Queensland Numbered Acts

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           Part 1--Preliminary
   1.      Short title
           Part 2--Amendment of Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000
   2.      Act amended
   3.      Amendment of s 394 (Duty of police officer receiving custody of person arrested for offence)
           Part 3--Amendment of Police Service Administration Act 1990
   4.      Act amended
   5.      Amendment of s 10.2AA (Definition for sdiv 2)
   6.      Amendment of s 10.2A (Disclosure of criminal history for employment screening under commercial or other arrangement)
   7.      Insertion of new s 10.2BA
   8.      Amendment of s 10.2C (Misuse of information obtained under ss 10.2A-10.2B)
   9.      Amendment of s 10.2E (Relationship to other laws)
   10.     Amendment of s 10.2I (Giving information to an IPSP to enable use of approved information by police services and law enforcement agencies for particular purposes)
           Part 4--Amendment of Prostitution Act 1999
   11.     Act amended
   12.     Amendment of s 19 (The licence)
   13.     Insertion of new ss 24A and 24B
   14.     Amendment of s 25 (Automatic cancellation of licence)
   15.     Insertion of new ss 27A and 27B
   16.     Replacement of s 28 (Starting disciplinary action)
   17.     Insertion of new ss 50A and 50B
   18.     Amendment of s 51 (Automatic cancellation of certificate)
   19.     Insertion of new ss 53A and 53B
   20.     Replacement of s 54 (Starting disciplinary action)
   21.     Insertion of new pt 7, div 1, hdg
   22.     Insertion of new pt 7, div 2 and sdiv 1, hdgs
   23.     Amendment of s 102 (Membership)
   24.     Replacement of s 105 (Disqualifications for appointment)
   25.     Insertion of new pt 7, div 2, sdiv 2, and div 3, hdg
   26.     Renumbering of ss 108AA-108D
   27.     Insertion of new pt 7A, div 2, sdiv 1, hdg
   28.     Amendment of s 110B (Appointment of executive director)
   29.     Insertion of new pt 7A, div 2, sdiv 2
   30.     Insertion of new pt 7A, div 3, sdiv 1, hdg
   31.     Insertion of new pt 7A, div 3, sdiv 2
   32.     Amendment of s 111 (Licence and certificate register)
   33.     Amendment of s 131 (Offences about false or misleading information or documents)
   34.     Amendment of s 132 (Evidentiary provision)
   35.     Insertion of new s 133A
   36.     Insertion of new pt 9, div 7
   37.     Amendment of sch 4 (Dictionary)
           Part 5--Amendment of Prostitution Regulation 2000
   38.     Regulation amended
   39.     Amendment of s 3 (Definitions)
   40.     Amendment of s 5A (Conditions of licence—annual licence fee and annual licence return fee—Act, s 19(5)(d)(i))
   41.     Amendment of s 5B (Conditions of licence—annual return—Act, s 19(5)(d)(ii))
   42.     Amendment of s 6A (Conditions of certificate—approved manager's annual certificate fee and annual return fee—Act, s 44(4)(d)(i))
   43.     Amendment of s 6B (Conditions of certificate—annual return—Act, s 44(4)(d)(ii))

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