must give information to registrar)
           176ZO . Replacement of s 190 (Who may prosecute)
           176ZP . Insertion of new ch 8, pt 1A
           176ZQ . Insertion of new s 205A
           176ZR . Amendment of s 209 (Unfinished matters for existing subcontractors’ charges to be dealt with under the repealed Act)
           176ZS . Amendment of s 211 (Transitional regulation-making power)
           176ZT . Amendment of s 307 (Amendment of sch 2 (Dictionary))
           176ZU . Amendment of sch 2 (Dictionary)

           Division 2 - Amendment of Planning Act 2016

   177.    Act amended
   178.    Amendment of s 229 (Appeals to tribunal or P&E Court)
   179.    Amendment of s 251 (Matters tribunal may consider)
   180.    Amendment of sch 1 (Appeals)
   181.    Amendment of sch 2 (Dictionary)

           Division 3 - Amendment of Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991

   182.    Act amended
   183.    Insertion of new s 30D
   184.    Amendment of s 32AB (Entitlement to a fire protection occupational licence)
   185.    Amendment of s 37 (Period of renewal)
   186.    Insertion of new s 42CA
   187.    Insertion of new s 42DA
   188.    Amendment of s 44E (Conditions of permit)
   189.    Amendment of s 56AB (Operation of pt 3A)
   190.    Amendment of s 57 (Operation of pt 3B)
   191.    Amendment of s 62 (Operation of pt 3C)
   192.    Amendment of s 67AV (Operation of pt 3E)
           192A . Omission of s 67AZAA (When demerit points allocated for direction to rectify or remedy)
           192B . Amendment of s 74AA (Definitions for part)
           192C . Amendment of s 74AE (Who is a person in the chain of responsibility for a building product)
           192D . Amendment of s 74AG (Additional duty relating to accompanying information)
           192E . Amendment of s 74AH (Additional duties relating to recalls)
           192F . Amendment of s 74AW (Minister may make recall order)
           192G . Amendment of s 74AZ (Nature of recall order)
           192H . Amendment of s 74AZA (Supplier or installer must help responsible person)
           192I . Amendment of s 74AZC (Minister may publish warning statement)
           192J . Amendment of s 74A (Commission may investigate grounds for taking disciplinary action)
           192K . Amendment of s 74C (Proper grounds for taking disciplinary action against person not a licensee)
   193.    Amendment of s 75 (Tribunal work defined)
           193A . Amendment of s 86 (Reviewable decisions)
           193B . Amendment of s 87A (No stay by QCAT of particular decisions)
           193C . Amendment of s 92 (Tribunal may conduct public examination)
           193D . Amendment of s 95 (Expedited hearing of domestic building disputes or reviews)
           193E . Amendment of s 99 (Licensee register)
           193F . Amendment of sch 1 (Transitional and validating provisions)
           193G . Amendment of sch 1 (Transitional and validating provisions)
   194.    Insertion of new sch 1, pt 16
   195.    Amendment of sch 1A (Exemptions from requirement to hold contractor’s licence)
   196.    Amendment of sch 2 (Dictionary)

           Division 4 - Minor and consequential amendments

   197.    Acts amended
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2

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