Queensland Subordinate Legislation as Made

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           Part 1--Preliminary
   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Main purposes of regulation
   4.       Definitions
   5.      References to Corporations Act
           Part 2--Board members and officers
           Division 1--General duties
   6.      Care and diligence—civil obligation only [CA, s 180]
           7. Good faith—civil obligations [CA, s 181]
           8. Use of position—civil obligations [CA, s 182]
           9. Use of information—civil obligations [CA, s 183]
           10. Good faith, use of position and use of information—criminal offences [CA, s 184]
           11. Interaction of ss 6-10 with other laws etc. [CA, s 185]
           12. Duty of confidentiality
   13.     Reliance on information or advice provided by others [CA, s 189]
           Division 2--Restrictions on indemnities and insurance
   14.     Indemnification and exemption of board member or officer [CA, s 199A]
           15. Insurance premiums for certain liabilities of board members [CA, s 199B]
           16. Effect of div 2 [CA, s 199C]
           Division 3--Appointment of board members
   17.     Effectiveness of acts by board members [CA, s 201M]
           Division 4--Access to distributor-retailer's books and records
   18.     Access to distributor-retailer's books and records
           Part 3--Assumptions people dealing with distributor-retailers are entitled to make
   19.     Entitlement to make assumptions [CA, ss 128 and 129]
           Part 4--Contravention and compensation
   20.     Declarations of contravention [CA, s 1317E]
           21. Declaration of contravention is conclusive evidence [CA, s 1317F]
           22. Compensation orders [CA, s 1317H]
           23. Time limit for application for a declaration or order [CA, s 1317K]
           Part 5--Transfer from local governments to distributor-retailers
   24.     Exemption for transfers of motor vehicles—Act, s 70(2)
           Part 6--Provisions for transition to distributor-retailers
   25.     Definition for pt 6
   26.     Arrangements between distributor-retailers and participating local governments
   27.     Charges issued under arrangement between distributor-retailer and participating local government
   28.     Expiry of pt 6

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