Queensland Numbered Acts

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           Part 1--Preliminary
   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
           Part 2--Amendment of Partnership Act 1891
   3.      Act amended in pt 2 and sch 1
   4.      Insertion of new ch 1 and pt 1 hdgs
   5.      Replacement of s 2 (Commencement of Act)
   6.      Amendment of s 3 (Interpretation clause)
   7.      Insertion of new s 4
   8.      Insertion of new ch 1, pt 3
   9.      Insertion of new ch 2 and pt 1 hdgs
   10.     Replacement of hdg
   11.     Amendment of s 8 (Power of partner to bind the firm)
   12.     Amendment of s 9 (Partners bound by acts on behalf of firm)
   13.     Amendment of s 10 (Partner using credit of firm for private purposes)
   14.     Amendment of s 11 (Effect of notice that firm will not be bound by acts of partner)
   15.     Amendment of s 12 (Liability of partners)
   16.     Amendment of s 13 (Liability of the firm for wrongs)
   17.     Replacement of s 14 (Misapplication of money or property received for or in custody of the firm)
   18.     Amendment of s 15 (Liability for wrongs joint and several)
   19.     Amendment of s 16 (Improper employment of trust property for partnership purposes)
   20.     Amendment of s 17 (Persons liable by 'holding out')
   21.     Amendment of s 18 (Admissions and representations of partners)
   22.     Amendment of s 19 (Notice to acting partner to be notice to the firm)
   23.     Replacement of s 20 (Liabilities of incoming and outgoing partners)
   24.     Amendment of s 21 (Revocation of continuing guaranty by change in firm)
   25.     Replacement of hdg
   26.     Amendment of s 23 (Partnership property)
   27.     Insertion of new s 23A
   28.     Amendment of s 25 (Conversion into personal estate of land held as partnership property)
   29.     Amendment of s 26 (Procedure against partnership property for a partner's separate judgment debt)
   30.     Amendment of s 27 (Rules as to interests and duties of partners subject to special agreement)
   31.     Amendment of s 29 (Retirement from partnership at will)
   32.     Amendment of s 30 (Where partnership for term is continued over, continuance on old terms presumed)
   33.     Amendment of s 31 (Duty of partners to render accounts etc.)
   34.     Amendment of s 32 (Accountability of partners for private profits)
   35.     Amendment of s 33 (Duty of partner not to compete with firm)
   36.     Amendment of s 34 (Rights of assignee of share in partnership)
   37.     Replacement of hdg
   38.     Omission of hdg
   39.     Relocation and renumbering of s 48
   40.     Relocation and renumbering of s 49
   41.     Insertion of new ch 3 and pt 1 hdgs
   42.     Insertion of new ch 4
   43.     Insertion of new ch 5
   44.     Insertion of new ch 6
   45.     Insertion of new sch
   46.     Amendment of sch
           Part 3--Amendment of Partnership (Limited Liability) Act 1988
   47.     Act amended in pt 3 and sch 2
   48.     Amendment of s 4 (Interpretation)
   49.     Relocation and renumbering of provisions
           Part 4--Minor amendments and repeal
           Division 1--Amendment of the Bills of Sale and Other Instruments Act 1955
   50.     Act amended
   51.     Amendment of s 6 (Definitions)
   52.     Amendment of s 13 (Inspecting the register)
   53.     Amendment of s 38 (Delegations)
           Division 2--Amendment of the Business Names Act 1962
   54.     Act amended
   55.     Amendment of s 4C (Delegation by administrator)
           Division 3--Amendment of the Electronic Transactions (Queensland) Act 2001
   56.     Act amended
   57.     Amendment of sch 1(Excluded state laws, requirements and permissions)
           Division 4--Amendment of the Liens on Crops of Sugar Cane Act 1931
   58.     Act amended
   59.     Amendment of s 2 (Definitions)
   60.     Amendment of s 7C (Inspecting the register)
   61.     Amendment of s 23D (Delegations)
           Division 5--Amendment of the Local Government Act 1993
   62.     Act amended
   63.     Amendment of sch (Dictionary)
           Division 6--Amendment of the Motor Vehicles and Boats Securities Act 1986
   64.     Act amended
   65.     Amendment of s 21 (False or misleading information)
   66.     Amendment of s 21A (False or misleading documents)
   67.     Amendment of s 23 (Inspecting register)
   68.     Amendment of s 32 (Protection)
           Division 7--Amendment of the Supreme Court of Queensland Act 1991
   69.     Act amended
   70.     Amendment of s 89 (Enforcement against partnership)
           Division 8--Amendment of the Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003
   71.     Act amended
   72.     Amendment of sch 6 (Dictionary)
           Division 9--Repeal of the Partnership (Limited Liability) Act 1988
   73.     Repeal

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