Queensland Numbered Acts

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           Part 1--Preliminary
   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
           Part 2--Amendment of Weapons Act 1990
   3.      Act amended
   4.      Amendment of s 2 (Application of Act)
   5.      Insertion of new s 6C
           6. Amendment of s 10A (Adequate knowledge of weapon)
   7.      Insertion of new s 10AA
           8. Amendment of s 11 (Genuine reasons for possession of a weapon)
   9.      Amendment of s 50A (Possession of unregistered firearms)
   10.     Amendment of s 51 (Possession of a knife in a public place or a school)
   11.     Amendment of s 56 (Discharge of weapon on private land without owner's consent prohibited)
   12.     Amendment of s 57 (Particular conduct involving a weapon in a public place prohibited)
   13.     Amendment of s 58 (Dangerous conduct with weapon prohibited generally)
   14.     Amendment of s 59 (Possession or use of weapon under the influence of liquor or a drug prohibited)
   15.     Amendment of s 61 (Shortening firearms)
   16.     Amendment of s 62 (Modifying construction or action of firearms)
   17.     Amendment of s 63 (Altering identification marks of weapons)
   18.     Amendment of s 67 (Possessing and acquiring restricted items)
   19.     Amendment of s 87 (Authorised officer may grant or refuse shooting club permit)
   20.     Amendment of s 90 (A representative is required for some applications)
   21.     Amendment of s 100 (Limits on approvals)
   22.     Amendment of s 101 (Authorised officer may grant or refuse range approval)
   23.     Amendment of s 108 (Responsibilities of range operator)
   24.     Amendment of s 110 (Responsibilities of person attending an approved range)
   25.     Amendment of s 115 (Theatrical ordnance suppliers to be licensed)
   26.     Amendment of s 124 (Training courses for security guards)
   27.     Amendment of s 127 (Obligations of security organisation in relation to the possession or use of a weapon)
   28.     Insertion of new pt 8, div 4
   29.     Amendment of sch 2 (Dictionary)
           Part 3--Amendment of Weapons Categories Regulation 1997
   30.     Regulation amended
   31.     Amendment of s 6 (Category E weapons)
   32.     Amendment of s 7A (Category M weapons)
   33.     Amendment of s 8 (Category R weapons)
   34.     Amendment of s 9 (Restricted items (Act, s 67))
           Part 4--Amendment of Weapons Regulation 1996
   35.     Regulation amended
   36.     Amendment of s 3 (Possession or use of weapon unlawful to extent another licence is needed to authorise that possession or use)
   37.     Insertion of new s 3B
           38. Amendment of s 4 (Additional genuine reasons for possession of a weapon)
   39.     Amendment of s 22 (Firearms licence (instructor))
   40.     Amendment of s 25A (Miscellaneous weapons licence)
   41.     Amendment of s 26 (What dealer's licence authorises)
   42.     Amendment of s 47 (Security guard to complete training course annually—Act, s 124)
           43. Amendment of s 66 (Exemption from provision of Act)
   44.     Insertion of new s 68CA
           45. Amendment of s 68D (Prohibition on possession of magazine with more than 10 rounds)
   46.     Amendment of s 68E (Prohibition on possession of certain magazines)
   47.     Amendment of s 73 (Modifying firearm to make it permanently inoperable—Act, s 7)
           48. Amendment of s 79 (Entities prescribed as government service entities and functions prescribed for them and their employees for the Act's non-application)
   49.     Amendment of sch 1A (Licence conditions)
   50.     Replacement of sch 2 (Government service entities and prescribed functions for them and their employees for the Act's non-application)
   51.     Insertion of new sch 2A
   52.     Amendment of sch 3 (Dictionary)
           Part 5--Consequential and minor amendments of other legislation
   53.     Legislation amended

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