Queensland Numbered Acts

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           Part 1--Preliminary
   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Dictionary
   4.      Meaning of private employment agent
           Part 2--Code of conduct
   5.      Purpose of pt 2
   6.      Code of conduct
           Part 3--Employment Agents Advisory Committee
           Division 1--Establishment and functions
   7.      Establishment of committee
   8.      Functions of committee
           Division 2--Membership of committee
   9.      Membership of committee
   10.     Chairperson
   11.     Term of office
   12.     Vacation of office
           Division 3--Meetings of committee
   13.     Presiding at meetings
   14.     Quorum
   15.     Conduct of meetings
           Division 4--Other provisions about committee
   16.     Conflict of interest
   17.     Entitlements of committee members
   18.     Chief executive to help committee
           Part 4--Inspectors
   19.     Appointment and qualifications
   20.     Appointment conditions and limit on powers
   21.     Issue of identity card
   22.     Production or display of identity card
   23.     When inspector ceases to hold office
   24.     Resignation
   25.     Return of identity card
           Part 5--Enforcement
   26.     Power to enter place
   27.     General powers after entering workplaces
   28.     Power to require documents to be produced
   29.     Power to require information
   30.     Power to seize evidence
   31.     Powers supporting seizure
   32.     Receipt for seized thing
   33.     Forfeiture of seized thing
   34.     Return of seized thing
   35.     Access to seized thing
           Part 6--Injunctions
   36.     Purpose of pt 6
   37.     Injunctions
   38.     Who may apply for injunction
   39.     Grounds for injunction
   40.     Court's powers for injunctions
   41.     Terms of injunction
   42.     Undertakings as to costs
           Part 7--Miscellaneous
   43.     Criminal history checks
   44.     Responsibility for acts or omissions of representatives
   45.     Executive officers must ensure corporation complies with Act
   46.     Proceedings for offences
   47.     Appeal
   48.     Evidentiary provisions
   49.     Protection from liability
   50.     Regulation-making power
   51.     Declaration about use of information obtained under expired Act
           Part 8--Amendment of Industrial Relations Act 1999
   52.     Act amended in pt 8
   53.     Amendment of s 408A (Definitions for ch 11A)
   54.     Amendment of s 408B (Meaning of private employment agent)

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