Queensland Subordinate Legislation as Made

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   1.      Short title
   2.      Regulation amended
   3.      Amendment of s 5 (What are designated stock)
   4.      Amendment of s 15 (Public access to register)
   5.      Amendment of s 28 (Types of approved tags and their purposes)
   6.      Amendment of s 35 (Restrictions on applying permanent tag to cattle)
   7.      Amendment of s 36 (Restrictions on removing permanent tag)
   8.      Amendment of s 38 (Requirement to destroy removed permanent tag)
   9.      Amendment of s 39 (Restrictions on removing transaction tag or HGP free tag)
   10.     Amendment of s 40 (Restrictions on removing saleyard tag)
   11.     Amendment of s 41 (Approval to use different PIC for permanent tags for cattle, goats, pigs or sheep)
   12.     Amendment of pt 4, hdg (Obligations of owners of travelling cattle)
   13.     Amendment of s 44 (How approved tags must be applied to cattle)
   14.     Amendment of s 46 (Cattle first travelled from their place of birth)
   15.     Amendment of s 47 (Other travelling of cattle)
   16.     Amendment of s 50 (Operation of div 3)
   17.     Amendment of pt 4, div 3, sdiv 4, hdg (When cattle need not bear a transaction tag)
   18.     Amendment of s 54 (Cattle further travelled within 40 days)
   19.     Amendment of s 55 (Travel under travel approval)
   20.     Amendment of pt 5, div 2, sdiv 1, hdg (Harvested feral goats)
   21.     Amendment of s 59 (Identification requirement for harvested feral goats travelled directly to depot)
   22.     Amendment of s 60 (What are farmed goats)
   23.     Omission of s 65 (Meat processing facility sales of particular farmed goats)
   24.     Omission of s 67O (Particular meat processing facility sales)
   25.     Amendment of pt 5C, hdg (Travel approvals for cattle, goats, pigs or sheep)
   26.     Amendment of pt 6, hdg (Obligations of persons receiving any travelling cattle or untagged sheep)
   27.     Amendment of pt 6, div 1, hdg (Cattle with an approved tag)
   28.     Amendment of s 68 (Application and operation of div 1)
   29.     Insertion of new s 68A
           30. Replacement of s 69 (General obligations if relevant place of destination is not a stock transit facility)
   31.     Amendment of s 70 (Obligations if relevant place of destination is a stock transit facility)
   32.     Insertion of new s 70A
           33. Amendment of s 71 (Additional obligation of selling agent if permanent tag is malfunctioning)
   34.     Amendment of s 72 (Additional obligations for out-going cattle at saleyard or particular live export holdings)
   35.     Amendment of s 74 (Additional obligations of meat processing facility owners)
   36.     Amendment of s 75 (Owner's obligation to remove transaction tag of cattle travelled from relevant place of destination)
   37.     Insertion of new pt 6, div 1A
   38.     Amendment of pt 6, div 2, hdg (Untagged cattle or sheep)
   39.     Amendment of s 78 (Obligation to ensure cattle, goats, pigs or sheep bear a saleyard post-breeder tag)
   40.     Amendment of s 81 (Obligation not to mix untagged cattle, goats, pigs or sheep with other animals)
   41.     Amendment of s 82 (Obligations relating to unlawfully untagged cattle, goats, pigs or sheep)
   42.     Amendment of s 85 (Obligation to find out PIC of last farm, feedlot or station of cattle, goats, pigs or sheep)
   43.     Amendment of s 86 (Obligation to apply tag to unlawfully untagged cattle, goats, pigs or sheep)
   44.     Amendment of s 87 (Record-making and notification obligations)
   45.     Amendment of s 89 (Obligation of person in charge to apply permanent tag to unlawfully untagged cattle, goats, pigs or sheep)
   46.     Amendment of s 89A (Section 70 obligations also apply for untagged cattle that arrive at a stock transit facility)
   47.     Amendment of pt 7, hdg (HGP free tags for cattle)
   48.     Amendment of s 90 (When HGP free tag may be applied as a transaction tag)
   49.     Amendment of s 91 (Who may apply HGP free tag)
   50.     Amendment of s 92 (Prohibition on applying HGP free tag to cattle treated with hormonal growth promotant)
   51.     Amendment of s 93 (When HGP free tag stops being an approved tag)
   52.     Amendment of s 94 (Obligation to remove HGP free tag)
   53.     Amendment of various sections
   54.      Amendment of schedule (Dictionary)

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