Queensland Numbered Acts

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           Part 1--Preliminary
   1.      Short title
           Part 2--Amendment of Cape York Peninsula Heritage Act 2007
   2.      Act amended
   3.      Amendment of s 19 (Development in indigenous community use area)
   4.      Amendment of s 27 (Special provision about water reserve)
   5.      Amendment of schedule (Dictionary)
           Part 3--Amendment of River Improvement Trust Act 1940
   6.      Act amended
   7.      Amendment of s 5 (Membership of trust)
           Part 3A--Amendment of Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011
   7A.     Act amended
   7B.     Amendment of s 106 (What is unsolicited advertising material for premises)
   7C.     Amendment of s 107 (Unlawful delivery provision)
   7D.     Amendment of s 108 (Secure delivery provision)
   7E.     Amendment of s 112 (Avoiding accumulations of waste)
   7F.     Amendment of Schedule (Dictionary)
           Part 4--Amendment of Water Act 2000
   8.      Act amended
   9.      Amendment of s 20 (Authorised taking of water without water entitlement)
   10.     Replacement of s 37 (Notice of works and water use)
   11.     Replacement of ch 2, pt 3, div 2, sdiv 1, hdg (Preparing and approving water resource plans)
   12.     Amendment of s 38 (Minister may prepare water resource plans)
   13.     Replacement of ss 39 and 40
           14. Amendment of s 40A (Further public notice of proposal to prepare draft water resource plan)
   15.     Replacement of s 41 (Community reference panels)
   16.     Amendment of s 46 (Content of draft water resource plans)
   17.     Amendment of s 47 (Matters the Minister must consider when preparing draft water resource plan)
   18.     Amendment of s 48 (Overview report)
   19.     Amendment of s 49 (Public notice about availability of draft water resource plan)
   20.     Amendment of s 50 (Preparing and approving final water resource plan)
   21.     Insertion of new s 50A
           22. Amendment of s 51 (Minister must prepare report on consultation process)
   23.     Amendment of s 52 (Public notice of intention not to proceed with making draft water resource plan)
   24.     Renumbering of ch 2, pt 3, div 2, sdivs 2–4
   25.     Amendment of s 53 (Minister must report on all water resource plans)
   26.     Amendment of s 54 (Matters the reports must include)
   27.     Amendment of s 55 (When water resource plans may be amended or replaced)
   28.     Amendment of s 56 (Preparing amending or new draft water resource plan)
   29.     Amendment of s 57 (Minor or stated amendments of water resource plan)
   30.     Replacement of s 96 (Public notice of proposal to prepare draft resource operations plan)
   31.     Amendment of s 97 (Notice of proposal to water infrastructure operators)
   32.     Amendment of s 98 (Content of draft resource operations plan)
   33.     Amendment of s 99 (Matters the chief executive must consider when preparing draft resource operations plan)
   34.     Insertion of new s 99A
           35. Amendment of s 100 (Public notice about availability of draft resource operations plan)
   36.     Amendment of s 102 (Reviewing submissions about draft resource operations plan)
   37.     Amendment of s 103 (Preparing and approving final draft resource operations plan)
   38.     Renumbering of s 104B (Public access to particular notices)
   39.     Insertion of new ss 104B and 104C
           40. Amendment of s 105 (General provision for amending resource operations plan)
   41.     Amendment of s 106 (Minor or stated amendments of resource operations plan)
   42.     Insertion of new s 106AA
           43. Amendment of s 106A (Continuation of resource operations plan for new water resource plan)
   44.     Amendment of s 121 (Converting water entitlements)
   45.     Amendment of s 127 (Registration details for water allocations)
   46.     Amendment of s 128A (Amalgamation or subdivision of water allocations)
   47.     Amendment of s 129 (Changing water allocations permitted under water allocation change rules)
   48.     Replacement of s 132 (Public notice of application to change water allocation)
   49.     Amendment of s 135 (Registering approved application to change water allocation)
   50.     Amendment of s 144 (Deciding application for seasonal water assignment)
   51.     Amendment of s 150 (Interests and dealings that may be registered)
   52.     Amendment of s 153 (Searching water allocations register)
   53.     Amendment of s 167 (Purpose of pt 5)
   54.     Amendment of s 198 (Effect of disposal of part of land to which interim water allocation attaches)
   55.     Amendment of s 198A (Effect of acquisition of land to which interim water allocation attaches)
   56.     Amendment of s 199 (Effect of acquisition of part of land adjoining a watercourse, lake or spring)
   57.     Amendment of s 199A (Effect of acquisition of part of land above an aquifer)
   58.     Amendment of s 199B (Effect of acquisition of part of other land)
   59.     Amendment of s 203 (Definitions for pt 6)
   60.     Amendment of s 206 (Applying for a water licence)
   61.     Amendment of s 208 (Public notice of application for water licence)
   62.     Amendment of s 212 (Granting a water licence under a plan or declaration process)
   63.     Amendment of s 213 (Contents of water licence)
   64.     Amendment of s 215 (Where water under certain licences must be used)
   65.     Amendment of s 216A (Amending water licence without public notice)
   66.     Amendment of s 222 (Transferring water licence to another person)
   67.     Amendment of s 229 (Effect of disposal of part of land to which water licence to take water attaches)
   68.     Amendment of s 229B (Application of sdiv 6)
   69.     Amendment of s 229C (Effect of acquisition of part of land adjoining a watercourse, lake or spring)
   70.     Amendment of s 229D (Effect of acquisition of part of land above an aquifer)
   71.     Amendment of s 229E (Effect of acquisition of part of other land)
   72.     Amendment of s 283 (Deciding application for allocation of quarry material)
   73.     Amendment of s 289 (Renewing allocations of quarry material)
   74.     Insertion of new s 291A
           75. Amendment of s 360D (Standing references)
   76.     Amendment of s 360FA (Annual levy for underground water management)
   77.     Insertion of new ss 360FB and 360FC
           78. Insertion of new ss 633 and 634
           79. Amendment of s 691 (Dissolution of water authority and authority area)
   80.     Amendment of s 695 (Water authority may request its dissolution)
   81.     Amendment of s 698 (Water authority and local government must agree to proposed transfer)
   82.     Amendment of s 699 (Joint report to Minister)
   83.     Amendment of s 700 (Transferring functions)
   84.     Insertion of new s 700A
           85. Amendment of s 701 (Definitions for div 3)
   86.     Amendment of s 704 (Existing employees)
   87.     Insertion of new s 707
           88. Amendment of s 812A (Liability for unauthorised taking of water)
   89.     Amendment of s 814 (Destroying vegetation, excavating or placing fill without permit)
   90.     Insertion of new ch 8, pt 4C
   91.     Amendment of s 1009 (Public inspection and purchase of documents)
   92.     Insertion of new ch 9, pt 5, div 17
   93.     Amendment of sch 4 (Dictionary)
           Part 5--Amendment of Wild Rivers Act 2005
   94.     Act amended
   96.     Amendment of s 13 (Matters Minister must consider)
   97.     Amendment of s 25 (Matters Minister must consider)
   98.     Insertion of new pt 5, divs 1 and 2 and div 3 hdg
   99.     Amendment of schedule (Dictionary)
           Part 6--Amendment of Water Resource (Gulf) Plan 2007
   100.    Plan amended
   101.    Amendment of s 13 (General outcomes)
   102.    Replacement of s 28 (Particular unallocated water held as indigenous, strategic or general reserve)
   103.    Amendment of s 32 (Purpose for which indigenous unallocated water may be granted)
   104.    Amendment of s 33 (Volumetric limits for indigenous unallocated water)
   105.    Insertion of new sch 6A
   106.    Amendment of sch 13 (Dictionary)
           Part 7--Consequential amendments
   107.    Subordinate legislation amended

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